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The Industrial Pop Musical and Video Art of Precious
Precious Child is the multi-genre project of the musical artist Precious.  Precious' music centers on the strife, struggle, and poignant beauty in life.  Out of Los Angeles, CA, Precious Child was founded in Baltimore MD in 2013.  Precious is currently in the studio recording an LP due for release in 2017.  Precious is currently in the studio with Ulrich Wild, working on an LP album with members of Filter and Puscifer, due for release later in 2017.

TRAPPED is the 3rd studio album of Precious Child.  Recorded in Los Angeles, TRAPPED is an EP featuring reinterpretations of tracks from Bloody Knees and ESCAPE as well as original tracks.  Precious explains: "Many of my songs have a common ancestor; when I write, the song I am writing often inspires another, and another, and another. Old ideas inspire new songs and new songs make songs out of old ideas.  TRAPPED references these ouroboroses of creativity.  I have been in the studio for many months working on an LP and this EP happened amidst the recording for the LP.  See what I'm getting at?  Hard to tell where the head and the tail begins.  I have a desperate need for a reason to exist and creating and sharing art gives me that reason."  Paste Magazine premiered the video for "My Little Problem (Violet Door)", a collaboration with digital artist and Director Cade.  Antihero Magazine premiered the video for "Phantom", an experiential audio-visual artist's statement for TRAPPED.

ESCAPE, Precious Child's second album is a soundtrack that was composed for the Neil Gaiman biopic "Dream Dangerously".  To accompany the release of ESCAPE, Precious collaborated with Alabama artist Yonderpuss to create videos for the songs "Magic is Real" and "To Need".   Magic is Real explores the small moments of imagination and wonder omnipresent in life.  To Need features footage that has been digitally manipulated by Precious and includes Yonderpuss modifying her body with her teeth.

Precious Child's debut 2015 metal album "Bloody Knees" was produced in Los Angeles, CA by Ulrich Wild, the multiplatinum producer known for his work with White Zombie, Deftones, Dethklok, and more.  The music video for the song "I Fall" featured Nina Burns, a beloved contestant from America's Next Top Model.
Baltimore, MD

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Always Leave by Precious Child

Leks Maltby

Rough-around the edges indie-rock right out of the gates. Heavily steeped in first generation punk influence, this song is paradoxically both nostalgic and a breath of fresh air. The lead guitar work is meandering yet impassioned, the kind of earnest playing you would expect from a performer playing as if their next meal depended on it. Employing the use of lots of hooks and repeating parts, this song buries itself deeply inside the listener's sub-conscious for a permanent hibernation.

Precious Child submitted media.

I Fall by Precious Child

Bob Lugowe

As with the last song that I reviewed from this EP, I'm not really into the music but the video is excellent.  The production quality, art direction, pacing and cinematography are all top-notch and it's a beautifully, depressing piece.  The story behind the video that you included is quite interesting too so if you haven't already, I would reach out to various rock and indie blogs about the video and sending them a link along with a brief synopsis of the story.  You could also spend a bit of $ promoting the video on Facebook to fans of similar music as a strong visual component such as this is more likely to get people to watch than a song alone.  

Leigh Langston

Great imagery and story telling. Would loved to have also seen footage of the band included in the video. Not really my type of music but very good!

Black CaesarX

BCX Rating: ∩╮∩╮∩╮(︶︿︶)╭∩╭∩╭∩ 6THUMBS UP

Loved the dissonant notes in this. Overall very well put together in mood of visuals and music in the dark somber setting.

Only 2 small pieces I felt out of place the what looks like coffee machine either out of place or not shot, framed well and the drawing on the medicine bottle could have had somewhat better graphics to work. It did work well on the utility blade. However all said and done I'm going to launch this to my Worldwide Network CPirateNetwork So tell all your fans and get #social ▶ 

Shamal Ranasinghe

Typically, this is not my music at all. But I like where you took me with this video and song. It wasn't a comforting, happy place by any means, but tension, darkness, anger, and helplessness are all apart of life. This song spoke to me on those level. I may need to reflect on what I've just gone through. The video does a good job of speaking to life's realities. It's quite grim and bizarre in parts, and the ending is intense and mysterious. This worked for me because you left me with an impression, and I want to help this get seen and heard more.  I'll refer you to Raz, Max, and Travis. 

Precious Child submitted media.

The Past by Precious Child

Leks Maltby

Instantly recalls '90s grunge, with a hint of hard-rock heaviness thrown in the mix for good measure. The bass line is menacing, the guitar work scathing. Vocally, the lyrics are steeped in condemnation. The guitar riffs are easily the most inventive element at play here, relying heavily on simple yet deceptively clever riffs that repeat throughout the song. The hushed lead vocal in the bridge is pure genius, as is the impassioned metal growl that immediately follows. By the song's end, it's almost as if the tug-of-war between grunge and hard rock influences has reached it's logical conclusion, and the end result is something far closer to straight-up heavy metal than anything in the first half of the song hints at.

Precious Child submitted media.

My Little Problem by Precious Child

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