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New album Born Ready Episode 1 drops April 20th, 2015. https://twitter.com/OfficialShaMuLa/status/585360801105489921
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Brandon Butch

The very first thing I looked for on this video was a 1080p option and you had that, major plus. More on the video later, but for now let's quickly talk about the song. "Name On It" is your typical trap song with a memorable hook and solid verses. The instrumental matches the style of the song nicely. The guest feature kept the vibe going and didn't take away from the song at all, he actually improved the replay value.

As far as the video goes, I think it could've been much better. The song is all about shooting someone up but the atmosphere and the people in the video aren't very intimidating. It just doesn't match the theme of the song. This is a song where you need to be on the block, pistol in hand with the whole gang surrounding you. That's just a generic idea but you get the idea. Videos that tell a story are extremely powerful and I think you'd benefit greatly from doing so. 

Keep up the good work, I hope you took something away from this!

Go10 From FNS Music Group

I Really like the song, you both are needed in the rap genre of today. I think you both are serious competition and will have the industry tuning in. the video was nicely done it had me lock in. I will definitely share. - Go10