Michael Harrison

Michael Harrison

Michael Harrison

From my studio in the South Coast of England, I produce melodic electronic music in a variety of EDM sub-genres. I grew up on a diet of classical and electronic music, both of which inspire my music today. With a professional background in audio Mastering (currently Apex Mastering) I have an ear for both musical and technical fidelity.  After winning the best unsigned track at the London Electronic Music Event in both 2013 and 2014, I am currently focused on writing my first EP.
music production / mastering, music composition
electronica, classical, experimental electronic

Recent Submissions

Michael Harrison submitted media.

Katapult (Calimba Remix) by Calimba (Original - Andrew Consoli)

Michael Harrison submitted media.

Illuminate by Calimba

Cousin Cole

Sonically really good. Very solid. Not really my usual thing I like it and I could see this doing well. I'd be into a remix / edit with stronger bassline melody and an arrangement that felt more dancefloor-oriented. 

Definitely good work!

Timothy Cox

I'm in love with this. I think you could make a lot of money by producing music for recording artists or even selling your instrumentals on websites where companies and YouTubers buy music to use in their videos. I really can't get enough. This track makes up for the bad submissions I reviewed previously today.

Alan Poyer

Enjoying this immensely.

A few notes while listening:

- From a promotional standpoint I recommend building out your Fluence description to include your social profile links, previous quotes on your work, more information about the release and a brief bio or link to one. I would also add a sentence at the top specifying what type of help you're seeking. For example: **Coverage collaboration and promotional advice**

I'd also add a mini version of that same press release to your SoundCloud along with a download link. Is there a place to download by the way?

Ha - love it. Violin just entered at 3:47. Way to keep it fresh : )

A shimmering array of marimba-infused beats to accompany your sunshine smiles. Okay - time to repeat.

Ah - the second listen-through reminds me of the piano's warm embrace. Ending the piece with those beginning four bars might be a good way to bring it full circle; just a thought.

Damn, I'm loving this. Nice breaks, clean lines, patient builds - a breezy journey indeed.

Would love to help share this out on socials and a future playlist here: http://8tracks.com/awakingdream Feel free to message me on Fluence or email (music@awakingdreamer) if there's somewhere I can download it. Cheers!