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DeQuan Henderson

DeQuan Henderson

Trying to keep it professional, but she eyeing me crazy. #R.O.Ya.L
DeQuan Henderson, better know to his fellow Region Music members and his vast & diverse fan base as D9, was born and raised in the infamous borrow of Brooklyn, and Yonkers, NY. He grew up as much of the youth does today, listening, loving and intrigued by the Hip Hop culture. At an early age, while sitting on the front steps of his apartment building, he began to really listen to the boys from the block,(Dyshawn Varner, Lenny Moore, Randy Moore) spiting rhymes and freestyle lyrics, it was then that he fell in love with what would soon become his true calling in life, MUSIC. So Dyshawn decided to write for him and give him a shot for their group Unknown Shadows, rapping at various talent shows. He won over twenty talent shows, locally and nationally By the age of 10 he was completely mesmerized by the draw and pull of hip hop. Soon there after his mother noticing the raw and untouched talent in which her son possessed, made contact with Michael Bivins of Bel Biv Devoe and New Edition, she sent him a unpolished/unmastered copy of Quan’s early recordings, Mike instinctively knowing he had just came across a diamond in the rough, quickly signed Quan to the group Magnificent 7, under his personal label Biv 10 that was managed by Motown.
While signed under Mike’s label Biv10, Quan toured throughout the United States, opening for acts, West Side Connection, Brian McKnight, Eminen, Nas and countless others and was given the honor of performing before the late Coretta Scott King and Shaquille O’Neal, all the while performing on nationally syndicated shows such as, Soul Train, The Howie Mandel show, The Jenny Jones Show and The NBA All Star game of 1999. During this time Quan was introduced by Delton “Millz” Washington to Shirley Faison (Donald Faison’s mom) who ran Carson Adler Agency . Shortly after signing with the agency he landed a supporting role in a play sponsored by New York Stage and Film, entitled AM Sunday. He expanded on his acting career by performing in a play sponsored by the Manhattan Theatre Club, entitled “A Raisin in the Sun”. The play included well-regarded actors, including the late Gloria Foster (The Matrix), Reuben Santiago-Hudson (Shaft), and Anjune Ellis (Undercover Brother, Disappearing Acts). He continued his acting path to include numerous commercials, plays, TV shows including Third Watch, and Law And Order. Some of the biggest movie deals include a principal role as Marcus, in Disappearing Acts, in which he plays the son of Wesley Snipes, and he also has the lead role in a Showtime movie entitled “Crown Heights”. In this movie DeQuan plays the character TJ, which also has Mario Van Peebles, and Howie Mandel in the cast. Quan took from his time with veterans intrical acting, musical and life skills and
techniques that he still utilizes in his career today. Quan then dove back right into his first passion of music, but this time wanting to explore and learn the production side. Teaming up with his good friend Tyler “Tig” Smith, he was introduced to Nate Greenberg and the trio soon formed the beat shattering production group The Region Music.
During the time that Quan was exploring and learning music production with his boys The Region Music, he made a life changing move, where he moved from Yonkers, NY and headed towards the Pennsylvania mountains, known as the Poconos. The vast change in scenery and atmosphere all the while working long distance with Tig and Nate, Quan started to create, produce and record to numerous types of music, no longer limiting himself to the Rap and Hiphop sounds that started his career. As time went by, and as Quan verbally grew as a lyricist, and expanding his knowledge of worldly sounds, he found himself feeling and flowing better to different genres of music.
For the last few years, The Region Music was working on and preparing for D9’s break through solo debut album “R.O.Ya.L” which is an acronym for “Ride Of Ya Life”. They have fused different sounds and challenged Quan to bring forth and display for all of his fans and foes alike, his best work to date and it truly takes everyone for one crazy mind blowing ride..
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Victoria Parkey

The vocals sound good though the lyrics are pretty cliche at time. The production sounds good and I really enjoyed the chorus - I would've liked to heard more of it so maybe next time if you post a snippet of the song, start it in the middle rather than with the intro. 

Brody Ramone

Totally digging this demo. It is fun and definitely catchy! I would love to hear the entire track once it's released!

Lucy Tallant

Hi D9! I really like this! One comment would be if you're only going to provide a snippet, don't waste the majourity of the time on the intro.. once the song kicked in the rappers flow was smooth (reminded me of Will Smith's flow) which is a refreshing change in 2015! Then the chorus comes through and was catchy. So what's your plan with the track? Think about how to get more ears on this because it's GOOD! Is there more of the same? Why only a snippet? I would forward on to some blogs but they would want the whole track... 


This is a great snippet of a song and I can't wait to hear the rest of it. 

Shamal Ranasinghe

Thanks for sending this to me. I listened twice and like the track. It's something I'd put in an upbeat disco playlist. The only thing is I didn't get a sense of beginning, middle, and end with this song. I didin't feel an art or story with it so it's difficult for me to get too emotionally invested in it, which is what you want in a song. I'd put more information in your submission including more about the artist and any links to profiles and websites etc. I'm going to refer you to some folks who may put you in their playlists. The challenge with your music is that is doesn't fit into a specific genre or category, which is a good thing.