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Havilah Tower

Havilah Tower
Havilah Tower performs all original "ClassAcoustic" music, acoustic singer/songwriter songs that come alive with a cello and djembe drums. This performing trio from Austin, Texas found each other through a series of fateful encounters including Ebay, an Engineer and a shared passion for discussing life’s synchronicities. Since 2005, they have been writing and performing beautiful music together, healing hearts and sharing enlightening discussions.
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Austin, Texas

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Waiting to Matter by Havilah Tower

Kami Knake

There's potential here. Like her voice and the song isn't bad but it's hard to tell b/c the sound quality of this live recording is awful. I'd like to hear some non-acoustic music and studio tracks. This recording doesn't motivate me one way or the other.

Robal Johnson

Unfortunately, I can not really offer comprehensive feedback due to the low quality recording and distracting videography. When you make a video like this, please use a tri-pod so the camera stays still. 

It sounds like you have a lovely voice with quite a range, from whispery to powerful. I would like to hear this song again after a professional recording and mastering. If you have any songs that you have recorded in a studio, please send them my way. 

Brownie Marie

Emotive voice that engages the listener. Also liked the lyrics. Good job on the guitar and great voice! Interested in hearing a studio recording of this song and seeing her creativity displayed in a professional music video. Also interested in how this song would sound at a slower tempo. 

D Grant Smith

Overall good composition and arrangement. Instrumentation could use a little more polish as some notes weren't played as crisp. All in all a good song that needs a professional recording.