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MENDY PORTNOY submitted media.

Andrew Leib

Thanks for sending my way! 

I like the song. Relatively straight-ahead folk tune with great harmonies and instrumentation. I think you could vary the melodic rhythm a bit more from the breathy staccato vibe to some more interesting parts. It starts to sound too repetitive and you lose the listeners attention. Theres also no bridge... would have been a perfect opportunity to blow it wide open and bring us back to the classic "memories get lost in our bodies"! 

Work on more complex harmonies... it can create even more emotion, tension, and togetherness.

The recording is ok... still sounds a bit amateur to me, did your record at home or at a studio? The kick sound a bit boomy. Maybe try recording vocals and guitar in one room, one take... that'll promote even more authenticity. 

I like the the simplicity of the video, great work! One of the guys seems to be playing the part of the folksman, but the guy in the hoodie and beanie kind of throws me off. Might as well look and play the part, am I right? I guess the old guy is supposed to be the one recounting the memories? Kind of threw me off as well.

I'd highly recommend listening to The Milk Carton Kids... these guys do this type of folks VERY well. 

Thanks for sharing!

Jesse MacLeod

First off, I want to compliment both of you on the songwriting and performance of this tune. The melody is strong and memorable and your harmonies are top notch, it reminded me a bit of Simon and Garfunkel. I'm generally not a fan of sax on a tune like this but it works for this particular song so kudos for taking it in a different direction.

There were a few times when your mouth wasn't completely synced up with the vocals on the track. Maybe you were lip syncing or you had a hard time hearing the track when you were shooting the video. One thing to keep in mind when you're shooting a music video (if you aren't doing this already) is to make sure you can hear the track clearly and sing the lyrics exactly how you would as if you were performing them. That way every breath/facial expression will match up perfectly with the recording.

I can hear this song being placed on TV or in a commercial. I would submit your music to non exclusive licensing companies like Most of them have a screening process and are selective with the music they allow into their database. I think your music would do very well there.

I hope this was helpful and I wish you the best of luck with your career.

-Jesse M.

Indie Band Guru

Beautiful song.  The vocals and guitar blend together nicely for that  "around the campfire" feel that is depicted in the video.  Good harmonies as well.

Ari Herstand

Please include the lyrics for submissions. 

Beautiful song and great performances. The line "memories get lost in our bodies" really hits home and is one of those lines that gives you pause. 

I wished the mix was more open and sparkled a bit more. The vocals are a bit muddy. I'd find better mics and a different mixing engineer. Mastering would help as well. Beautiful sax playing, however, I'm not sure if that was the best call for an indie folk/pop song in 2015. The noodling soprano sax is a bit 90s. Don't get me wrong, I love me some DMB, but you want to make sure the production sounds current. The production choices feels a bit "mom rock" right now. And I assume you want to hit more of the college demo?

The video is clearly shot on a nice camera, but I'm thrown off with all the switches between the fire pit at night where it's hard to see you and the old man, and then the morning, brighter shots. I'd find someone to color your next video so there's more cohesion. The old man looks like Tevye from Fiddler on the Roof - one of my favorite movies :) Probably because they're both Israeli.

Overall, very nice song and the simple video works for this - I just wish both were a bit higher quality and a bit more professionally polished. 

Let me know when you make it out to LA and please add me to your email list: 

Valida Carroll

I really like how the song starts....I like the simplicity of it...It holds a lot of promise...

Unfortunately, you lose me with the first single-voice chorus at 0:43...The melody takes a turn for the less interesting...Up until then, it has a nice groove to it...The harmonies sound good...But then, I experience a come-down to early...I think it could take a more interesting direction here....Maybe it's too soon for a breakdown...I think if you waited to have that breakdown at the end, I think it would work more....Having a constant percussive rhythm helps carry the song...

I like when the song kicks in after 1:20 again...

The thing that's not doing it for me is the melody of the chorus....It's lagging a bit...There are too few words...the drawn=out "memories" just makes me yearn for some more rhythm here...Also, the wind instrument (not sure what it is) is not doing it for me...The song suddenly acquires this "new age" sort of feel and it's off-putting.....if you want to add this instrument for embellishment, I think you should wait and introduce it, in a subtle way, in the end....

The simplicity of the song is its greatest asset...and your voices...they sound really good together...

MENDY PORTNOY submitted media.

The Portnoy Brothers L2L by Learn to Love

Leks Maltby

Stripped down hand-clap percussion and acoustic rhythm guitar dominate this lovely acoustic ditty, with some top-notch whistling thrown into the mix for good measure. Some very subtle bass lines and keys lay low in the mix, rounding out this otherwise bare-bones acoustic track, keeping in line with the minimalist jazz-tinged undertones permeating throughout this song. A memorable chorus drives home the "learn to love" mantra, but ultimately this song is more about establishing and maintaining a feeling and an emotion than trying to pack as many hooks and catchy repeating parts as possible into a song that otherwise might have pop ambitions.

Andrea Young

Excellent, excellent.  Does exactly what I’m looking for – grabs me emotionally. You really have something here. It’s going on my "Constant Repeats" playlist (I'm already playing it over and over again), and, send a high quality mp3 and lyrics to me at and I’ll include it on a radio show in the very near future.  It took me a bit to really appreciate it, the opening a little shaggy, but perfect after that. Video great too, perfect accompaniment to the song. Would love to help you to get your music out there.  Get in touch!  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music.

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