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Black CaesarX

This works very well as an experimental Hip Hop work with its very unique and different stylings and flow, however I think it would gain more traction in an American market if the time was taken to subtitle it as I believe this is in French.

The inflections come across but Americans would want to know the Lyrics to so perhaps making this a Lyric video with large lyric graphics would work well.

Also it is a little long given the average YouTube video attention span is about 2:30 mins, so perhaps some of the repetitive parts can be shortened.

All in all very good job and I would give this a 7 out of a possible 10. Keep up the good works and hit us up on our new verified Facebook page

SD Hox

Une belle groove hip hop. J'aime la vidéo. Un travail professionnel qui est très intéressant . Merci pour le partage. Je vais promouvoir avec mon public.