Jared Blair

Jared Blair

Jared Blair

Blynd Birds is a loud, lo-fi rock band from Austin, TX. Created by Jared Blair (guitar and vocals) and Sam Powell (keys), with Simon Hilsman on drums.
Blynd Birds is a rock and ruin band from Austin, TX. It was created by Jared Blair after years of playing guitar in loud indie-rock bands.  He was asked to list his ten favorite bands, and dammit if eight of them weren't from Texas.  But, they were all over the map; from Spoon to Old 97's to Charlie Sexton to The Toadies to Slobberbone. 

He found the best musicians he knew and formed Blynd Birds. They recorded an album with Grammy winner Stuart Sikes (The White Stripes, Modest Mouse, Cat Power, Black Joe Lewis, The Sword, etc.) 

The band is genre-bending, sharp-toothed, honest and strange. Their album is now available for download on iTunes, but will have it's hard copy release on March 28th at The Mohawk in Austin.

Produced by:  
Stuart Sikes
(White Stripes, Modest Mouse, Cat Power, Phosphorescent, etc.)

Genre: Garage Punk/Blues
Band Members:
Jared Blair:  Lead Vocals, Guitar
John Evans: Bass, Backing Vocals
Sam Powell: All Keys
Simon Hilsman: Drums

For Fans Of:  Jack White, Spoon, Cold War Kids, QOTSA, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, The National, Joe Henry, The Strokes
Austin, TX

Recent Submissions

Jared Blair submitted media.

yellow houses by Blynd Birds

Mike Hoy

Love the unique sound you guys have, super excited to have you on BBFM. 

This song specifically shows a lot of versatility and originality. For me, its a crunchy, old school garage feeling rock tune, and I love it. 

Ruurt Staverman

Great song, great production, great sound.

Gav Duffy

Good ol' stompy rock 'n' roll. Does it sound like something else though?


The beginning of the Song reminded me of Sunny Afternoon by the Kinks and this song definitely delivered from that point on.  I love it.  Would love to play it on the station. 

Jared Blair submitted media.

Not Quite Right by Blynd Birds

Mike Hoy

Another great song. 

Brian Newman

Very good, nice hooks, will listen to more of this band in the future.

Chelsea Schwartz

First and foremost, will you be playing in Austin during SXSW? When and where? 

On to the music, pleasantly impressed. I honestly love everything about this track, including how raw the recording is. And I want to hear more.

Greg Gali

Thanks for your submission, I enjoyed this loud,high energy, indie rock track.
It sounded similar to white stripes which made sense after reading the production credits. I did hope to hear more of a vocal arrangement, but understood the existing fornat. overall a very good track!
Much Musical Success
Greg Gali

Chuk Jones

I like the nostalgic feel of this song. It takes me back to a time when things were simpler and fun. Great instrumentation. Thanks for the change to listen!

Heather Boyd

Badass. I'm a fan. Definitely White Stripes-esq. I get a little Black Keys too, but still unique. You guys are on the up. You're releasing you're record at SXSW, that's great! I always say it's best to really focus on your live show and developing a strong fan base. That's the best way to get your music in front of the decision makers. YouTube is still the #1 music discovery platform. You guys need a badass music video to accompany this single. 

D Grant Smith

Has a throwback 80s punk sound ala the Ramones with a hint of Iggy Pop. Catchy, pop-rock track. Good afternoon drive home song.


This is a really good song and fun to listen to.  I would love to play it on the station.