Jesse Elliot

Jesse Elliot

Jesse Elliot

Working within the American and British songwriting traditions, Jesse Elliot creates a unique blend of folk, rock, and blues in his music. Nuanced at times and more distinct at others, influences, including Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Lou Reed, Tom Waits, Randy Newman, Harry Nilsson, Leonard Cohen, Rivers Cuomo, and John Cale, can be heard in his work. With the release of his debut album, "I Gave You My All," in June of 2015--featuring lead guitarist Jim McGee, bassist Ed Pratico, rhythm guitarist Brian Spitz, pianist Luke Elliot, and drummer Frank Lettieri--Jesse will share 10 original songs with his supporters and fans.

"There's nothing better than writing songs that impact others.  It's great when something I sing, or play, rings true for someone else.  Even if I play or sing something that rings untrue for someone, I'm bound for an interesting conversation.  Songwriting is really about truth and wisdom for me." - Jesse Elliot
Princeton Junction, NJ

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07 Really Good To Be Alone by Jesse Elliot

Liane Chan

I really like the melody and overall catchiness of this song. It sounds like a fun pub rock sound that would be great with a crowd singing along.

Jen Dan

Hey Jesse!  What a refreshing blast of a song during the winter blues I'm experiencing at the moment!  The bright guitar lines and especially your strong, emotive vocals carried me nicely through the tune.  

I like the cycling guitar motif; it's catchy and ruggedly rock-oriented.  I'm really enjoying your vocal delivery - it's raw, sharp, and not tempered emotionally (i.e., not subdued).  You put it all out there, but you also exclaim clearly, which is a great thing!  Too many lead singers bury their vocals in the mix and it's hard to hear the lyrics that well, but you don't have that problem at all.  Interesting lyrics; I like the lines "I took to the sky... / I never really had a choice.", as well as the song title refrain. 

I like how all the instruments fit into the steady rhythmic stomp, including tambourine hits and that piercing guitar line ring that appears mid-song.  The only thing I'd want a bit more of is more dynamism to the tempo of the song and a less continuously steady pace.  But other than that, and it's a minor suggestion, I enjoyed your tune very much!

David Clarke

Your sound makes me think of The White Stripes and the The Vines (circa 2001/Highly Evolved). Its sounds like the type of music I'd except to here at some grungy dive bar, and I think that is the niche you'll want to market yourself in. Maybe you can see about booking some gigs at Rockwood Music Hall (not grungy or divey, but eclectic) in NYC. If they pick you up from one of their showcases, I hear they'll help groom you into an act that their marketing and PR team will promote. You'll start on a stage where the audience listens for free, but they'll build you into an act where an audience pays to hear you. Just a thought.

Personally, I'd like to hear more levels in the song. I think it currently sounds like loud and louder, yet the lyrics hint at a vulnerability that the vocals do not capture. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for sharing the some with me.