Laura Sullivan

Laura Sullivan

Laura Sullivan

Grammy® winning composer and recording artist.
Laura Sullivan is a GRAMMY® winning composer and recording artist. Her original music has been included in the score of two Emmy winning documentaries, as well as in many popular television programs and advertisements for Fortune 500 companies. Her recordings consistently receive more than 4 million spins a month on Pandora alone, among many other stations around the world, resulting in broad international airplay.

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music production, music composition
San Francisco Bay Area

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River of Healing (Short Mix) by Laura Sullivan

Laura Sullivan submitted media.

Emerald Isle by Laura Sullivan

SD Hox

Thanks for sharing this track. I think it is a perfect fit for the New Age category and will share on future playlists. I can see why Laura won the Grammy in this category. This track definitely sets a relaxing tone, but I like the way it builds in momentum to hold your interest throughout the piece. Nice work and thanks for sharing!

Laura Sullivan submitted media.

900 Voices by Laura Sullivan

Parker Crystal

This is incredibly inspiring, Laura!  Thank you so much for sharing this with me.  I will definitely share across my most influential networks.

Tom Matthew

This is a great idea and was obviously a lot of work to put together. I love the message of unity and the involvement of so many people from around the globe. Happy to share this with my audience.

Maggie Murphy

What a great idea. You are actually teaching the world to sing. 

Emilie Lorre

Wow, what you have made is amazing! I would have never thought that the mix of 928 different voices, languages and music style would create something so beautiful and harmonious.
The idea of this project is cool and you've done a great work. It's a beautiful message of unity and love.

Lauren Gribble

Hi Laura! I really enjoyed the concept of this song! It was neat to see all of the different countries as well! I'm happy to hear that the track has been such a success. Best of luck with everything!

Going Solo

thanks for sharing this with us. The video is very inspiring and impressive, I can only imagine the huge amount of work there's behind the whole work. Congrats for the viral success, the theme of universal equality is always topical. However, this kind of projects don't really fit with Going Solo, which is mostly a buzz blog about the most exciting new acts. I would recommend to try to reach out traditional media and their online newsrooms/editors and ask for a spin through their channels.
Good luck!

Mike Mineo

Thanks for the submission, and congrats on its viral success so far. Fun and heart-lifting concept, for sure. The theme of universal unity is always welcome, and I imagine this doing particularly well on viral social networks. Although not quite a fit for Obscure Sound, as the site sticks to single tracks over specific causes or news events, I'll try and re-tweet and mention this on my social media at some point.

Kay Adeola

I think this was such a fun idea,Well done :). Will share this with some friends.

Shamal Ranasinghe

I really love efforts like this, and it inspires me. I was feeling goosebumps. I was also a bit nauseous and a little exhausted near the end. If it was just a couple minutes shorter, or faster paced, or some way to keep me sonically connected, I would have appreciated it more. I love the lyrics (obviously) but the melody is just a bit too bland for me. The humanitarian effort here is A+, and I want to help you reach your full audience. There's a ton of people out there who would love to see this. I'm not sure my followers would unfortunately otherwise I would share it. I'm reaching out to some Upworthy folks I know to see if this could be something up their alley. I will refer you to them. Also, you should reach out to them directly as they may post it or know a good match for you. Nice work again. I love seeing things like this in my Fluence queue. I would also definitely paste the lyrics in your submission so people can sing along and be even more inspired. Make sure you check out all the folks in the following lists: and Also check out the General PR folks here: 

Stefano Cremona

Very beautiful idea! Really well done, especially because it should not be easy to mix all those videos and create the final one. This video trasmits a powerful message about love and respect. 

Aurora Berill

900 Voices is an amazing project, very beautifully composed and I really love it. The idea is absolutely original, creating an Universe filled with love. Only love has the power to create something magical and beautiful.

Love is everywhere and in everyone. We can find love as long as we have the will to find it. The purpose of this project is to teach us the simplicity of life. A positive attitude and positive thinking is something everyone can work on. The main message of the song is to be kind, positive, and helpful to others. Let's make the world a better place to live! I would definitely love to hear more from this artist!

Thanks for sharing your music with me!

Wynona Grant

Love the diversity of this and how it all blends together. The blending of different languages and how it all still works to fit the song.

Really creative idea, well executed.

Works as an image of music bringing people together essentially, with no language barriers, and the power of the internet and videos to bring these people all into one project regardless of distance.

The song is beautifully performed by everyone too, and the harmonies are pitch perfect.

Fantastic idea, fair play! 10/10!

Naomi Manvell

Wow, such an incredible idea! Can see this going viral!

Marc-André Runcie-Unger

Very well done. :)

Arielle J.

I love the idea of this project and think the song is really beautiful. I'm not familiar with the song so I don't know if it was created solely for this project or not (I assume so?), but I love the diversity within it and the little rap breakdown in the middle. My one wish is that while I admittedly do not have much film or video experience, I wish there was a higher production quality to the video. Particularly the times where the video shows one main singer and then a different singer(s) in the corner(s) or on the sides reminds me of FaceTime and seems a bit of a simplistic layout for such a cool and important project. I think with a bit more complexity and more professional video editing this message could be even more powerful.

Liza Yamilet

I love it.Beautifull.Iam in tears!

Donna Brown

Love the video, great to see so many different clips and so many people from across the world. Fantastic project!

Heather Frazier Behling

What a fantastic idea!!!! Loved watching all the people in this video, could "feel" the love pouring from it! Loved the extra sounds towards the end -- great addition to the song. 

Alan Cross

Interesting concept! VERY well executed. I can see this becoming a viral hit. In fact, that would be the way I would market this thing. I've never seen anything quite like before.

When you do, make sure you explain how it was done. This must have been an organizational/editing/syncing nightmare! Well done!

Jocelin Leige

OMG!! I loved this soooo much, it gave me chills and tears. It's really amazing how everyone in the world can sing one song in different languages. Everyone sounds really great and this video is so touching you would have thought they all came together in one spot and decided to sing together. This was just Amazing I love everything this video portrays. I'm so sharing this on my personal Facebook and my blog Facebook and Twitter. 

Shayne Locke

Absolutely love it. Soul Traveller Radio would love to get behind your project. We could do a Conscious Music Spotlight highlighting where people can go to support your project. We will also place the video on our website in a post. The message of the song and what you have done is directly within our core principle, Music For Change.

We would also be keen to do an interview with you for our Conscious Crew show. Feel free to email us to organise this.

Blessings for your amazing work.

Bree Noble

What an amazing idea. What it must have taken to execute this! The 2015 version of We Are THe World. It's amazing what technology has made possible! I will share this wherever I can.