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Azida Nina

Azida Nina

#dubstep #darkstep #darkwave
london, uk

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Eric Chen

cool beats ... found my self boppin' to this 

Disco Naïveté

Good submission - to me it's trap in the core but you flip it in an interesting way. I have to admit that where I really loved the gunshot-clicks early on, they become a bit too repetitive for the rest of the track and lose their effect somewhat. It also feels like it's more of an experiment than a song, you'll need some more texture in the track to have it feel like a proper track (like for example there's vocals near the end of the track but nowhere earlier on, which is a bit weird perhaps). I also checked out FINANCE MANAGER 92 on your Soundcloud, which I feel is better at this last point but goes on too long). Try and make the entire thing sound more crisp, more clean as well. I think you should definitely check out this producer duo from London that do a similar kind of thing and which you might like: BALISTIQ. Also check out female artists LOLO and Chloe Black (like for example her track 27 Club) who have somewhat similar production - try and work with vocals (or vocalists) to reach that same effect.

Cougar Microbes

Had to return to this track with headphones because my laptop speakers just weren't doing it justice. 

I'm loving the atmosphere the track puts across with the subtle intrumental elements conveying a dark undercurrent. The constant beat is highly addictive and I'm impressed with the sounds selected throughout with the reverby beat proving to be a particularly strong. 

Perhaps my highlight is when the sparse vocals come in in the last 1/3 of the track so a possible suggestion would be to release a version with vocals throughout (but that is just nitpicking)

I would like to blog about this in the upcoming weeks. 

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