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Renee & Jeremy, who Zoogloble hail as “the best vocal duo in kid’s music bar none,” have been making music for people of all ages for the past eight years, releasing four acclaimed albums, and delighting children and parents around the world with their videos, which have racked up more than 3.5 Million views on YouTube. Parents themselves, Renee & Jeremy burst onto the family music scene with their debut album, 2007s It’s A Big World, which Babble ranked #2 in their Top 50 baby music albums of all time, calling it, “one of the most beautiful recordings of recent years for music fans of any age – and a chill-out essential.” C’mon, followed in 2009, and Mothering Magazine gushed over its “upbeat tempos, lush harmonies and lyrics that capture the tenderness of a family’s heart.” AOL’s Parent Dish also lavished, “as grown-up-friendly as they are, Renee & Jeremy’s riffy guitars and sweetly smooth vocals make their songs just as enjoyable to kids who are not yet old enough to realize that LMNO isn’t one letter…these songs are for everybody.”

Now, with their recently released A Little Love, Renee & Jeremy tap into the contemporary pop songbook to make an endearing album featuring their unique and heart felt take on hits by such artists as Red Hot Chili Peppers (“Give It Away”), Coldplay (“Yellow”), The Monkees (“Daydream Believer”), Queen (“You’re My Best Friend”) and many others. Produced by Rich Jacques and mixed by Brian Yaskulka, A Little Love was recorded when Stahl was pregnant with her second child. Toback has two children of his own. The result is a collection of tracks that comprise Renee & Jeremy’s most accessible album to date. Mindy Thomas of Sirius XM Kid’s Place Live says, “I’m kinda going nuts over these new old songs!  In more than a few cases, I’m loving these versions way more than I ever did the originals.” And Daily Candy praised Renee & Jeremy’s versions of these classics as, “gleeful nuggets you’ll want to turn up, even without the tots around.”

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Renee & Jeremy have such a wide appeal – both are successful artists in their own right in the mainstream rock world. Renee Stahl cut her teeth as a solo artist releasing successful solo albums, including the much lauded Hopeful Romantic. And Jeremy is well known for his work with Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard in the seminal Seattle band, Brad, as well as his work with the new alt rock group, Chop Love Carry Fire.

Renee & Jeremy’s records are accessible enough to engage young children and sufficiently cool and sophisticated to inspire parents to play it again and again. The end result is music that even celebrities can’t live without. Kelly Rutherford muses, “I love your music and my children love it – it is something tender and wise and timeless to share as parent and child.” And Rainn Wilson cuts to the chase: “R&J are the best kids’ music ever!!!”
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- Renee & Jeremy - submitted media.

Gianluca Abbadessa

I'm not used to reviewing cover songs because I think you can't really express yourself as a musician, song author but I wanna except: I appreciated so much your talent in synchronizing video animation and a way to rearrange famous songs as this Coldplay's one. 
It makes me feel something intimate and offers a different perspective of what I mean for good acoustic music: the real added value is in the animated story beyond listening to the music.
I always thought we were losing the desire to make good music for kids and instead your style made me understand we should change our approach to let kids discover oldies and classic songs.

Oana Chirila

Loved the pace of Pythias song and all the hidden messages. For a bereaved mum who lost a little boy last year, this soothed my sorrow. Thank you.xx

Sarah Fazendin

I am loving these calming, acoustic songs for kids! This one is particularly touching:) Awesome gift for new moms!

Heather Willensky

I'm not a huge Coldplay fan, so I was surprised to like this song as much as I did! This is a lovely little video - the animation is very sweet and whimsical. I love the simplicity of the arrangement and your harmonies are beautiful. Your music works really nicely to music - if you don't already have one you should consider getting yourself a sync agent!

Leks Maltby

The minimalist acoustic guitar/ukelele work really suits this stripped down re-imagining of Coldplay's "Yellow." Definitely a She & Him aesthetic prominent in the shared male/female vocal harmonies. I dare say this version outshines the original, stripping away much of the grandeur and pretension that Coldplay are notorious for. If this version has one shortcoming, it is simply that it is a simple song that has been rendered into its most simple form. Nonetheless, it truly is a beautiful song performed immaculately. 

Naomi Manvell

Adorable video - fits the song tone really well.

Missie Faith

A great piece of not only music but art! You are able to touch the people with your voices - there's so much love flooding through the song, it's incredible. The more you dive in the more you can feel the love of parents for their child/ren. Touching and soothing at the same time. 
You found the perfect balance between the music, your voices and the animation to keep it simple yet wonderful.

Racheline Maltese

The cover is good and very sweet, but doesn't tell me anything new about the song.  I think the animation is incredibly compelling, although the narrative doesn't quite conclude in a satisfying way. I think the cover needs to be even more gentle/delicate to fit the animation, which is haunting/nostalgic and has elements of sadness in really the best way.  This is an "almost there" for me, but where it is now doesn't inspire me to tell others about it. That could change.

stan stewart

A sweet and wonderful rendition of "Yellow" accompanied by a lovely animated video. I would hope and expect this to appeal to children (of all ages). The recording and production seems quite good, as well.
Best wishes with your musical world...
(P.S. Shared on my social networking channels.)

Liane Chan

That's a really sweet cover and video. I like the very stripped down acoustic sound and the harmony of the vocals. The video animation is very simple and childlike, which makes this cover seem like a lullaby.

Jocelin Leige

This video and song was supper cute and catchy. I let my nephew listen to it and he danced and tried to sing along. 

Bree Noble

This cover is lovely and the video is cute. Unfortunately, we only play music that features the female artist. In this case, the female vocalis not features so we can't consider this for the station.  Thanks for submitting.

- Renee & Jeremy - submitted media.

Sarah Fazendin

Love this! Anytime my kids listen to music, watch shows or consume media that is age appropriate yet appealing to adults is a good day. This soft, lyrical song is certainly something young children will love. Certainly something I'd download onto the kids iPods.

Ria Coleto- Cervantes

I "love" the animation a lot as in I was captivated and was watching intently. I think it's a great animation for kids and it has lots of colours and it's simple yet whimsical and cute.

As for the lyrics and melody, I think it's okay and kids will remember them since the lyrics are not too wordy and complicated. I just think it's a bit repetitive in a sense the same lines were sung over and over.

Deborah Dennert

Birds looked like they were flying upside down.  Song soothing and liked the words and melody.

Sue Seaman

Love it not enough lullabies wrote for little people anymore x

Kay Adeola

I think this is a lovely lullaby,Really catchy too.My youngest kids would love this I will play it for them.