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Tyler Martin

- I think the song is sweet, super catchy opening guitar riff. It got me hooked right away. 
- The vocals come in great. Its a powerful sound, thats still catchy.
- Love the pauses, or "Cymbal Stops" at the end of the chorus. Really closes out the chorus nice. 
- Very mainstream sound. Sounds very radio friendly. Could easily grow fan-base by targeting fan bases of bands with similiar styles, and already established fan-bases.
- Love the riffs in the song
- Singer has a very nice, cool "pop-punky" voice. 

- Pretty good lyric video, I like how its on a "high school black board" , fits well with the lyrics in the song. 
- Send this around to local blogs, and pop music blogs. 
- Make sure to continuously post the track on your social media sites, to help attract new fans, and lead people to your social media pages. This should increase your reach, and your "likes"

- Best way to get press would be to write up a little thing on the band, and blog blast that, as well as the video around. Start with local blogs, and expand out to blogs that share similar music to yours. 

Cougar Microbes

'Make The Grade' is a suitable throwback to the early 00's when emo made its second breakthrough and wouldn't sit badly along the likes of Something Corporate or ealy days Brand New. The track manages to sound familiar without resorting to copying and pasting past refrains avoiding sounding generic. For a 3 piece offers a very full sound

Flanger on guitar at the start is very fitting and vocals throughout are very accomplished though perhaps I would use some more double vocals to reinforce certain key phrases.  I would also raise the keyboard-y solo in the last 30 seconds or so in the song to give it more prominence. 

I have decided to focus on the track itself but will definitely be digging through the rest of the materials. With the right production "Make The Grade" definitely possesses some memorable qualities. 

D Grant Smith

Creatively written love song with a nice pop-punk tune.
Could use a little more clarity on the mix, particularly on the vocals. Still a good mix overall and a nice radio-worthy song with well-done composition, instrumentation, and songwriting.

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