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Coming ON by Peter Olsen

Joe Paganelli

Peter thx for sending.  I heard two gears here:   Suspense and The Build.  Also just a touch of Hans Zimmer inspired big crushing waves poised on the periphery... a la Inception and others, which never seemed to land here but that's ok too.  I like dark and cinematic by nature, though if you were submitting a reel for consideration to me, producers or directors, I'm not sure this would be the one.  Suspense score is a dime a dozen.  Check Philip Glass and Jon Brion, both composers  I recently submitted for temp score on a major film... find out what the essence of their work is that makes them stand out from the rest.  Make that yours and hone it over and over again until it's so sharp nobody can deny that you are innovative and original.

Anthony. J Haworth

Hi firstly it's very well played, secondly it  would go well in a Nomadic or Viking style movie.
My only hesitation is I have heard 100s of these type tracks over the years I'm sorry to say many sound the same which means artists struggle to sell there works.
I think if you are as good an artist as this makes you sound then go more upbeat triumphant sounding big sounds as there are less of those because many want to do bleak dark works, then send to Sony Entertainments in LA or Sony Austria .....that's my Tip

David Bass

Great build, like the introduction of the strings and brass and mix of synth bass. I almost want more deep bassy brass in there! Great for tension briefs....maybe louder percussion so those drums have more impact? I could certainly pitch this for sync. File in the epic/building folder!


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