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PANIC Eightyfive

PANIC Eightyfive

Paint Art N Music EP
Ronnie Lewis, aka Panic, hails from East Cleveland and currently occupies Austin, TX.  He has always been inspired by his mother, the lovely Antonia Jennings, a professional singer in her younger years. Ronnie has been interested in Rap since 1990, at the age of only 5yrs old, and has been pursuing a career in music ever since.

He recorded his first album, titled Major Confusion, in 2000 with the group Lost Found.  2004 saw the release of Ronnie's first solo album (under the moniker Xdus) titled Mind Of The Unknown.  In 2010 Ronnie would unleash his first under album under his current moniker Panic (coined from the neighborhood named "Panic Zone" in Midwest City, OK where he grew up) titled "The Album 8577".  Look for his new EP "PAint art N musIC" to release in late February, 2015.

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Mommas Only Son by Panic

Terrence Dawson

Great sound!  Production and lyrics are all mixed good.  Content was great.  Look forward to hearing more from you.

Joe Hova

I dig the flow and the beat. It feels like it's from the 90's with the sound but like it's not from the 90's at the same time. Lyrically I like it too and while the hook is standard "work hard, my girls better than yours" it fits the song. This is an overall good song and I think it has replay value on it. 

Leslie Mac

Nice flow!!! The production is perfect for the song.  I like the story behind the lyrics...I can feel it!  Great job!!