Jordan Webb

Jordan Webb

Jordan Webb

Psalm1:1-3 #ITSpecialist #DigitalForensics #Audio #GOMAB
music production / mastering
rap, trip hop, abstract hip-hop, trap, dubstep, chillout, chillwave, instrumental hip-hop

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Worth.. by Aolma

Jordan Webb submitted media.

Pseudo by Aolma

Adam Hoek

Hey Aolma,
nice track man. beat kicks in at a good point. Im digging that bass too.
In terms of helping with promotion, I'm not really on that end of the business, but I can offer some suggestions.

Have a look at the soundcloud bible. It should help you grow and learn to use the system better.
Also check out hypemachine and find blogs in your genre to reach out too.
I would also be on the look out for rappers to rap over your stuff on forums or subreddits like this one I just found:

If I had any critique on the track, I would take out the word media from 'aolma media' so it sounds less watermark like and more like a part of the track.

Also 2:26 gets just a bit too distorted for my taste, got me thinking one of my cables was loose.

Good luck with it! I think you will find what you are looking for in the soundcloud bible.

Abdul Karim Siraji

Great use of the Keys in sample style. The track sounds intense and could be used for a Rap/Hiphop song. 

I recommend using a strings backing in the Chorus section to build up the overall feel. The breakdown at 1:33 could also use some strings sampling. 

2:27 there seems to be a distortion if you listen to them on High resolution monitors

Aaron Suplizio

Sonically interesting, with a nod to Rick Ross' iconic "Maybach Music" and an eminem-like slinky hi hat. 

Would love to hear a vocal match for this track.

Jordan Webb submitted media.

*- Zion -* by Aolma Media

Bob Lugowe

This is a really dope beat and I'm sure you can find plenty of artists who would want to use this. I would include some more info in your Fluence description about who you are / what you do including links to your official website if you have one. If you don't have one, you should make one with a site like squarespace or even Tumblr. Also, if you have a name for your project you should make that clear as Aolma Media sounds more like a brand than an artist. You clearly have talent so make sure it's promoted properly by having everything set up in the most professional manner possible. 

Brian Hazard

Click the "Purchase Today!" link to purchase? REALLY? 👎🏻

IMHO that's a huge turnoff. You want people to listen! And many, myself included, simply don't buy music. I'm a Spotify guy myself, but everyone has their own style or service.

Anyway, let's listen. 😬

Very cool vocal effect in the intro. Tight low end, and great atmosphere. It's got amazing character! Those piano arps are particularly sweet (as a pianist).

After the first 20 seconds, it feels like it needs something else in the mix though. Vocals would be the obvious candidate. Which I guess is the point, right? You're looking to collab with a rapper or singer with this as a musical bed.

I think it'll serve that purpose really well! You're a great producer. Unfortunately I don't know anyone who fits the bill.

I'd search for vocalists with a similar number of followers and message them on SoundCloud. If they take the time to listen, you've got a fighting chance for sure!

Actually, with your blessing (because I may have misunderstood your intentions), I'll tweet it and say you're looking for a rapper/singer (or whatever you want the wording to be). Just say the word!

Jordan Webb submitted media.

Soul Connection by Aolma

Jordan Webb submitted media.

Steve Urkel by Aolma