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Mr Fogg is the grandson of an opera singer and the great-grandson of two 19th Century music hall performers. His first two albums Moving Parts (2010) and Eleven (2012), both co-produced by Valgeir Sigurdsson (Bjork, Feist, Damon Albarn), saw him spring a full marching band on the audiences of Reading and Leeds festivals, collaborate with the controversial film director Tony Kaye (American History X), takeover Trafalgar Square for a one-shot music video and perform forty times in three days in his pop-up Fogg Shop. His third album Youth will be released in Spring 2015, accompanied by a five-day installation at Brighton Festival. In the intervening period he has found the time to consult on Thom Yorke’s BitTorrent experiment, record a duet with the singing comet 67P and dust off a previously unheard collaboration with Under The Skin composer Micachu.

"Brilliant" – NME
"Stunning" – Dazed & Confused
"Love It" – Vice
"Wonderful" – Zane Lowe, BBC Radio 1

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Time To Ascend by Mr Fogg

Wynona Grant

Really promising track. Subtle and sparse instrumentals, which the delicate vocals work really layered over.

The track builds really well, going from a gentle scene of rhythm with smooth pitched vocals on top, to a more live anthem feeling track. This could work really well at festivals, it has a very raw and live vibe about it.

The video works very well with the track as well, essentially mirroring the build in atmosphere and then dropping back down to calm and tranquility towards the very end as we go back into gently expressed vocals with very little behind it.

Tom Johnson

Really nice track, love the vocal and the brass that comes in towards the end. Just a lovely, lovely composition. Would definitely be interested in hearing more from the album - will drop an email to the address below. Thanks for reaching out and best of luck with the release. 

Tonspion Music Magazine

Thanks for sending this beautiful video. Will post it in our magazine. feel free to send us the album for a review. I recommend you post a free download of a track so we can link to that page and you collect more fan contacts. 

Going Solo

This is probably the best song I've heard on Fluence so far. There's a lot going on here. I love the cinematic build up of the track, it gives a sort of positive tension to the whole work. Absolutely great vocals, very well arranged and I can feel various influences along the track (Efterklang, Sigur Ros/Jonsi..). Also the concept behind the visual is moving and fits perfectly with the soundscape.
Do you have a PR? It's so surprising to see that only 2 blogs on HypeM have posted about this song in the last months. Anyway look for a post on Going Solo in the next days. Cheers!

Kimberley-Marie Sklinar

First off, love the artwork. The stop-motion style mixing with watercolours is really unusual and its a bit heartstring-tuggy. As for the track, the intro is really beautiful, and that vocal is really powerful. It's sporadic and gentle yet really moreish, there's a lot of yearning in there. This is such a valiant effort with a lot of detail/layers but still oh-so-simple. There isn't a 'love love love' button and I'm really sad about that. My only critique is that I can't understand the lyrics and really want to know what this song is about. I've received PR about Mr Fogg in the past but would love to know what you're working on next because we cannot get the word out about this soon enough. Absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for sending this our way.

Alexander Tudor

While this is quite sweet chamber pop that should appeal to fans of The Antlers, and recalls Architecture in Helsinki, Oh Bijou, and Satellites among others, it doesn't quite have the spark or urgency of, say, Arcade Fire. As an album track it would be perfectly pleasant with no reason to skip it, but if this was the first single from an album I'd have to hear more development in the melody (as well as intelligible lyrics to hook my attention) to want to hear more.

Hugh McIntyre

This is really pretty. Good job!

SD Hox

This is the first that I've heard of Mr Fogg and I was pleasantly surprised. The video alone is worth your time and  the beautiful imagery brings to mind the benchmark film work of Miyazaki and other great mangaka. Kudos for such fine renderings.  The music and vocals are the perfect accompaniment to the visuals. I love the way that the songs gains momentum and then begins to soar (along with the girl) with the added background horns. Great stuff and I look forward to discovering more from Mr Fogg. Thanks for sharing. 

Michael Senchuk

I found the high-pitched vocals a bit too much for me, but otherwise the song soared and sailed in a joyous arc of sound. Triumphant but subtle drum work. Definitely some great potential, and loved the backstory. I mean, grandson of an opera singer. That's pretty cool, definitely would've mentioned that in the blog post I would've done.

Kier Lehman

Great visual! Beautiful production and vocals. Nice lyrical concept although I do wish I could understand what the words are a bit more but I understand the creative choice on the delivery. Sometimes when placing a song in a project it helps to have clear vocals so it can help drive the story, but not always necessary. Very cool stuff and I would be interested to hear more. 

Stephen White

Big sound, well crafted production. Sweeps and moves like a Sigur Ros track, and blends the post-rock and alternative-pop elements well. Relevant and nicely set. 

Larry Lootsteen

Loved the intro!  Great vocal.  Excellent job of imbuing feeling into the song.  The military drumming added a sense of work needing to be done.  The build up was beautiful and felt inspiring.  Pretty stunning work.  Definitely something I would love to hear again and an artist I would love to hear more from!

Kami Knake

It's not my personal style but I think its very well done I do like it. I think fans of Sigur Ros would love this song.

Valida Carroll

Gosh...So much to love about this...
The music....the falsetto...the video...the message.

I can't like this enough.

Thank you!

Lauren Gribble

Hello! I really enjoyed the track! I loved the flow of the song and the visuals, they certainly went along with the lyrics well. 

Liz Cousins

I love the way it builds, intense without being overbearing. Current yet timeless. Great job, Mr Fogg!

Mike Mineo

"Time to Ascend" is an immediately striking track; the operatic vocals, cinematic percussion, and trickling key melody make for a very memorable first impression. A soaring bird is a visually apt choice for the initial build-up, as well. The loose, somewhat jazzy percussion in the next section combines well with the trickling keys and brass-like sounds around the two-minute mark, where Mr Fogg's vocals show a wonderfully exuberant quality -- especially when aided by the accompaniment of the blaring horn around 02:30. I'm reminded of the twinkling chamber-pop of Field Music, as well as the soaring nature-minded expansion of Animal Collective.  This is a nicely colorful music video and a very well-polished and stimulating track. Great work! Look for a post on Obscure Sound in the near future. -Mike

Leks Maltby

An instantly engaging intro, very dreamy synth pop that slowly burns into something far more sinister as the first verse progresses. The vocals are definitely on the high end, hinging on little more than a lonesome falsetto. The increased prominence of the snare drums in the second verse is a very subtle yet effective change in dynamics within the song, as are the introduction of additional back-up harmony vocals. The horns in the song's third quarter elevate the song to an entirely different level, but ultimately the song ends almost as simply as it began, with little more than some keys and a vocal track. Excellently constructed and subsequently deconstructed.

Sneaky Good Music

Uplifting, spiritual, and HUGE sounding. Utilizing theatrical drums and beautiful lyrics this track is a work of golden art. If you like artists such as M83, Explosions in the Sky, or Arcade Fire then you will absolutely die for this. Mr. Fogg uses a light acoustic guitar and a snare drum to piece this together to become the masterpiece it is. Beautiful music video that matches the feel of the track with absolute precision. There is no doubt in my mind that you need to look out for this guy in the future. Now the question is, where can I get my hands on this?!

Clayton Warwick

Really dig everything about this. Can you please email me more info at

Haydon Spenceley

This works beautifully. The sounds are wonderfully balanced. You've really utilised the potential of your voice as an instrument. I was hooked immediately and it didn't let go, really fantastic. Would love to write about the album. Contact me through if you'd like me to.
I heard bits of Jonsi in this, but as an introduction to your work I thought this was fantastic. There's a melodic power to this, a directness which is lacking in a lot of songs of this style. Really nice work. Do you have PR/Representation? I think Claire Lim at A Badge of Fellowship would be a really good person to get in touch with.

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