Fire in the Radio
Fire in the Radio hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The band, who derives their name from the Charles Bukowski poem “Regard Me," has a unique sound that has been appropriately described as an amalgamation of Jawbreaker, Tigers Jaw, Weezer and Title Fight. Last year, Fire in the Radio spent time at Inner Ear studios in Washington, DC, with engineer Don Zientara (Fugazi) doing a series of demos. The demos turned into the foundation for a full-length record that was recorded in the summer of 2014 at Miner Street Studios in Philadelphia (The Menzingers, Restorations) with producer Thom Flowers (Lagwagon) and engineer Matt Schimelfenig (Cayetana). The record was mixed by Jesse Gander (Japandroids) at Rain City Recorders in Vancouver, with additional engineering by Angus Cooke. It was mastered by Alan Douches in New York, and is set for release on May 12, 2015.

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Luna, I'll Be Home Soon by Fire in the Radio

Leks Maltby

Immediately recalls early '00s Sub Pop bands, with a sort of Modest Mouse meets Wolf Parade meets Constantines sort of sound. Very accessible and immediately familiar. This song is oozing a vital urgency that demands the upmost attention from the listener. Despite the inherently nostalgic genre conventions adhered to within the song, the sound is ultimately a refreshing one, especially given how little guitar-based rock music is being represented on mainstream music platforms as of late, particularly on so called rock and alternative radio stations. Overall a memorable, high-energy rock song for an era in which people have forgotten that they still exist.

Liane Chan

This song reminds me of songs from the 90's for some reason. Overall, I like it and think that's a good thing. The familiar sound is appealing, and I see it gaining an audience among slightly older audiences. It does have kind of a depressing sound also.

Jen Dan

Hi guys!  Wow, nice one here - Love the up-tempo pace, crisp beat, and fluidly-played guitar lines.  Nice contrast between the two guitar lines and I'm digging the overall smooth, propulsive flow of the song.  You definitely have an assured grasp of dynamics that keeps this song interesting.  The vocals are light and pleasant, recalling a straightforward Evan Dando without the crestfallen undertone, at least to my ears.
The song starts off quickly enough, but then you kick it up a notch with more exclaimed vocals about being "left here with this fever / which only grows stronger", which is exactly how your song progresses at its end - coolness!  You do include a lull with just light sing-talking vocals and guitar strum, which then slowly builds with the addition of a distorted guitar line and backing vocals into full-bodied sonics by the end of the song.
Everything sounds as it should to my ears; it's an involving tune with a great ebb 'n' flow pace, clear lyrics, pleasing vocals, and driving instrumentation.  Well done!

Victoria Parkey

The instrumental sounds really good, I like the strong beat and the guitar mimicking the vocals. I would say I think the chorus could have a bit more impact - the vox are generally quite monotone throughout the verses so I think it needs something to lift it up just a bit more. The break halfway through the song works really well though, and I like how it builds back up.

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