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Christopher Grimes

Christopher Grimes

Weekend Love now available on iTunes! Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist/Producer. Make love, not war.
At first listen, the work of artist Christopher Blake exemplifies that of an accomplished performer. However, upon further examination, one soon discovers his considerable talents as a songwriter and producer. Hailing from Arlington Texas, Christopher has been writing and performing live since the age of 14. Originally taken by the raw energy and honesty of Nirvana and Green Day, he soon discovered the Beatles and Jimi Hendrix. However, Blake is equally influenced by current artists such as Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars, plus a variety of hip hop, indie pop, and jazz artists. All of these influences can be heard in Christopher’s current release, Weekend Love. Blake’s sound is most readily described as a combination of blues, pop, r&b, smooth jazz, and hip hop. However, there is more, something deeper, often more mysterious. One listen to “Cold Hearted Women” from Weekend Love instantly transports you to a rainy night’s drive on a long stretch of highway. “Falling in Your Arms” reveals his roots as a guitarist and acoustic musician. “Her Love” typifies the unique storyteller in Christopher; Deep lyrically, while maintain amazing accessibility. As one reviewer stated, Blake is “John Mayer with a twist of Adam Levine…Pure Gold.” In spite of his stylistic diversity and lyrical complexity, one common thread runs through Blake’s songs: His ever-present pop hook sensibility. In short, they take hold quickly, and stay with you the rest of the day. His songs seem to be written with the melody in mind, not just the meaning behind the words. Undoubtedly, all of his works bear the mark of Christopher Blake. Singer. Producer. Artist.

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Christopher Blake by Sunny Day (Feat. Yung Sarge)

Greg Gali

Thanks for your submission. I enjoyed the vocals and vocal styling on this track, where i thought it needed work was in the production of the music. I also thought that what was unique about it was that it was singing over a rap instrumental, so i thought the rap section actually took away from the song. Overall a solid submission, but i would love to hear your vocal on much bigger music production, maybe even an EDM style track. Anyway, just some suggestions on making your music great, because vocally i think the talent is there.. Feel free to keep me posted on any new tracks. I will sharer on one of my networks for feedback.

Best Musical success.
Greg Gali