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Huia Hamon

A place to belong is feels like an abstract musical space, with resonate vibes and with the vocals that keep you balanced in that space! I really appreciate the amount of work that has gone into the production and the thought behind the placement of sounds. Clast has a fusion of electronic and warm reverb effects that give the song a echoing quality. I really like the unpredictable changes and the way the vocals and lyrics are the constants for the listeners. Nice work and thank you for sharing!

For Promotion, I recommend searching for an artist or band similar to you and mapping where their audience is and who is blogging about their music... that would be a good place to start and send your music for consideration :)

Dr Jerry Brown

The first emotion from the song,  it was not a clear sound, that gave me a first impression that I might want to continue listening, but after 10 seconds, I felt like for sure this is a great song for a movie licensing deal, it's not something that I would ride in my car and listen to, but, hearing it in a music video would be awesome, no comment on the quality or production, no promises but i'm doing a major project with the Pride and The Journey book Project, highlighting the power of educating the world on race esteem! reach out to me later  

morland gryder submitted media.

Christian Lane

Spacious, tasty. I love the drums, the chord progressions and the pursuit of texture. This shimmers. Great.

morland gryder submitted media.

Don't Break Down by Clast

Ben Until

Nice track.
A bit monotonous, probably because of the mix where I feel that there is not enough difference between the verses and the choruses.

Mee 丰

Sweet rolling track, nice message... and some great classic synth sounds. Wishing you the best of luck with this, it feels very current in a retro way - 

morland gryder submitted media.

Revelation Bell by clast

simon illa

First off, cool song.  I like vibes like this.  I cannot comment on lyrics as they are your personal expression and I dont think they need to be evaluated.

Sonically.  Cool elements coming in and out.   I would have liked to hear a better mix with more dynamics.  Some more depth between low and high points dynamically to add some drama and movement to it overall.   A better Mix could enhance and help create these dynamics.

Promoting.  Id suggest finding a great photographer (professional) on instagram with a decent following and see if they would be interested in creating a slideahow of their work using your music as soundtrack.   Doesnt have to be a photographer but someone with visuals that fit your music and a following that is greater than your current reach.  

Hope this helps

Tyler Martin

- very interesting sound
- could be great for a movie plug 
- really enjoy album artwork
- great song
- would sound really cool live, would love to see that
- striking synth coming in second verse is cool 
- need to find opening spot for a band with similar sound. this will help grow fan base. 
- has the whole thing been reggae, or does it only click in, in the "bridge" area
- overall wicked song. Would love to see some visuals, like a music video for a song like this possibly. 
- would love to hear more 
- try and get songs posted by local blogs

morland gryder submitted media.

Tyler Martin

- good song
- cool video
- when the lyrics kicked in it really grabbed my attention
- continue to release music via Youtube and SoundCloud
- makes me want to hear more tunes

morland gryder submitted media.

Locus of Control by Clast

Mike Mineo

Good to hear from you again - I really enjoyed "Know You Know Me" a year ago, and this one captures a similarly effective hybrid of effervescent synth-pop and unsettling infectious industrial electronica. The strained vocals, whirring synth arpeggio, and glistening keys help craft a very stellar build-up throughout the first 0:15, until a melodic transition in the arp signals the next section. The subsequent introduction of percussion makes the initial hypnotic melody even more full-bodied. The Thom Yorke-esque ghostly interlude around 02:15 followed by brass-like whimpers is my favorite section -- very atmospheric and powerful. Another great one from Clast - really digging this. I'll be posting it on Obscure Sound in the near future. Also reach out to me at for details/rates regarding my PR servicing; I'd love to help out with this track/release.

Black CaesarX

YEAH Yeah yeaaahhhh that's what I'm talking about baby. This is hot avantgarde out of the box music a work of fresh air on this stale music scene. Very well put together and think it would definitely be a big draw with the alternative music crowd.

Let's talk here in private messages I've got a brand new concept I've used before with artists that goes across twitter, facebook websites and allows the listener to purchase, so would give you another promoted avenue, that we bot could earn revenue and exposure from. My social media out lets know me as an influencer, but I am now switching to a more alternative style than commercial style, where creativity creates economy returns. 

Great job on the music again.



morland gryder submitted media.

Feel Free by Clast

Kevin Hugger

That’s a band name from the 90’s if ever I heard one and much of the electro dalliances produced by Clast wouldn’t have sounded out of place in that decade. In truth they recall scenes from back even further with a distinct Ultravox/Human League feel to their grainy output. The music has a hint of industrial and the vocals are pleasantly distorted but for all the zig-zag dynamics there is a real song at ‘Feel Free’s core. How potential audiences will respond to such strange eeriness is anyone’s guess but it could have producers of crime dramas opening their cheque-books with rampant eagerness. I like this and I’ve only heard it once, god knows how much my heart will be pounding by the third go.   

Alan Poyer

Thanks for sending my way! This is an incredibly strong showing. I remember really enjoying 'Trade Hours' and 'Know you Know Me' from your release last year. While "Trade Hours' had a distinct leaning towards everything I love about Cursive, this track showcases a well-polished form playing to your strengths. 

I just attended an Animal Collective performance last week in Oakland, and I can't help but notice similarities. Harmonized vocals forward in the mix,  mild distortion on the guitar, centered drums, and of course - those delicious synth lines. :)

Checking out the release now on BC. 

If your goal is promotion, I'd highly recommend including a few key components in your pitches and press releases:

- 2-3 sentences giving a brief background of Clast and what type of help you're looking for (e.g. track review, interview, playlist inclusion, etc.)
- Links to your social accounts
- Download links for press
- Link to media kit with Clast's photography and track/album cover
- A quote or two from other publications on Clast or the track - ideally giving comparisons to a couple other artists to give the reader a framework for expectations (e.g. "Perfect for fans of Animal Collective and Cursive.")

I'll share this out now and will do my best to get a post out soon once I've had a chance to hear the whole album. Hope this helps and congrats on the release! 

Music You Need

"Feel Free" by Clast opens softly with synths and white noise which slowly transforms into beautiful vocal samples and a soundscape that brings you to outer space. At 45 seconds in, we get a vocal verse that is haunting and powerful, with heavy bass layered underneath. At 1:10, the beat comes in, and we hear this track for what it is: a wonderfully composed and soulfully recorded downtempo tune that is already timeless at first listen. Really like this one!

SD Hox

Interesting track. Starts off with a gritty electronic feel but then the vocals balance it out as the drumbeat kicks in. The song reminds me of some 70s arena rock anthems updated with an electronica groove.  I appreciate the share and will definitely forward to my followers. Thanks!

Going Solo

I really like the track, it sounds like a weird and lo-fi version of Other Lives, but with a hint of Animal Collective into it (maybe due to the vocals). The construction is its strength, the way in which the song starts - slow, stretched - and then how it evolves increasing the pace with the addition of more instrumentales before fading out perfectly. You should work more on promoting yourselves.. I mean, there's not even a description of you here. I had to check out your Facebook page to discover that this is the title track of a record you recently put out. So work on this aspect and try to reach - even independently - the right publications that fit with your sound and can help to spread the word.

Thanks for sending this through. I wish the best for your career.

morland gryder submitted media.

Leks Maltby

On "Golden Grove" by indie rockers Clast, the band lay down some seriously lo-fi jams drenched in feedback and  honesty. While the instrumental arrangement is at first blush fairly simple, there are new layers of instrumentation that are revealed as the song progresses. Xylophone, fuzz guitar, bass, and drums are just a few of the instruments to grace this fine song, a combination that on paper shouldn't work, but somehow ends up flowing effortlessly. Vocally, Clast occupy a register that recalls bands like Muse and maybe even Radiohead, which ultimately fits perfectly with the aforementioned xylophone melody. Ultimately, this makes for a perfect marriage between the vocal and instrumental performances.  

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Liane Chan

This song has a nice uplifting quality to it, slightly folky vocals and pleasant sounding arrangement. The video has a carefree feeling and matches the song well. It is a peaceful and relaxing sound.

Indie Band Guru

Mesmerizing song.  A lot of interesting noises creating a full sonic tapestry.  The video matches well to create some emotions to pair with the song.

(Pesci) Jeff Gray

This is good. A lot done with two chords.  I keep waiting for a bigger chorus or bridge so maybe something is missing but the tension also works. Cute story video as well.  Overall very good but I'd like to hear more songs before giving an overall opinion.  I have shared this with the team.  

morland gryder submitted media.

Tyler Martin

Very interesting. I like your sound. 
- production is very well, continue collecting new plug ins and sounds.
- very trance like
- enjoyable
- sounds great when the lyrics come in louder

morland gryder submitted media.

Alan Poyer

Thanks for sending this my way! As a longtime cursive / the good life fan I have nothing but appreciation for the grungy, earthy, surreal. texture you've painted here. I remember hearing "know you know me" awhile back, and this has a completely different feel; focusing more on the instrumentation and dropping out the synths. I do miss the double-tracking on the vocals from that one : )

The combination of distortion on the guitar, wavering in the vocals, and crafted scratchiness on the call-and-response upbeats in the violin blend together beautifully; attracting the heart in delightfully rending fashion. A most perfectly imperfect dance with despair.

I'd love to do a spotlight on you guys, and feel free to write me back here on Fluence if that's something you'd be interested in. Just bought the record on Bandcamp, and glad to help share it out.

A quick promotional note on the description, I'd definitely recommend including links to your social profiles as well as the Bandcamp album ( Also, leading with a message telling people what you're looking for goes a long way in giving direction. For example, starting with **Looking for coverage collaboration and promotional advice**. Or **Looking for detailed production feedback and direction**. Something along those lines...hope this helps!

Christopher Euton

Ah, I'm gigging the laid back vibe..& the intro bassline immediately grabbed my attention. All the extra percussion is a nice touch too, adds cool depth & texture to the mix. The vocal melody is strong. Reminds me a bit Wayne Coyne (The Flaming Lips) with maybe a hint of Jim Adkins (Jimmy Eat World). 
I think the mix works well for this genre, and the musicianship is definitely up to par.  However, I feel like I'm still waiting for the hook nearly 1/2 way through the song. I think a bigger, melodic hook for the chorus would take this composition further, and give a nice contrast to the verses. 
Overall, really cool track with lots of potential. Thanks for sharing with me. - Chris

morland gryder submitted media.

know you know me by Clast

Black CaesarX

Hey not much to say here. I'm impressed by the innovative qualities of both the song and the video. So much so you can see it here, on our CPirateNetwork and promote it out to your fans if we can tag you in twitter in the next dialogue: ▶

This is what we do on Fluence and would be happy to work with you and have you as an Fluence client. ^BCX

Mike Mineo

Love this immediately. The clashing of darkly industrial instrumentation and ghostly synths, along with the hauntingly reverbed vocals, is right up my alley. The repeating vocal melody being eventually accompanied by trickling synth arpeggios and subtle electronic additions make "Know You Know Me" a fantastically hypnotic melodic crawl. I'm loving a bunch of production choices, from the whooshing percussion that emerges around 02:10 to the barren post-punk reverberations around 03:30. I'm really enjoying this, and will post it on my site very shortly. Look out for a post on Obscure Sound in the near future, and reach out to me at if interested in details regarding my PR servicing (rates, success stories). Thanks for the submission! -Mike

Aleksi Leal-John

Like it, love the video - very Russian. Reminded me of the Gotan Project (were they sampled?).

Perhaps needed a spicier ending, but apart from that a pretty good song. 

Kevin Hugger

What an odd yet compelling video, something that is replicated in the slow electro stomp of ‘Know You Know Me’. With echoes of obscure German synth heroes the song hinges on the clean Leee John (of Imagination) sounding vocals. The allure is certainly in the detached sense of self the song portrays and while this doesn’t mean it is devoid of melody it just means its beating heart is more artificial than human. Should appeal to fans of the ‘Drive’ soundtrack and as such is particularly suited to late night treks through the urban wasteland.