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Enjoy by Vizion

Leks Maltby

On "Enjoy" by electronic experimental outfit Vizion, the listener is introduced to a series of looping, heavily manipulated synth samples backed by little more than a basic drum machine beat. It all feels very minimalist to be sure, but it's so rudimentary that it connects in a very primal way. It's virtually impossible to avoid becoming entranced by this deceptively simple instrumental track, a hint at greater things to come from Vizion in the not so distant future.

Bob Lugowe

I really liked the sampling that I heard of this song and it left me wanting to hear more. The imagery associated with the track was the perfect complement as I found it to be colorful, fluid and dreamy. I would suggest including links to more of your music in your Fluence description and maybe including the full song next time. Also, this track would go great with a music video! Best of luck!

Brian Hazard

Love that artwork! Did you do it?

Holy cow this is loud! Hats are too loud and snare too bright for my tastes. It makes it feel brittle when I'm craving warmth. Backing off the limiter will help in this respect too.

Is this meant to be the entire track? It feels like you faded it out early. There's no sense of resolution.

I think you're off to a flying start with this, but it doesn't feel quite there yet. I hope you'll invest a little time into dialing down the brightness, granting it a touch more dynamic range, and extending the arrangement.

Also, next time consider including a short, catchy description of the song or act that's easy to copy/paste for social media sharing. That way we don't have to strain our brain coming up with something clever, and you get to choose how you're presented to the world.

Andrea Young

This is a very short snippet (1:49), so challenging to get the full flavor of what you're doing.  I very much like the way it starts out -- I like the sound, the production, the arrangement.  By about one minute in I'm waiting for something else to happen composition wise, not quite sure where you're going with it, and can't tell from this honestly.  Would love to hear a further developed track.  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music!   

Eric mcLellan

Took a listen and think the beats are dope.  Very vibey and atmospheric.   It would be cool if you could incorporate some sort of a live element to this whether its mixer and live beat making or more DJing type component.   You mention you are an artist and not a producer for other artists.  I think you should consider both.   Someone like Ryan Hemsworth comes to mind.  Sango.  

Vizion submitted media.

ØØ by Vizion

Alan Cross

Pleasant stuff, but where do you see it going? Do you have a vision for where you music should be, who should hear it and how it can be used? Is this standalone material or something that could be used for film, TV, video games or something else.

As it stands, this is just a fragment of...something. It's the bones of something that needs to be much larger. But what?

Going Solo

The song has a very chill mode and includes some very good ideas, as can be the opening synths or the combination with classical elements. On the other hand, this time I think that this tune lacks of a global vision. I don't feel ØØ like a finished song, but more as a collection of various pieces of a puzzle that it has yet to be completed. It's very hard to write anything about something like that.

You're young and talented but don't rush. Time is on your side, so take all of it you need to focus on the way that you want to undertake. Keep experimenting, but don't put out everything you produce, keep always the standard high. 

All the best and thanks for your submission.

Tom Johnson

Hey, it's a nice beat but it feels more like a sketch than a single/standalone track and thus it makes it difficult for writers to write anything about it. Maybe take some time to put together a solid track, with a thought-out campaign if you want bloggers/the media to cover what you do. If you're happy just releasing stuff as-and-when that's totally cool but it makes it difficult for you to reach the blog scene...

Bob Lugowe

I thought this was a cool track with a chill vibe that picked up as it went along though it definitely could've been longer.  If it's just a sample of the artist's work, I'd be curious to hear it in its entirety.  I like the name Vizion and see on your Soundcloud that you have a few tracks with a decent amount of plays.  I would suggest you keep putting out new songs on a regular basis and start by building a following on Soundcloud.  Best of luck!

Brian Hazard

Sounds like a drunk stumbling through Native Instruments headquarters.

In a good way! :)

But really, I don't know what to make of it. Other than the fact that I like it! It's almost like a dirge or a sea shanty.

Let's see what my followers on Twitter think! I thought up an angle for a tweet that I hope will get good engagement and a decent number of listens for you.

Andrea Young

I like the first minute or so of this especially…..and then it ends fairly abruptly for me.  I'd strongly suggest further development and length to the track before it would be radio or playlist ready in any way.  But it’s a captivating and catchy sound!  Good production values too.  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music.  

Eric mcLellan

I like the instrumental it was well done.  Had an eerie vibey type of element to it.  You should look on soundcloud for rappers or artists who might want to record over it.

Valida Carroll

Seriously....this is so funky and vibey! I love it!
As it is now, it's a perfect talk-over track for my radio show.
I will definitely look you up...and will play this and spread the word.

Vizion submitted media.

Vanessa by Vizion

Kelly Caratenuto Reci

I love the beat. It is kinda haunting but uplifting at the same time! Keep up the great work.

Tom Matthew

Nice work, a lot of dynamic change keeps it interesting. It's obvious you spent some time on this, mixing things up and while keeping the flow right. Good stuff.

Bruno Natal

Pretty cool, laid back production! I like these kind of sounds. I shared it through my Soundcloud account.

Lauren Gribble

Hi! I really enjoyed this song. All the different details in the track really kept things interesting. Keep up the good work!


Matthew Linsky

Digging the melody in the intro. Good production value, but I was craving more earlier on until I realized that this is an instrumental track. Perhaps that's my fault for assuming, but then again with a title like "Vanessa" I was expecting personal lyrics. On that note, it's odd to associate a titular pronoun with a track that lacks built-in clarification of such a specific creative decision. 

That aside, I like the flow of Vanessa. It carries well, and the dynamics are steady and dynamic enough to maintain interest. 

Sahpreem King

VANESSA By Vizion is a harmoniously cinematic journey into laid-back hip hop that invites the listener into the creative mind of Vizion. 

I’m definitely feeling this track. I can think of at least ten artists that would flow on this beat and guarantee you a hit. This track is well produced and the melody and soundscape is sick. You should find a rapper and singer for this track ASAP!

You have truly experienced growth as a producer as this track is mixed well, but still requires mastering. I look forward to hearing this as finished song (retail ready) and more of your productions in the near future. 

Keep up the good work!

Tom Johnson

Nice atmosphere again and the production is really crisp. Will add to our review pile. Maybe try uploading your tracks to Amazing Radio, they help unsigned bands a lot over here in the UK. 

Vizion submitted media.

Strings by Vizion

Kelly Caratenuto Reci

I love how the beats flow. This is wonderful!

Bruno Natal

Laaaaid back beats, just the way I like it. Will share it thought soundcloud.

Kimberley-Marie Sklinar

OOOH would you listen to this! Great intro - a souped-up Jamie xx if you don't mind me saying so. A minute in, the track's development then silence is something I didn't expect - I really like it but there's a little too much silence for me, and the track could develop a little more. It's a really great production effort and perhaps some small featuring vocal could really set it off. Thank you for submitting your music to me for review.

Going Solo

I can hear the "rainy mood" here. Beats fall like the tinkling of the rain along the smooth path. Nice work!

Tom Johnson

It's a nice track but does feel a lot like a little sketch you made up quickly on a rainy day so can't really help with promoting it, will follow your music though, you've got some nice ideas. Best of luck with it.

Andrea Young

I like the beats on this.  You say you created this 'because it was rainy and this was my mood'.  I would suggest further developing it, it's fairly simple at this point, could use further complexity.
I've got more questions than answers for you, would like to know more what you're looking for.  If promotion, I would want to know more about your goals, and how you're already promoting yourself.  I see your Soundcloud and Twitter accounts, you already have something of a following.  Are you performing, collaborating?   Thanks for your submission, thanks for the music!

Vizion submitted media.

Beach Flowers by Vizion

D Grant Smith

Intriguing beat track infusing an Eastern-styled instrumental into an EDM groove. Very engaging and hypnotic movement here. Great stuff!

Alan Cross

Interesting blend of sounds. I wasn't expecting it to unfold the way it did. It's a pleasant bit of orchestration, but what application do you see for it? Certainly not as a standalone radio track. Is this for production purposes? For a TV/movie score?

Leks Maltby

A hypnotic intro, complete with swirling synths and a sparse instrumental arrangement. The heavy synth bass around the 1:00 mark offers a nice contrast to the high-end string work. This song ultimately unfold organically, with each instrument revealing itself gradually over the course of a song. A compelling instrumental track that doesn't overstay its welcome.

Bob Lugowe

I enjoyed this track though I felt like it could have been expanded upon further.  It ended a bit abruptly and could've evolved into some greater soundscapes.  Overall, it gives off a chilled out, organic and bright energy.  I checked out some of your other tracks on soundcloud and they all have a similar intelligent vibe.  I'd say you're on the right track, highly active on Soundcloud and racking up some decent plays.  Perhaps just spend some more time exploring your vision and going more in depth with your songs.  

Tim Medcraft

There are some really good ideas in this.  The arrangement needs some work as does some of the progression of ideas.
I have put together a very rough arrangement which you can get here:
I have extended the chorus, in the intro I have changed it so the 13-17 section is different and just adds a beat (no need for the whole bass in there as it is rushed)
I've them tried to make the sections more identifiable.  You need to be able to tell what the chorus and what the verses are.  So signpost, use pick ups with percussion half way through the sections etc.
The background vocal in the intro is only used there and it could also be used in the chorus to add to the feel and separation with what has gone before.
Obviously it is easier for you to the above than it is for me as you have the whole project but think in terms of having a MC / vocalist on board so that is clear to them what part they are working on
And finish the tracks - it's just a nice idea at 2 mins long but it isn't a finished track and you need to finish it properly.

Kami Knake

I was unable to play the song...

Tom Johnson

This is pretty rad, really gets under your skin the more it rolls on. Will add to the review pile and share now. Thanks for sharing, good luck.


I love this song I think it is great.  I love the slight Asian influence in the song.  I think it is a great instrumental piece.  I would love to play it on the station. 

Alan Poyer

Really like what you've done here. Well-balanced mix, plenty of breathing room, and a wide array of unique elements.

Would love to include this in a chill trap / beat playlist I'm putting together right now for here: Any chance you could send me a WAV or FLAC file? (

Glad to help share it out now. Cheers!

Kier Lehman

Cool track. Nice trap vibe with the drums mixed with lighter, more melodic sounds. The mix is good too. Nice use of the vocals as a texture. I would like to hear more growth in the track as we get into it. Maybe build up to a different section or some more dramatic ending. I know most hip hop tracks don't have that kind of growth but it's something that can make a good beat into a great beat. 

Sahpreem King

I love “Beach Flower” by Vizion it is a unique sound. 

It’s like trap meets the orient! This is a dope blend of smooth sounds and fat beats. This joint put me in a euphoric state of mind, yet at the same time had me nodding my head. I would love to hear more from this artist.

This track has a seriously universal appeal. The only thing missing is a skillful lyricist!

Brody Ramone

This would make an excellent music bed for my shows! Really digging it! The only thing I would recommend is revising the ending a bit. It just kind of drops off suddenly. Maybe slow it down into a slow fade out? Other than that, everything is spot on!

Scott Cohen

Really great.  I could hear this as a synch.  You should be working with filmmakers.  

Chris Wise

Hi there 

Hope your well and thanks for sending this through to me.

Hm, nice track 

The bass is phat and brings the rack along well, and the string sounds are quite nice, but I feel the whole track could do with a little mix polish 

You could try adding nice 'clap' sounds in there, and possibly try adding a little touch of reverb to the mix, or at least a few elements of it 

I also feel that although its  anise track, some snippets of cutup vocal, maybe by using a plugging called 'Stutter Edit' or similar, as I feel that could add a lot of production value to the track 

It also might be an idea to add a real low sub bass under your existing one, to make it really LFO :)

Hope this all helps 

Keep making those tunes :)

All the best,


Shamal Ranasinghe

Thanks for sending your track to me. I'm going to put it in one of my SoundCloud collections. It's a nice chill beat. I'm going to refer you to Alan Poyer who may put this track in his Chill playlists on 8tracks. Also, Brian Hazard could provide some good feedback, and if he likes it could share  it widely. Brian Trifon is a music producer who could give great feedback. 

Ari Herstand

Cool production. Seemed to end quite abruptly. 

I recommend teaming up with an emcee to rap on top of this. And find a singer to help develop your hooks and sections. This doesn't really seem to go anywhere. Where's the chorus? 

This seems like a work in progress to me whereas I'd like to hear a more developed track. Do you see any hip hop shows? If so, approach artists you respect and would like to collaborate with. Or navigate around SoundCloud to find other hip hop artists to collaborate with. 

Andrea Young

I like the complex composition and arrangement on this instrumental. And, I’d like to hear the tune further completed, both in composition and in mixing/mastering, to improve the sound and embrace-ability of the music.  It seems not quite fully developed yet.  Hope you continue honing your craft!  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music.  

Brian Hazard

Wow. That is LOUD!

That plucked lead just leaps out of the speakers. The pumping when the kick hits is excessive IMHO, and goes beyond a typical sidechain setup. It kills the energy, and the lows suffer.

With that in mind, you might try to back off the limiter a few dB! Nobody can compete with this volume level anyway.

The plucked lead combined with the hat makes for a very edgy and fatiguing sound. I'd love to hear a lot more warmth. The hat can come down a good 6 dB and still be plenty loud. If it were my mix, I'd bring it down 12 dB.

I think you've got the great basis for a track here, but it ends abruptly just as it starts to achieve liftoff. I mean, it really sounds like a build, and then poof! :)

Hope that's helpful! I appreciate your sharing it with me.

Valida Carroll

Pretty....I could definitely use this to talk over on my show...Maybe play the first 30-45 seconds and then use it as a sound bed...
Can I have it? If so, message me for details...

Vizion submitted media.

Tokens by Vizion

Kevin Grimes

Chill vibes throughout the whole song. This would be perfect to play on a road trip with good people and great landscape. It had l an oriental-type of sound that is also very peaceful to listen to. I liked the trap sound addition with the high hats. 

Martin Bryant

Lovely and bleepy like a late 80s videogame soundtrack being played from behind a waterfall. I really like your other stuff on SoundCloud too - it's diverse and explores some very interesting ideas and textures. I'm not sure who else will like it on Fluence, though (Fluence seems to lack a way of finding out who you know on here when giving feedback).

Jared Losow

Thanks for being my first submission!

I really like the general vibe of this track. It has a nice sort of dream pop sheen to it with a bit of a down-tempo hip-hop flavor thrown in there as well. I could see this being a backing track for someone like The Weeknd as well as the basis for a Beach House track. It's a versatile sound and there are a lot of ways one can go with this.

Production-wise, the sounds are a little generic so some weird layering or re-mixing of the synths could do wonders along humanizing/randomizing the velocity of some of the drum hits. I'm noticing now that you're only 16 so I certainly see a bright future for you as a producer.

While I don't feel this track is a standalone single (and I'm not sure it's meant to be) I think it could be awesome as a backing track for an indie, R&B, neo-soul, hip-hop, etc vocalist. I think you should work on networking and working with collaborators as much as possible. Go to shows, get to know people, shake hands, get business cards made, and get your music in the hands of as many people as possible. I feel like the right collaboration(s) could do wonders for you down the road.

Cheers and best of luck to you.


Indie Band Guru

Smooth mellow track.  Nice atmosphere of sound but it does get a little long winded without building to any real climax.  Good trance but not a single.  


I like this song I think it is really good.  Great down tempo song. I would love to play it on my station. 

Alan Poyer

A shimmering build gradually pulls in the listener perfectly.  Excellent use of space and form makes this piece irresistible.  You can't help but be uplifted.

A few production notes while listening:

- Great reverb and L-R pan on the bells. I appreciate that you chose not to double the kick from :51 - 1:01 for that build. Gives pleasant breathing room for that descending line.

Really enjoyed this and I'd be glad to help share it out on socials and a future playlist here: Could you message me on Fluence or send me an email ( letting me know where I can download it? Cheers.

Brody Ramone

This would make a great music bed! Great production work,

Disco Naïveté

Really atmospherical, reminds me of thinks like Beat Culture / Slow Magic / XXYYXX / ... - that scene. You need to crisper your sound though, especially the "big beats" need to come in a lot harder to really have the effect you're aiming for. While the track is good & the idea is interesting, it doesn't really end up going anywhere and basically gives the listener the same thing over & over again. This is a good to get people to know your sound, but you're going to want to give them a proper "song" they can obsess over. It's the kind of sound that will do really well on the internet, so you'll get there! I see you already did a remix but I'd continue that, will be good to get some traction through that to your own music.

You're gearing up a solid 7k plays for each of your tracks, which is pretty impressive. Make sure you try and "collect" the people that listen to your tracks on Soundcloud by linking through your other social media in there so people can keep up with what you do.

Scott Cohen

I liked the track.  It is a bit of an earworm.  It is repeating in my brain.  I would have liked to hear the track go to one more level.  Take me to one more place.

Shamal Ranasinghe

Thanks for sharing your music with me. I've listened to it a few times. I dig the mellow nature to it, and I like the cultural feel to it. Makes me feel a bit like a downtempo Gamelan music. You should send this to some folks who could put it into chill playlists on 8tracks or Spotify. I'll refer some to you. On the Fluence submission and anytime you're sending your music and art around, I would add more information in the description. I would love to know more about the song and check out any social profiles you have. I appreciate knowing you're from Cincinnati. It's cool that you're 16, but it kind of framed my expectation on what to think. You may want to consider not putting your age directly on your submission unless you want people to have that frame of reference when listening to your music. I think good music is timeless, and you're well on your way to leaving a mark. 

Ari Herstand

Very cool production. Love when the beat drops in. 

It didn't really seem to go anywhere. Would have liked a couple more sections. Definitely needs a hook. Maybe this could be achieved with a singer. Have you collaborated with singers before? 

Clear you have a good handle on production, but challenge yourself more! Don't settle. Keep pushing to make it better and more intricate. Would like some more 'headphone candy.' 

Gave you a like on SoundCloud as well. 

Andrea Young

Creative and good.  Doesn’t knock my socks off , and, I like it.  Not sure where you are in developing your career – instrumental compositions like this can work in movies and TV, and one way to start getting exposure in that area is to score a friend’s documentary or school project, you might try that. Keep on! Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music. 

Eric mcLellan

solid beat.   numbers are growing on soundcloud.   Outside promotion and blog features or co-signs with artists can help.  

Brian Hazard

Wow! Great stuff. I'm impressed! Love the detuned bass/kick stuff. The snare is especially tight. It's a cool blend of styles, with some of the keyboard lines almost sounding Eastern.

Mix-wise, sometimes elements jump out a bit too far in front. For example, the hi-hats at 0:50 combined with the splashy digital "crash" are quite piercing to my ears! I'd look at those with a frequency analyzer to make sure you're not spamming 20 KHz and above. Actually, since you're only 16, you might still be able to hear it! :)

I feel like you've got a lot of room to develop and expand this track, but I still like it a lot as is, and would be glad to share it with my followers on Twitter. Thanks for sharing it with me!

Valida Carroll

Whoa...Nice going! 16? Very nice....
Still I'm going to treat this as if you were 25...K? 
Are you planning on adding vox to this? For this diddy to make sense, it needs vox or some arrangement love.
Overall it has some good moments, but too slow of a build...It needs to kick in a lot sooner..I'd start from 0:20....Maybe just have a couple seconds of the intro sound and go right into 0:20...
I'd put some reverb filter on that chord synth thingy that comes in on 0:10...or do a quick bounce pan to add more space.
Turn down the bass in the kick's distorting.
The section that works is 1:00-1:20. You NAILED it here...Nothing to add or subtract (except cut a little bass from the kick drum or whatever bass sound you have on top of it...both need to come down a notch, and maybe also come down a bit on the closed high hat ride...).
I'd rearrange this song so that the 1:00-1:20 section (or at least that beat structure) is featured more prominently
Not really feeling the straight kick at 0:40 (it also repeats later)...don't think it adds to the song...
I think that you are placing too many sound phrases to start on the 1 and it is beginning to sound a bit monotonous and predictable...Play with timing...Start some stuff on the upbeat...
That 1/4 note that starts on the 1:22....I'm not really feeling that...It sounds too straight...I'd prefer another atmospheric arpeggiated sound...Something in the mid or lower range...I think this tune would benefit by an addition of some more bassy and mid sounds...You have a lot of the high end covered...but it needs some body....Some mids and/or maybe a really cool bass sound that reverberates...
I prefer the more syncopated hip-hop break beat for this song...
Check out SBTRKT...He is really great at creating really interesting minimal hip-hop structures...
But great stuff for now!

Vizion submitted media.

No Matter What by Vizion

Mike Olinger

Cool and innovative track mate. Nice choice of sounds but would love to hear more integration of a 'song' in the classic sense. 

Arielle J.

I really like the balance with the piano at the beginning and the end. Really makes it feel like a full story with an open and a close. I also dig the haunting, dark vibe of the song. For some reason the muffled voice really throws me off. It sounds like poor audio quality when I imagine it's actually intentionally muffled. My ear just wants to clear the voice more clearly, figure out what he's saying. The beat is great and catchy, though I wish it kicked in earlier as I was wondering where the song was going. I listened to it a few times and each time I picked up on new things, like that little cash register "ding!" that happens occasionally. I love when songs have those nuances in them, so great job. Definitely lots of potential here with a bit more work.

Jump Into Limbo

This is pretty cool! I really enjoyed this refreshing, experimental sound - and the many unexpected transitions within that kept the story arc going. I'm going to feature this on my blog Jump Into Limbo! 

Lewis Lister

Really like this track, particularly the way the screwed-down vocals, bass and heavy piano chords offset the piano and synth melodies.  The whole track is gentle and brooding, but still packs a real punch thanks to the way it builds to around the 45 second mark, and then drops into some really weighty percussion [which, if we're being really critical, does sound slightly tinny].  This is a superb track though, and it slots neatly in that gap between Instrumental Hip Hop and the rest of Electronic Dance Music that we absolutely love - we'll definitely be sharing this!