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Chad Lewine

Chad Lewine

Chad Lewine
Singer Songwriter and Digital Marketer
digital marketing, consulting, singing, web design, songwriting, lyrics
Philadelphia, PA

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Alan Cross

Dude! TOTALLY 70s prog! Nice work. I had something of a flashback listening to this. It reminds me of bands like UK, FM, some ELP and maybe some Yes.

Obviously, though, this is still a nichey sort of sound/approach that will have a hard time finding a home on contemporary commercial radio. By advice would be to reach out to as many prog-friendly blocks as you can to let them know what your'e doing. And I'd also target campus and public radio. They're a little more open to this sort of thing.

And don't forget the BBC, especially 6 Music. They have some specialty shows where this could get some traction.

Meanwhile, let me put this out on my social networks. That should be good for about 100,000 people.

Bob Lugowe

I dig the musicianship here but couldn't really get past the vocals. Prog can be a tricky genre for me personally but I definitely respect the talent on display here. I would suggest cleaning up your bio a bit to include mentions of what projects the other musicians you collaborate with have worked on as this will help grab someone's attention if they see a big name they recognize. Otherwise most people won't google a drummer's name to find out who they are but if they see they played in Necrophagist for example, that will raise an eyebrow.  I would also suggest including lyrics and links to your socials / to hear more music with your Fluence submission as this is your elevator pitch in front of the right people so you want to provide as much info as possible in a clear and concise manner and make it easy for anyone to hear more if they'd like. I would also suggest putting all of your music on bandcamp, perhaps as pay what you want to build a fanbase as that is the #1 site for indie music fans to discover and purchase music. Lastly it looks like your CBS song is the one that is gaining some traction on Spotify so take advantage of that as that will likely be the song that brings people into your other music. Maybe consider making a music video or playthrough video for that track and hiring a publicist to promote any upcoming release to get some attention in the media if you're doing it all independently. Best of luck!

John Masters

A very Rush style sound — not entirely my cup of tea but every well executed for the genre. 

Chad Lewine submitted media.

Boomerang (promo only) by HoneyChrome

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