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She Has A Wall by Vinyl Spectrum

Jerry Doby

Great arrangement and high energy. Love the story. Well done in the way it celebrates the distortion rock era...true to form.

Indie Band Guru

Tight band. The blues-rock oozes out of the speakers on this one. Vocals are very good. Great energy to the song overall. I am betting the band is fantastic live.

SD Hox

This is definitely a throwback. Driving bluesy vocals and (what sounds like) a Fender guitar are nicely showcased. I appreciate the share and will spread the word. Thanks.

Hugh McIntyre

While this song wasn't really for me (not really a fan of blues/rock-style music), I can see where it would do well among those who do like that sort of thing, and it's well done. 

Brian Hazard

"Makes you wanna..." what? 😜

This is really good straight up rock. Far too much compression in mastering, but otherwise technically solid.

But there's nothing distinctive hear to pitch to my following, no "hook." I can't come up with a "unique selling proposition" as they say in marketing. What is it that makes you special? I don't hear it in your song, I don't see it in your SoundCloud bio, and I don't see it at which you linked to from SoundCloud, probably by accident.

Beyond that, my following, for the most part, are middle-aged guys who grew up on Depeche Mode, like me. I never share hip hop, and I very rarely share rock. It's just not us. It's like the nerds versus the jocks.

So sorry I can't really do anything with this. If you've ever got something in a more electronic bent, be sure to send it my way!

A couple suggestions for future Fluence submissions:

1. Include the lyrics so we can follow along (I understood them just fine, but wasn't always focused on them)

2. Include a short, catchy description of the song or act that's easy to copy/paste for social media sharing. That way we don't have to strain our brain coming up with something clever, and you get to choose how you're presented to the world.

Frank Fusco submitted media.

Never Go Home by Vinyl Spectrum

Frank Fusco submitted media.

Waiting On You by Vinyl Spectrum

Mike Mineo

Soaring male lead and melodic female backing provides charisma and energy from the get-go, showcasing a warm and rootsy sound that doesn't break down any stylistic barriers but is comfortably successful, the vocal and stylistic approach reminding me somewhat of a more soul-tinged Blind Melon. The "I'm waiting on you" hook, with the call-and-response vocal bit, plays nicely as the central melodic emphasis. The transition at 01:30, with the bouncier section, works well for distinguished variation, preventing things from getting overly same-y -- which is good, since the structure is fairly predictable. This is a solid track through-and-through, conventional to a point but comfortably so. I'll look to posting this on Obscure Sound in the near future. Also feel free to email me at if ever in need of a hand with PR -- I can send my rates and success stories upon request. Thanks for the track submission! -Mike

Bob Lugowe

Nice upbeat song with beautiful artwork that complements the track. I would recommend including more info about the song in the Fluence description including lyrics, links, and a short bio about the band / any mention of new music you're trying to promote. Make it easy for the listener to find out more about the band in case they want to hear more. If you're trying to promote your work more, I would suggest hiring a publicist or a radio team to promote your upcoming album and also recommend making a music video that a publicist can pitch around to any outlets you're looking to get coverage on. Your artwork on your other releases on Bandcamp is quite impressive too so I think there could be plenty of people interested in your music / aesthetic. 

Frank Fusco submitted media.

Plush Interior (Feat. Watsky) by Vinyl Spectrum

Robal Johnson

This sounds really good. Production is pro, vox are strong, orchestration is tight. Not my type of jam, but I am definitely impressed. Hope you guys are hitting the road because this sounds like it's a whole lotta fun live. Start pounding the pavement, improve your shows, and get people out to party. If I can help at all, I would be happy to offer any advise. Thanks for sharing and best of luck. Cheers. 

Brian Hazard

Wow, this is mastered really loud! My ears are fatigued after 30 seconds. The lack of punch in the bass and especially the kick is immediately apparent. 3 dB less limiting and this would rock a lot harder!

That said it's still got tons of energy! I feel like the L/R guitars overpower the rest of the mix, and I'm on monitors. They'd be overwhelming on phones I'd guess. Vocals are buried and a bit muddy.

Ooh - the bass is leaping out at 1:40 when the drums cut. So not only too much limiting in mastering, but too much compression.teresting arrangement. It's like it's two separate tracks: pre and post 1:40. Or maybe you just gave me the abbreviated version? Seems like it needs something more after the guitar solo, but nope. Game over.

Regardless, the style isn't a great fit for my audience, who are Depeche-heads for the most part. Hopefully my thoughts on the mix and mastering can help you fine-tune this one, or the next.

Thanks for sharing it with me!

Mike Mineo

Muscle-y distortion and an active rhythm section give way to vocals that have a timeless sort of charisma. The percussive halted effect around 01:30 gives away to an effective hook, with ominous spoken-word vocals relaying over wispy guitar distortion and clanking percussion. The intense lyrics that follow - especially the bit about cumming/coming inside, and then giving way to a seductive guitar solo - are very effectively conveyed, especially as they tend to align tonally with the backing instrumentation. This is a refreshing stylistic contemporary hybrid that I'll be revisiting for sure. It blends '00s hard alt-rock with classic-rock sentiments of the past. Will be posting on OS in the future.

Bill Werde

cant tell you how rare this is, but there isnt really much i can recommend changing about this. really loved the whole thing. Theres a tension and an element of uncomfortable confession in all the right ways--lyrically, musically--that keeps me feeling like maybe im listening to something i shouldnt be. And that's rock and roll. Love the Watsky contribution. Noticed a few little things that i love, an example being--and maybe i'm just hearing this--but a slight pause for the lyrics at around :42 that sort of brings to life the contemplation of the line (but no one really knows the true self). Bad-add guitar solo starts at 2:36.
I dont think this is a radio hit, but thats more to rock radio's discredit than anything else. If you want t head more in that direction, you need to push up and out a strong, addictive chorus that hits early and often; the musical hook--that guitar riff that anchors the track--is great. 

Bob Lugowe

I normally don't like rap mixed with rock but this is an undeniably fun and enjoyable song. The artwork also perfectly complements the vibe of the track. I would suggest including links to check out more of your music in the Fluence description below. This song would definitely get even more attention if it was coupled with a music video so if you don't have that in your plans yet, I would highly suggest it. 

Frank Fusco submitted media.

P.S. 118 by Vinyl Spectrum

Chris Heintz

Hey Frankie thanks for the submission. Starting out the mix works for the direction of the record.  I like the intro panning of the guitar to really fill out the speakers and grab the listener's attention.The dirty sound with the filtered vox is cool. I do think that it's a bit hard to understand the lyrics though with the efx on the vocal, but I hear what you're going for. I really like the track melodically and there is some great musicianship shown. Nice solo towards the end of the record. The throwback feel of the record is great also. I can hear why you guys have been able to license some music on TV/Film. I'd like to see if we can possibly land some more licensing opportunities. Please email me at with a few more records to check out also. Nice work!


This feels GREAT!  I really like this song and it's definitely the type of music I listen to pretty often!  I'm going to add it to my newsletter that I send to music industry professionals and friends! Keep it up!!!

Max Schneider

After a first listen I gotta say I dig this song. You've got a nice solid power pop sound going on and each part of the band does just enough to keep it interesting without being flashy or over the top. I gotta say though, the drums sound pretty mechanical and I think the effects on the vocals are a little overdone. I think the vocals themselves are strong, but they sit a little to loud in the mix for my tastes. Apart from that, this is a solid song. None of those things I pointed out a deal breakers by any means and I think you guys have a good sound.
Good luck!

Shamal Ranasinghe

This is great. I feel like I've heard this before perhaps from Fluence? Either way, I like it and think it's a solid rock, and you guys definitely know what you're doing. I've also seen people on Fluence share this like Travis Keller from Buddyhead. I'd recommend you send this to Sean Adams as well on Fluence. Try and send this to some new curators like Radial on YouTube and Aaron Ford from The Orchard. Also, check out Scott Cohen who manages bands with a similar sound. I also live in the San Francisco area so please let me know when you guys play live around here next. I will spread the good word. You've got such a polished sound you should check out some of the PR folks on Fluence in the lists section:

Luke Ebbin

Band sounds great. Not a big fan of the silly irreverence of the lead vocal but if that's what you're going for and it's working than great.  Best of luck.

(Pesci) Jeff Gray

It's a great indie/retro pop sound.  Catchy and fun.  Great production (I used to represent Stone Foxes publishing so the production value is familiar).  I'm not sure what kind of feedback you might be looking for here.  You have a bunch of synch placements so you're established with whomever has licensed your music.   Record label representation is hardly necessary.  You can self distribute with digital services (CD Baby / Tunecore) and have some company rep your synchronization needs (Hunnypot Unlimited, Terorrbird etc).  What you really want is to hire a publicist to let people know you have music available and any touring / promotion you do.  

I do recommend you omit information from your pitch / bio like who you've interned for and who you've shared stages with.  Those associations are almost always of little value to "industry" types.  Talk about you and your music, not other artists. 

Valida Carroll

If Courtney Barnett were singing through a megaphone, she might sound like this...ha!

Digging this! A lot! Love the pace...the energy....The mix...Sounds really really good...I'm dancing in my chair right now...I bet you sound amazing live!

Would love to play this on my show! 

Robal Johnson

Really, really diggin this jam. Killer surf punk rock tune. Love the riff, vox are retro, and the beat is driving it all home. This song fucking ROCKS. Even the guitar solo fits well and doesn't distract at all because the bass and drums don't skip a beat. You guys have got it dialed on this one. Definitely want to hear more... 

Nic LaRue

Great beat and rhythm.  Sounds a bit like a Jack White song crossed with a Strokes album.  This would go well as a chase scene song, or even a hot, frenetic love scene in a movie.  I can definitely feel your blues influence on this song, even through the barrage of guitar riffing.  I enjoyed the bit of a break mid-song.  It really gives the listener a little "recovery time" and allows them to rock out to the last minute or so.  Overall it sounds like any concert with Vinyl Spectrum is going to be a good time that results in calling in to work the next day.

Leks Maltby

Garage rock fury right out of the gates, complete with de-tuned distorted guitar glory. Followed quickly with instantly engaging sing-along "woo-hoo" vocals, this song has hit radio single written all over it. The chorus recalls "Lonely Boy" by the Black Keys, while the overall lo-fi indie rock aesthetic is akin to that of the Canadian indie rock outfit Said The Whale. The guitar solo is on an entirely different sonic plain, complete with spoken word interlude and call-and-response vocals and riff swapping. This song literally takes the notion of a musical conversation to a whole new level. The song ends in a fury of power chords and pummeling drums hits. A condensed piece of indie rock greatness if ever there was one.

Brody Ramone

Definitely a catchy, fun summer time kind of track! Upbeat and full of energy, for sure. I could definitely feature this on my shows! I encourage you to follow me on my socials and keep in touch. Let's see what we can do to get you some airplay!

Sean Adams

Hi Frankie. This is really fun. Really like it. Not sure if you're looking for a label but I would imagine who released Clap Your Hands, The Cribs and loads of other great records would be really into this. Send the single to who does our singles column too, and when you have an album ready give our reviews editor a shout.

Alan Cross

This is fun. I'm a big fan of fuzzy stuff like this. The breakdown must work really well in a live setting. And any song with some good "woooooo's" can't be all bad, right?  There's no reason that with the proper marketing that thise couldn't work on alt-rock radio.

Looking forward to more.  If you could provide me with a link (Soundcloud, YouTube, etc.) I'll give a post on my sites.

Scott Cohen

Super poppy, punky, indie, cool.  Tell me about the band? Who are you?

Mike Mineo

"P.S. 118" is an exciting track that reminds me favorably of several artists; the vocals pack a soulfully suave quality akin to Jack White, with the excellent production fitting that mold as well. The playful crunchy guitar riffs and "oooh-ooh-ooh-ooh" vocal backing provide a nice melodic cushion for the fantastic guitar solo just before the two-minute mark, where a captivating bass takes the lead over icy keys before the guitar is re-introduced. This particular part reminds me wonderfully of good ol' rock 'n' roll, which I don't hear enough of lately. This is a fantastic track! Reminds me of Foxygen, but better. Look for a feature on Obscure Sound in the very near future, and reach out to me at if interested in details (rates/success stories) regarding my PR servicing. Thanks for the great submission! -Mike

Chelsea Schwartz

What a peppy little track. Love the guitar solo! I bet this translates brilliantly live - ever play down in Los Angeles? Do you have an album out featuring this song (or soon to be out)? Would love more information on the band in general. 

Bob Lugowe

I really enjoyed this song and was immediately grabbed by the funky colorful artwork which perfectly matches the sound on display here.  I must admit however that I was a bit thrown off by the band name at first as I thought it may be the name of a blog or a compilation.  As long as you're releasing your music on vinyl then it's all good!  Back to the music; the song had a really fun, energetic vibe with a catchy chorus, a vintage low-fi garage-y sound, blues-driven guitar solos and an extra danceable interlude with the claps and spoken word.  The song was all brought back together for a strong finish at the end too.  Based on your description, it seems like things are starting off pretty well for the band, now it's just a matter of getting some more regional and national exposure.  Keep pushing to get on as many high-profile shows as possible, dominate your regional market and then maybe hire a good publicist for an even stronger national push.  I couldn't tell from browsing your Bandcamp, but you should definitely have some physical versions of these songs available plus merch for sale (7"s, cassettes, etc.) and you should have them up on Bandcamp even if you have a separate merch store online.  Cheers and best of luck!

Brian Hazard

Hey Frankie!

I'm mostly focused on electronic music, but I like what you're doing here, and I'd be happy to share it with my following on Twitter. I'm not a music blogger, so that's about the extent of my reach.

Your bio is really impressive. Congratulations on all your success thusfar!


This is a very fun indie rock song.  I really enjoyed listening to it.  I would love to play it on the station.  I look forward to hearing more music from this band. 

Amazing Artists

Sweet mama!! Love this song, holy cow, how much catchier can you make it??! Pop but edgy, a little bit Courtney Barnett in the vocals, a little bit Bo Diddley in the guitars, with some Meg White but tight in the drums... I'd love to share this with the Amazing Radio team via our Amazing Artists page, which is here:

If you're open to this idea, feel free to private message me here on Fluence and I'll let you know the deets... 

Thanks for sharing!

D Grant Smith

Underground experimental garage rock that pops, jives, and hits in just the right places. I enjoy the feel and flow throughout. Makes for a great party tune and fun listening time. Great work not trying to do more with this than have a solid fun romp. Well done. Talking mid-song wouldn't work for most other acts, but it flows pretty nicely here.

Andrea Young

Great energy! Could fit nicely into an alternative indie music show in the future. I’d like to hear more of your music, and also see what in your story might be radio-worthy, so I can figure out where an interview might fit in.  Contact me directly at with ‘fluence followup’ in the subject, and we can chat further.  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music!