Billy Preston

Billy Preston

Billy Preston

Guitarist, vocalist, songwriter for memoryfield. Aspenbeat recording artist. Music is Life!

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Alison by memoryfield (featuring Iris)

Jess Shanahan

Beautiful vocals and great video that's really representative of the era while having a touch of silliness to it.

Al Terry

Lovely sounding song, with fairly deep lyrics. Funny retro video, a bit weird. Love it.

Caroline Bottomley

A very enjoyable watch, I'd watch more from you. And a really nice cover too.
I'm not sure where you might get it promoted, other than doing your own promo to drive to drive views back to your YT channel. Maybe you would have success with non-music publications, like local news blogs? It strikes me you're aiming at a mainstream / not particularly music-y community, or maybe people that used to be into music. I don't know where covers bands get their promotion, but more general newsy sites feel like the right place. And your video is a very enjoyable watch, so that should help enormously in getting coverage. Good luck

Liane Chan

I kind of like this cover more than the original song, though I don't really care much for the original. The video is sort of kitschy and cheesy, though sort of fitting for the track. The brass instruments were a nice addition. I think the old 70's style costumes and decor were probably the most amusing thing about this video.   

Billy Preston submitted media.

Wolves (by IRIS and featuring memoryfield) by IRIS (featuring memoryfield)

Bree Noble

Love the groove of this song and the instrumental solo at the beginning. The vocal has a cool style, very rhythmic. We'd definitely like to play this song. Please PM us so we can give you instructions to send an mp3.

Wiley Koepp

Light, airy, and danceable, "Wolves" has a natural home on Top 40 radio, vying for a not-your-everyday-Top-40 spot much the same way Lorde or Gotye did.   Overall musical & production vibe is reminiscent of Shakira but Iris' vocal takes a decidedly non-Latin turn.

"Wolves" has most every necessary ingredient with regard to its radio-friendly nature: the chorus hits quick (~40 seconds), a sing-a-long melody, head-bobbing rhythm, and the pacing of the stops in the chorus followed by the hook "We Run Like Wolves" will stick in your head all day.

Alan Cross

Santana-ish but with a modern, contemporary twist. Not quick "Smooth" with Rob Thomas, but this could work at pop, some alt-rock radio (specialty shows, anyway) and could have a shot at AC. 

The song and performance is great, so that's not an issue. The trick will be to get people to pay attention. HOw will you convince radio programmers to give it a listen?. What's your marketing plan? Are you using a radio plugger? Have you got a social media strategy?

This song will also work better in some geographic areas than others: Florida, for example. New York City. Los Angeles. Puetro Rico. That might be where I start my efforts.

Bob Lugowe

I enjoyed this song and felt it had a distinct originality and exceptionally catchy hook. It's not my usual cup of tea but it is undeniably a good song. Since you're asking for help promoting the song, I would say you're on the right path by having well designed, easy to navigate websites for each artist. When it comes to promotion, it depends what your goals are as I see you've released a lot of singles but don't seem to have an album or EP available so maybe that should be your next focus. Then consider hiring a publicist or pitching songs to adult contemporary radio that way you have a particular piece to promote. I would suggest making a video for your main single and playing out at as many shows in the region that you can. Start by building a buzz in your market and work your way outwards.  Bandcamp is another site worth getting your music on too. Best of luck!