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Evan Tyler

Evan Tyler

EVAN TYLER is a rapper, human-cat and general culture server based out of Toronto, ON. 

EVAN's cool raps sounds are inspired by anxiety, psycho-reactive possessive forces, 90's nostalgia, the individual days of the week and their separate and accumulative identities as well as the promise of on-going psychedelic lyrical quests.

EVAN TYLER's debut solo album "CAT RAPS" is due out April, 10, 2015.
Toronto, ON

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Evan Tyler submitted media.

Raymond Flotat

Wow. Crazy track! Glitchy (in a good way) as hell. Given the chaotic nature of the tune, it could be demanding for casual listeners or one not really already immersed in experimental hip-hop or electro. That being said I like the track a lot and it's wacky and unexpected in a way that helps keeps it engaging. My only note really is that the song seems to go on a little longer than it should. Maybe 30 seconds or so more than feels comfortable? Otherwise a lot of fun in the vein of classic Buck 65 as a madcap track.

Alan Cross

Not the most radio-friendly thing I've heard, but being the experimental crew you are, that probably comes as no surprise.

I'm totally cool with something like this. In fact, I'm happy to spread it through my networks. We need more artists willing to namecheck places in this country.

Evan Tyler submitted media.

So Nuanced by EVAN TYLER + topless literati

Brian Hazard

Love the name Topless Literati, fwiw.

Aww yeah you got da funk. Vocoder!!!

Vocals are obviously too loud, but it's easily forgiven since they're so important. It would be nice if the mix/arrangement could accommodate them at a lower level.

Really love the groove and vibe of this. I think my followers will enjoy it too! Thanks for sharing it with me.

Next time, you might want to include the lyrics in your submission! It's always fun to follow along. ;)

Cougar Microbes

Not really related to a review but the sound at the very start freaked my dog out :)

The guitar intro and general groove of the verses this is guaranteed to get everyone moving. In addition the little keyboard scale that is thrown in occasionally works wonders in building momentum in the second halves of the verses. I can't even reallly dance myself and believe me I still gave it a go with this on. 

The chorus could easily be an electro-pop festival anthem getting people up and dancing. While I generally like the delivery on the verses, with some great and memorable quotes, I think maybe the rhymes could be shortened and spread out more through the verse. In the present iteration gives a rightful spotlight to the rap verse but with so much going on in the song as a whole at least in some areas less would really be more. 

Overall, a good effort and a track that's beckoning the summer on. 

Indie Band Guru

I like this one.  The intro grabbed some interesting attention and then the groove takes over to really make you want to move.  The flow is strong as usual demanding multiple listens to take in all the clever lyrics.  Usually i hate over auto-tune but it works here in the chorus.  

Robal Johnson

Let me start out by saying that I love the beat. This groove is a scorcher and could really get some attention. Unfortunately, in my opinion, the lyrics and flow do not vibe well with the dance riffs. Not sure if its the low vocals or the raps themselves, but it simply did not click for me. But that beat! Holy shit that beat. That is straight up fire. Thank you for sharing. 

D Grant Smith

This song grew on me as the track progressed through. A Miami styled pop sound with very cleverly written rhymes which drive the track that points a powerful lyrical finger at how we perceive music understanding. I appreciate the sarcasm yet subtle editorial nature of the American pop culture. Good stuff!

Going Solo

I love the beat of this track, I like the way the flow is delivered (maybe a bit louder in the mix?), but I'm not 100% sure that they're the perfect match together. Don't get me wrong, song is quite enjoyable, lyrics are clever and the chorus is highly danceable. It's just that it catches me in a crossfire, torn between dance music and rap. It doesn't have a specific audience, which means it's tough to promote. I like its savagery thought, the sense of urgency that it conveys. It's quite wild actually, with some flaws here and there that make the song even more interesting. Anyway thanks for sending this through. Cheers!

Shamal Ranasinghe

You are incredibly talented. I love your work. Sick rhymes, variety, and a full on artist personality. Are you on Pandora? I searched and couldn't find. I want to get you onto Pandora as our listeners would love your music (myself included) and then I want to get you AMPcast where you can talk to your fans. I'll tell the folks at Pandora we need your music to reach our Listeners. 

Alan Cross

This a good! Clever. It took me a couple of listens to catch everything which is nice. It's cool to discover new things about a song everytime you hear it.

A couple of suggestions:
1. Removing the 7 second fade-up would please radio programmers. This will get lost when it's loaded into hard drive playback systems.
2. Is there a place for a middle eight? A place where a dance groove could be established, even just for a bit? At 2:56 (2:49 without the fade-up), you have time to play around with 8 or 16 bars.

Finally, who is your audience target? Is this for radio? Bloggers? Promoters/agents? Producers? My question is now that the song is here, how are you going to promote it?

Evan Tyler submitted media.

Lounge Lords (with topless literati) by EVAN TYLER + topless literati

Indie Band Guru

The usual clever lyrics get the attention.  The open and close of the track I do not like at all.  Kind of annoying.  Overall this is OK but not your best work.  The beat gets a little too repetitive.  Bring up the vocals in the mix so they can be the focus.  

Going Solo

Glad you're back with a more dynamic offering. The thumping house beat helps to keep the listener focused on the song, even if you could have used more the multi-layered vocals to add more diversity to the track. Lyrics are clever as alway, I'd say that lyrics are your biggest strength. Maybe you should focus more on your beats or ask for the help of a producer that could give you good tips and help you to see your music under a different prospective. Sometimes an outside opinion makes a real difference.

Thanks for the submission. 

Alan Cross

First, I'm all for knocking Bay Street/Wall Streets down a notch. And I'm willing to bet that a lot of Bay Street types would hear this and go "FUCK, YEAH!", completely oblivious to their personal douchebaggery.

On a more serious note, where do you see this song being placed? Is it a Lonely Island-type release? A club record? Something that lives online to be shared by like-minded people? A novelty release?

You could get this in certain clubs, but you'll need a longer mix with plenty of beats in the intro and extro. 

That being said, I like it and I'll give it a post on my site.

Evan Tyler submitted media.

You're Hysterical Ft. Topless Literati by EVAN TYLER ft. Topless Literati

Jeremy Troy

Diggin it.  I'd say intro should drop sooner and lyrics get a little excessive.  

Orange Peel

I really love the human-cat rap concept behind Evan Tyler as well as the humorous but still thoughtful lyrics. Not really my type of rap music I would listen to in endless loop, but that's quite personal. Still I like the play between the narrative and rhyming rap vocals, your flow is neat but the beat isn't on the same level, too repetitive, not really thrilling, poorly produced... Try to focus on your musical foundation, especially when you want to catch the interest of the audience who isn't just focusing on lyrics in first place. Try to balance between both your lyric-wise art form and musical rhythms and then I think this could really work!

Heather Willensky

Good production here - the beat is crisp and the vocals are clean. I like the non-traditional interplay between the main sample and the rapping, although I feel like the sample does become a bit static upon repetition - maybe try getting a female vocal to record those lines? I think it would add some chemistry to the dynamic.  Otherwise the lyrics are sharp and clever - great work!

Bruno Natal

I liked the beats, the spoken word parts on top of it makes it a bit difficult for me to want to dance to this.

Music You Need

Opening up with some funny vocals and a groovy little house beat, "You're Hysterical" gets into the first verse and reminds the listener of Bloodhound Gang back in the day with a modern twist. A sweet and smooth 80's sounding synth creates the melody with a jingling bell synth rounding out the sound. The lyrics are entertaining while still making the listener think. The beat keeps you moving throughout, and the scream samples are a nice touch. We really enjoy the hip hop meets house chemistry present in the song. Loved it. 

Shamal Ranasinghe

This is great. Not to sound "hysterical" but this is so fresh and unique that I think you should go hard with it. The thing is that your sound doesn't fall into a specific category. It's a true work of art. It's got a great beat, complex production, tight flow, and a strong theme. There's social commentary here along while motivating people to move. You've got skills as I mentioned in your last submission. I'm going to share with my followers and spread the word. I'm eager to find out more so will look you up and start following. I look forward to seeing you live. As the song winds down I'm listening more intently as the sound and beat fades out. Great piece overall. One of my favorites in Fluence, and I've seen a lot!

Black CaesarX

Ok now. I love the concept and how it was assembled. There are just a few studio touches I believe would put it over the top if you have either the finances or studio engineers to accomplish it. The vocal and instruments tracks along with the harmony are a little spacey. Not because I'm a former bass player but I really believe a nice thumping or droning bass would help hold the pieces together. If you check at about 3:58 into the song a keyboard kinda covers that as a midrange. The vocal of the female, harmony and music could be a little more upfront. The lead vocals are perfectly out front, but I feel the others I mentioned are a little far back or could be layered on more tracks behind the lead. Along with getting the general music a little more out front.

I think if you go for those additions I described and listen with head phones until it's pleasing to your ear to you'll find the pot of gold within this arrangement.

Over all I'll give it ∩╮∩╮∩╮∩╮(︶︿︶)╭∩╭∩╭∩ 7THUMBS UP

Chelsea Schwartz

I feel like you recently sent another track that reminded me of Art Brut meets Duck Sauce, am I right? 

This is still very novelty and can get boring quickly. But I dig the vocal and the beat. I see you're looking to release a video tomorrow. Would love to see it. With more advanced notice we could consider a premiere on our site for it, we feature a new video every Tuesday.

Going Solo

I like the sonic progression on this one, how it grows in the headphones, but at one point the song becomes too much static. Your flow is fluid and lyrics and rhymes are pretty cool, but the beat on the background is too much stuck for a five minute long song. Nowadays listeners want to be surprised by any song they listen and repeating a beat over and over can cause a lack of focus from them. I suggest a radio edit if you want to use it as a single.


Indie Band Guru

Loving the different mix of styles.  Hip hop and EDM is not something I have heard much of together.  The comic relief and lack of self assurance again makes the track very relatable to many types of listeners.  Keep pushing the boundaries and the fans will flock to it.  

Disco Naïveté

This a true jam (sharing this on Twitter in a sec). Referring to your earlier submission and feedback you gave me on my feedback (how meta of us), this is fun yet so solid at the same time. Even though it still fits in that weird corner of the internet, a DIY community will eat this up. 

I love how you're building solid plays over at Soundcloud, it really does feel like you're building somewhat of a fan base around you - try and extract those fans to other platforms (Twitter, Facebook) to collect a crowd in different places. Also, get this stuff on Spotify, I think it will do even better there plays-wise!

Valida Carroll

The idea is great...Absolutely love the tone and delivery of the female sound byte.
The music, although good for the most part, needs some change up...The introduction of keys is great, but I need more...
Definitely needs a fat bass to come in at 1:17
Also...there is too much rap for me...It's also a little too loud and upfront...I'd take it down a notch...The rap itself is good...The flow is great...Just take it down a notch both in quantity and volume...

I suggest a radio friendly edit with a bass sound, one other musical element...and a little less rap...and a little shorter overall :)

These are the things i would need to happen before I could play this on-air...

Also...has to be FCC friendly...I'd suggest a clean edit... :)

but definitely different and interesting...

Evan Tyler submitted media.

My girlfriend's laptop by EVAN TYLER

Music You Need

Evan Tyler has another track for us titled "My girlfriend's laptop" which is a funny story about a man exploring his girlfriend's photos and web history. The lyrics entertain and leave you speechless as the flows keep coming and coming. His album "CAT RAPS" is coming out soon, and if these two tracks are representative of what we have in store, we look forward to more of this EDM meets hip hop style. The music is chilled out, futuristic, and yet brings us back to the days of 90's hip hop. The distinctive voice of Evan Tyler sounds too much like Bloodhound Gang, you gotta hear it to believe it. 

Shamal Ranasinghe

This submission is unique and rather awesome in it's own quirky ways. I respect the production and sonic mixing of different sounds and tapestries. I think you'll have a niche audience, but our job is to help you find it. I would start with technology centers like Silicon Valley. I think a lot of people who'd appreciate this sound and theme will be in San Francisco or the Bay area in general. I also think you should target Austin, Chicago, London, etc. I would search Fluence for Start-ups, technology, and send this to folks you think would appreciate. You have skills. I may not crave to hear this song again and again, but as a calling card for what you can produce, this track is awesome. I'm going to keep a look out for more of your releases. 

Andrea Young

Edgy and avant-garde in a hip hop style and format.  I’m personally not that into abstract hip-hop, and also don't  so much relate to lyrics and subject matter, but very good job on the rap, production and arrangement values on this!  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music.

Stephen White

Funny, wry and off-kilter 'My Girlfriends Laptop' is an all or nothing type track that either you commit fully to it's unique take on electro-pop or not. 

But with it's pulsing multi-elemental synth sound and simply daft lyrics it's hard not smile at it. 

Going Solo

Man!! I'm not really into hip-hop culture, I'm trying but I'm still a newbie. Anyway you tune really hit me. Remember Bloodhound Gang's The Bad Touch? It reminded me a lot that song, which is a very good thing in my scale of values. I will listen to your record soon and give it a spin through our socials. Cheers!

Mike Mineo

"My Girlfriend's Laptop" is a stylish and colorful electro-pop/hip-hop hybrid that reminds me of Das Racist in its effective utilization of the two, from the hypnotically infectious synth-infused beat to the deadpan humor and dry lyrical wit. Evan Tyler's style is even more idiosyncratic, in an enjoyable sense -- from the personal confident-assuring monologue around 01:30 that expertly transitions into a technically precise hip-hop delivery, to the "purple clouds and Carrie Bradshaw" gets-stuck-in-your-head line that pops up throughout. This is an extremely inventive success that I enjoyed throughout -- really fun to listen to, with some very impressive production idiosyncrasies -- great humorous closing vocal sample, too. I'll be posting this on Obscure Sound sometime soon, for sure. Reach out to me at mike@obscuresound.com if interested in details (success stories, rates) regarding my digital PR servicing.  Thanks for the submission! -Mike

Chelsea Schwartz

This track reminds me of Duck Sauce a bit, Duck Sauce meets Art Brut. It's a very novelty market but plenty of people dig that. As I like to say, it's good cheese. The breakdown in the middle is a little long; lost interest at that point - keep the beat going!

Indie Band Guru

Very fun stream of consciousness rap.  The comedy aspect has been lacking in rap lately.  The exotic background sound makes it even more interesting.  Good stuff!

Alan Poyer

I needed this. More people need this. My generation needs this, because this right here is amazing. 

The smile simply refuses to leave and only grows with each new replay.

The edgy, turbulent ecosystem of complete digital submersion is the absurd atmosphere woven and wrapped around the listeners mind. There is no escape. You will participate. You will not stop laughing.

"I'm so confident in everything that I'm doing right now...Everything's great....I feel great. I'm keeping an open mind...and having...much fun...I feel in control...I'm okay..I'm Thriving!"

Just downloaded the album via Bandcamp now...can't wait to experience this. You're one reddit thread away from internet stardom, and you're definitely aware of it. Cat rapper videos are begging to be made.

Your press release / Fluence description is well done; I wouldn't change a thing. I'll include a few people here who may also dig this, and definitely be adding this to the blog queue and sharing it out. Thanks again for the laughs.

Disco Naïveté

"I'm so confident in everything that I'm doing right now" - this lyric is everything. You've cornered yourself in a very amazing bit of the internet music thing with this little piece - it's basically unique. It's a bit of everything and nothing at the same time. I fear it might be put into some kind of joke track/gimmick quite quickly because of everything (Cat Raps, My Girlfriend's Laptop, the DIY production) but there's actually a lot of appeal in this track. Love how you put so much humor in it as well.

As this is something that will not easily blow up on the blogs (not very much commercial appeal) but that crowds will certainly find pleasing (4k plays in 2 days says enough - good job on that!), you're going to need to a lot of work yourself to get the track out there & get the people that listen to it to help you. I think it might be interesting if you could flip an existing track into something of your own - that way people get presented something they recognize in an entirely different setting - the humor & originality will convince them to check out some of your original tracks for sure.

Scott Cohen

This is pretty cool.  I think it could be one of those viral hits with a video but you would probably need to do a huge edit and find a way to cut the length in half.  Hard to have a viral hit with a 4 and a half min track.  But 2 minutes with a funny video could be the trick.

Ari Herstand

When submitting please include the lyrics. 

Hilarious. You need a great video to match this song. The video would have viral potential. I love how creepy it is. The arpeggiated, synthy stuff in the right ear bouncing atop of the eerie string pads in the left ear really enhance the creepiness. Fantastic!

"Desktop freeze like novocaine." Nice. 

Where are you based? Interested to see the live show. Hope it is just as crazy as this track. Look up Koo Koo Kangaroo from Minneapolis. They would be a great act to team up with. Check out their live videos. They do it right. 

Definitely interested to see you live show. Hit me when you come through LA.