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Thunder Lizard by The Hartford Pussies

Heather Willensky

I love this video - the stop motion animation is fantastic, and the song is equally great. I love the summery, beachy guitars and the indie pop vocals. Great job guys - let me know if you come play NYC anytime soon!

Indie Band Guru

Catchy and raw song that brings back memories of an earlier time in the indie underground music world.  The grinding guitar mixed with the pretty female vocal makes for an interesting dichotomy.  The video is very imaginative and I appreciate the fact that it tells a story.  Keep getting this out there and you will find a large group of people searching for this type of sound.  

simon illa

Hey guys.  This has so much potential.  Here are my thoughts.  1. The name The Hartford Pussies is awesome.  Definitely made me want to check it out.  2. Musically I feel like a bit of a Weezer-ish vibe where its a bit old school and a bit lofi which is cool.  The arrangement could be a bit cleaner (not sonically) just differences between sections a bit more obvious.  3,  Technically the mix could be a bit better.  I know what you seem to be going for and its a cool raw vibe but I had a hard time understanding the lyrics which could be a recording technique thing or even something that could be cleared up in the mix.  Overall I think you have something cool here it just is not as big as I am sure it could be.  Thanks for contacting me guys, stay in touch! 

Leks Maltby

Lo-fi slacker vibes recall so much '90s alternative, with Sonic Youth and Pixies influences front and centre throughout. Memorable guitar riffs and infectious male/female vocal harmonizing give this song a sugary sweet quality that is characteristic of pop music at its best. Instrumentally, the song could be dynamically more exciting, but having said that the chorus does rock pretty damn hard, with the mellow verses providing a nice point of contrast.

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