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Chelsea Schwartz

The titles in the beginning of the video skipped by too fast. Might consider a more static lower third title next time around. I'm glad I read the description about the video, wish that expressed more obviously within the video itself. It's a great place for fodder. The song itself doesn't quite stand out on it's own, but dug the reggae-esque rhythm over pseudo Johnny Cash-style vocals. Nice contrast. Thanks for sharing!

Jen Dan

Hi David!  Your song presents an unusual, but interesting contrast between your downbeat but still hopeful lyrics, stark, concise vocal delivery, and measured pace - and the jaunty, almost ska-like (!) rhythm and delicate piano/other (?) notes that keep the tone light.  

The focus of the song is definitely the lyrics and I liked several of the lines you penned, especially "I am still a loner now / but I'm a-gonna get through this anyhow."  You included a backstory about the song and video that give them a deeper meaning, which is very interesting, but if someone didn't know that info, they would be taking your lyrics at face value; about someone who hasn't changed over time, even though he expected or wanted to - but that there is still the hope or thought of changing.  Which is deep enough lyrically!

The sound and your vocals have a retro-pop feel which is perfectly suited to the intent of your lyrics and video.  If you wanted to change anything at all, I'd say to play up the retro angle and include more instruments and song structures that revive the American 50s past.  I think your lyrics and vocals would shine even more in that type of setting.  Or try to go "darker" with spare guitar lines, an ominous synth ambiance, and your terse, bleak vocals.  Just suggestions if you wanted to create a fuller or more dramatic sound.

Mike Mineo

"I'm Gonna Change One Day" is a hook-y piece of psych-pop with a slightly dark industrial feel that clashes enjoyably with a reggae-like backing guitar shuffle. The hook, with its effervescent keys and lush shuffle, repeats enjoyably from 01:00 to 01:33, and then leads into a nice vocal production effect shortly thereafter, providing just enough of a melodic variation to this hypnotic success. I'm really enjoying this! It's concise but stylistically inventive and well-produced; nice work. Look for a feature on Obscure Sound in the very near future, and reach out to me at if interested in details (rates/success stories) regarding my PR servicing. Thanks for the great submission! -Mike

Lily Kuo

This song does a great job of staying in your head, even after it's over - the melody is catchy, and the accompaniment (in its slightly rock, slightly pop vibe) is definitely memorable. However, because you have a catchy melody and accompaniment, I would use that as an opportunity to do something unique with your verses - I hear a lot of the same over and over again. The arpeggiated keyboard could have a different line, maybe instead of ascending, it could do a little descending - after the second listen, it starts sounding more elevator music-y and less cool rock pop-y. 

Overall though, great sound. I like your voice, and I like that you keep it gruff and low. Keep up the great work, and thanks for sharing!

Liane Chan

This song has an interesting sound, kind of downbeat - sort of like The Police's "Walking on the Moon." Seems a little sad at times, but interesting to listen to. 

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