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Roll wit it (Official Music Video) by Cole Z feat. Bo C

Greg Savage


Just want to get this out in the open. Music licensing is what I do, so please forgive me for my analysis as moods (of the song) are very important to me.

//My Review//


I really like the overall sound of the instrumental, it's simple, has pretty good balance, and pretty catchy. What I like most is there's just enough variation to keep it from being to monotonous and it's easy to flow over, well done.


Both artists are good, but Cole Z really sets the tone for the track. When two artists collab they both must be on the same level. When I say same level, I don't mean skill wise, but more so energy. Cole Z has a very nice flow. It rides the beat very well and it keeps you listening. Bo C, also has a good flow, but more laid back. There's nothing wrong with laid-back so don't get the impression that I'm insulting or belittling his style. 

It's just when you listen to the overall spectrum of the journey that you're being taken on, you start with someone who's pretty energetic (bar setter) so you expect for that level of energy to be somewhat consistent until the end of the song or be matched somewhere in the song (before it ends).. Especially with the hook that's being used.


Now, these aren't 'musts'... just ideas. I'd re-order the song a few different ways to see which receives better reactions.

1. Start the song off with Bo C and then end with Cole Z. This will give the song a little build up before the end 

2. Start with Cole Z end with Cole Z. Generally, people are hooked within the first 10 to 30 seconds of song. Giving that same sound (with variation) makes the song more marketable because now you have a  journey as well as two parts of the song that caught the listener. And again, I'm thinking from a licensing perspective, the more you give people to work with the better off you'll be.

3. I don't know BO C or his artistic capability, but I would have him redo his verse, in terms of delivery. Often when dealing with an artist with a laid-back flow, you either have to give them shorter runs so they can flip a little bit, or adjust the instrumental to their flow (just a bit). What this does is make the listener feel like things are changing ever so slightly and that keeps them listening because they want to know why! Then, if you do decide to end with Cole Z, you add the other elements back in or return it to its original state. This gives an illusion of shift and keeps people interested.

If done (the adjustments), you'd have four versions of your song that can be shopped for licensing opportunities. 


Overall, the song works. It has a good sound, both artist have a nice flow/delivery and it's catchy. 

Sidenote (tip) -Simple videos are good to create as well. It helps you get the videos out faster. For your next one, if you haven't already. Try putting multiple cameras on tripods, fixed focal points at different perspectives and use them as b-roll. Smartphones work wonders in good light so if you're short on cameras, go with the smart phones.

Again, good song, keep up the good work. Feel free to contact me about anything and let me know what kind of marketing you need help with.

- Greg Savage

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