Melissa B.

Melissa B.

Melissa B.

International Singer | Songwriter | Activist | Girl Geek | UMGD | Bungalo Records
Melissa B is an Electric Pop music artist who is driven by technology putting her in a lane of her own. Melissa sets herself apart by not only having the vocal chops of a great music artist but has also intertwined technology in her everyday use as an artist. She is capable of not only expressing her passion for the computer science world, but can vocally break down the barriers between music and technology.
music industry, technology, social media
music, technology
New York, NEW YORK

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Breathe (Lyric Video) by Melissa B.


It is a nice song with a very simple dance melody.  I would really excited to hear some remixes of this song. I think it has a lot of potential. 

Gav Duffy

Good track, not sometime I usually work with but cool breakdown

Mike Hoy

Great vocal tone, incredibly soft sound, complimented very well by some crunching electronics. 

Good low end, and intricate percussion. Great mix quality.  

Would love to have you on our platform (BoomboxFM), Melissa. Our electro-pop listeners would LOVE you.