Moses biko

Moses biko

Moses biko

South African Born, Northern California Resident Eyezon and Band Mates have been hard at Work in crafting up a Sound many now Call AfriCali with their Music Creative Collaborative. STRUGGLE is the first attempt: ((???))..
a hearty cioppino of rock, blues, heavy rhythms and percussion of 1970s Ethiopian music, topped with coastal-psych seasoning..

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Moses biko submitted media.

The Amistad (UnTrap Rap) by Eyezon of AfriCali

Moses biko submitted media.

Huia Hamon

Super groovy, kicked back tune from AfriCali called 'You Brighten My Day. From the crunchy deep bass to the gravely main vocals, this AfriCali will easily slip into a summer day and a road trip playlist. The tune feels like you're sitting in a live jam, with the instruments and vibes all around you, giving a big warm hug. AfriCali describe themselves “a mixture of Afrobeat truth-consciousness with a Californian street swagger, morphed with hip-hop and drenched in cultural roots”... but I personally get some New Orleans vibes in there as well. So if you like a little swagger, you'll love this tune. 

Thanks for submitting! For things like radio, it would good to hear a bit more production, as the song is great, catchy and fun. Promotion wise, I suggest sending to as as many live music lovers FB groups as you can hit, also it would fit well on some summer jam playlists on Spotify.  Looking forward to some new tunes too as I noticed this came out a while back :)

Mike Mineo

On "You Brighten Every Bit of My Day," a gripping, smoky feel established right away with mellow rhythm section, tranquil guitar licks, and tender vocal-led entrancement. Chuckling @ 00:56 adds an enjoyably loose feel leading into the title-referencing vocal hook. Lovely guitar solo around the two-minute mark, playfully leading the charge until the track's tidy conclusion. This a consuming, laid-back success that entices replays. Nice work! I look forward to sharing via Obscure Sound. Also, since you noted needing help with promoting this, feel free to email me at if interested in my PR servicing's rates and success stories. Would love to work with you. Thanks for submitting! -Mike

Moses biko submitted media.

John Zukowski

Transition at 32 seconds sounds awkward. Almost sounds like before and after are different songs. Nice easy listening song though the lyrics are a bit repetitive. I wouldn't hunt it out on the radio though I wouldn't turn it off if on.

Crystal Johnson

Dig this one! The throwback vibe caught me from the jump! The beat is cool with a nice bounce to it. The lyrics are catchy and easy to follow along with. The vocals definitely need some work. There were moments were it got sloppy. Def on the right track. 

Keta Myers

The song starts off very strong with the sampled Soul music. However when you started singing, you voice sound distorted (due to auto-tune) and it took away the essence of the track. The song is okay and I would share it but I would like to hear this song again without the auto-tune 

Moses biko submitted media.

SUCKA 4 LOVE by eyezon

Moses biko submitted media.

Sucka 4 Love by Africali

Ray Ricky Rivera

What jumps out at first glance is the instrumentation. I love the set up you have here. Visually it's so much better than just having a playback track or DJ (I'm sure you already know that), but seeing the accordion player before hearing a note, I was intrigued right from the jump. This reminds me a little of K-os or K'naan (Not a bad thing at all), where the music is rooted in hip hop, but showcases other genre elements. I dig that and think you can definitely build on those musical ideas. Again, the use of accordion sets you apart from the pack. As for the song, I would have loved to hear more of the female vocal. There's an opportunity to double up on more lines with the backup vocal. You can really add to the dynamics of  the verses/choruses. The backup was there, but I think it was under utilized. I would add, if you are going to sing in an accent, you have to commit to it. You drop a little Jamaican accent for a bit and I expected the song to go into a dance hall or reggae rhythm. When that didn't happen I was a little confused as to why the accent was there. Granted, I'm assuming you don't have a Jamaican accent. With a name like Africali and your diversity in arrangement/musical style, I think you would do well with various performing arts programs like Grand Performances or Levitt Pavilion (for example) in Los Angeles. This has the potential to be billed as a Hip Hop and World act. You can go back and forth depending on the program you are trying to book. This is definitely an act for the college circuit as well. So many opportunities as you can target various cultural groups on campuses, multi-cultural events & programs that may encompass the World/Hip Hop/Indie genres or themes. Good stuff! I dig it. 

Moses biko submitted media.

Darryl Sherman

Everything comes full circle and we are now finding ourselves navigating through another turbulent time in these days. Timing is everything in this business and this couldn't come at a better time. This truly resonates with the state of affairs here in America, with a title that reads like a current snapshot of life times certainly are changing. Very reminiscent of early to mid nineties Hip Hop that helped educate a nation about inner city life, police brutality, and various other politically charged themes. Love the whole live approach to a classic concept (Hip Hop). Solid flow and overall great song.

Carlton Boyd

Thanks for sending this our way; it's great. The song's lyrics are very insightful and provide great social commentary and the visual of you performing live was dope as was the beach shot. 
We'd love to feature you and this video on our website; if this opportunity interests you, email us at 

Crystal Johnson

Diggin this one! Well done on the deliver, the lyrical content, and the stage presence. This sounded great with the band an I dig the overall vibe of the song! 

Johnny Ramirez

Great track, great message. Video quality was great and capturing a live taping is always great promotion. I enjoyed the music and look to hear more! 

Moses biko submitted media.

Far Away by AfriCali eyezon

Eric Hillebrecht

While i am a funk soul junkie and think samples tend to be overused or at least too relied upon this is a great example of a tasty ode to a classic with some AMAZING flow. You sound right on this. Great tone and a perfect complement to the track. I don't have a bad thing to say, i'm buyin what you are laying down on this one.

I think i hear a second rapper pop in towards the end and he is slaying it as well. If that is you great change of tone! Hahaha.

Keep on keeping on...

Zaid Abdulrahim

That was a breath of fresh air. Really loved the flow and the feel. Reminded me of golden era hip hop. I Think there two MCs it sounded like and wold have love to hear more interchanging between the two. But very nice overall.

Danielle Langley

 I enjoy this so much that I did something that I don't normally do here, I had to listen again. Carol Kings sample of "you're so far away" sounds great along with your own style of hip-hop beats and lyrics disbursed  in between. I honestly didn't want the track to end, it makes me curious to hear what other songs you will create. Keep up the great work!

Leks Maltby

On "Far Away" by eyezon, the upcoming MC spits four-minutes of lyrical rhymes atop 70's pop samples. It's a beautiful synthesis of old and new, past and present. eyezon raps as effortlessly and confidently as if he has been doing this twenty years deep into a rap career, which is remarkable given his newcomer status within the industry. The strength of "Far Away" is that the samples are minimal and complimentary, allowing the vocals room to breathe and tell the narrative of the song in an unencumbered way.

SD Hox

A standout track from the 7 Miles from Earth release. The rhymes are in perfect contrast to the classic track by Carole King. This song needs to be heard by more people!! The track is very well produced and the deep groove stays with you long after first listen. Thanks for sharing. I will feature on upcoming playlists and share with my followers. 

Valida Carroll

I didn't get around to this and your submission expired...
Typically these tracks disappear within a day...
but this one lingered longer
and for a good reason.
I love it.

is it clean? you didn't include lyrics....I would love to drop this on my KCRW show...

Maria Mouk

excellent lyrics, inspiring rhythm,  and great work-in of the original track.

Jerry Doby

Nice mellow joint with an awesome story. I've added this to my personal playlist.

Moses biko submitted media.

SowetoCali 2 Brokklynati by EYEZON + DON WiLL + VON PEA

D Grant Smith

Good flow and rhymes that goes in a few directions. Calling out some very big issues with an upbeat tempo takes the track in areas that make a stronger impact. I like that you don't pull punches and call it like you see it. Strongly written. Good job.

Moses biko submitted media.

Giuseppe Zevolli

Lovely tune! 

Mee 丰

Love the feel... work on your loops and beats, sounds a little out of synch. But I love the feel and the rhymes and the sung chorus. Worth cleaning it up so it's releasable from this demo version, keeping the feel but being a little more picky about the edit... 

Moses biko submitted media.

Kenn Richards

Excellent mix of genres. I love the feel of the track and mix. Looking forward to hearing more. 

Ed Cohen

Not my normal genre, but interesting music with a terrific groove.

Mark Christoper Lee

great vibe, sound and arrangement - not quite sure how to catagorise it which is good and would love to release and promote it if possible drop me an email to ta 

Bob Lugowe

I enjoyed this song and felt the hook was exceptionally catchy and the overall vibe of the song was quite original.  From a promotional perspective, I think you should start by making it obvious what the name of this group is as it's inconsistent across your platforms (Afri-cali, Afri-cali genre and The Afri-Cali Genre).  You want people to know what they're listening to and how to search for you online.  I would suggest including a short bio and links to hear more music or to an official site in your Fluence description and Soundcloud page.  The cover art is a bit bland too and should display something more in line with your overall aesthetic, similar to the profile pic that you have on Soundcloud.  Besides that, it seems you have already generated a solid amount of plays on Soundcloud, so perhaps an official music video or video compilation would be a good next step.  

Maggie Murphy

I really like the instrumental and beat. Feels very movie soundtrack. It isn't something I think I would hear on the radio (though it has Goyte vibe) but in the context of an album or a soundtrack I could see it being very effective.

Nicholas Peltekakis

Well, what a great track this is! Whilst not in my genre of expertise which is dance music, this nevertheless was an enjoyable 70's druggy, blissed out track to get lost in for a few minutes and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I wish there was something I could do for you on the promotion side, good luck!

John Girgus

It's cool. Reminds me of mellower Alice In Chains or Crash Test Dummies. Good mix, good recording. Cool melody, good parts, interesting arrangement. Keep on it! 

Jennifer McGillan

Really great, chill and subtle.

Daniel Oakley

Try taking the reverb down a bit - sounds like you've great voice and it gets lost a bit. Possibly bring the vocal levels down a bit in the mix as well. Love the Local Natives-esque sounds after the chorus.

Nadine Gelineau

I like this track a lot. It's very haunting and unique. It would fit in with Kiko King and creativemaze or Fink.

Moses biko submitted media.

(Promo Ruff) by (S.A. Release)

Kristin Pedderson

First of all- the tonal qualities of your voice are very attractive and sweet to listen to. I like and would be interested in listening to more work from you. When you came to the second break- where you were singing-(not rapping) your voice was a little weaker- still artistic-It's like I could hear sadness in your voice. Keep going and write GREAT lyrics with purpose and meaning. Keep developing your strengths. You have something very sweet and likable here. 

Lewis Lister

Really love the live instrumentation on this; a really great fit for the raw vocals, which sound fantastic.  It's a really interesting fusion of genres; sounding a bit like Kid Cudi in parts and N.E.R.D. in others.  It's obviously a little rough around the edges and needs a polish, but I  would be more than happy to more than happy to feature/share a final version.  Looking at it critically, I really don't feel that the artwork does this track justice at all.  The fonts and colours really don't work - when looking for support online it's important not to underestimate the importance of good artwork.

Moses biko submitted media.

Crystal Johnson

Dope! Love the delivery, content and stage presence! Well done!

Tim Medcraft

Just to confirm that this performance is 5 years old and is a style you're no longer doing?

The live version is good - musicians, vocals, all good

My only point on the track is that is very one level - just one long stream of consciousness.  I appreciate the Jesus Please (I think?) line is used as a chorus but the structure is all over the place.  It would be better if it did have a better structure.

The track reminds me a little of The Roots "Water"  and that would have been a good template for this track.

The biggest single thing that needs to be sorted on most tracks is the arrangement.  And that includes pick ups, breakdowns, signposting of different parts of the track, etc

If you listen to Water then you will hear where the chorus is signposted (beats drop, things change just before the next section, etc).  So at end of chorus it drops to cutting, before the chorus there is a drop again, half way through the verse there is a pick up, etc

And your track will benefit from the same thing

Trust that helps


Chris Cable

Liked the production on this. As a performance, I thought it was tight, and the band were on point.

The track is cool - lyrically it's refreshing to hear something a bit more conscious - kind of has a Mos Def vibe to it. I think working the local/college radio stations for the new project would be a good first move, followed by approaching specialist Hip Hop DJs on national radio, e.g. 5FM, YFM in SA.

Maybe look at servicing the record to UK DJs such as DJ Edu, who represents African music on BBC 1Xtra.

Overall, I think it's a good track - would like to hear more from you.

Hugh McIntyre

This is alright. It would certainly hook some people, but I have to say that I wasn't entirely sold. I wouldn't call this bad by any means, but I didn't hear anything that particularly made it stand out. 

Rob Markman

It's always hard for me to gauge a record when I hear the live version first. But this was clear and hit the right way. The raps on here are dope the way you connect words, kind of reminded me of Black Thought with your cadence and vocal tone. 

I didn't love the camera work and editing, I used to work at MTV so I'm aware of these types of things BUT I'm pretty sure you had no control over that. It's a great look regardless. 

Moses biko submitted media.

Rob Markman

The songwriting in this song is really dope. I love the beat and the rhymes and flow in the first voice is on point. The hook is perfect. My main critique would be the mix, I think the vocals sound like they're sitting on top of the beat, when it should sink in more. The vocals feel cold and too crisp, I'd bring in more lows, make it feel warmer. The beat too, I'd love to feel the baseline more and the the drums. And that doesn't mean make em louder, but just warmer. 

The second verse feels a bit out of place to me as well. The MC in the second verse had a lot that she wanted to say and some of the lines sound rushed. There was a time in the late 90s and early 2000s where plenty of rappers rapped like that in a very conversational tone, but it sounds dated in 2015. 

Overall this is a good song with a great message and a real soul feel, a tweak on the mix could really bring out the best here. 

Hope that helps. 

Crystal Johnson

Really feeling this one! Dig the flow from everyone on this one. Also dig the content and overall vibe of this one. Really dope Hip Hop with a blues influence. Hook is catchy and got stuck in my head.Overall, job well done! 

Brent Tactic

cool but a little chaotic that was often times distracting. tightening up the mix and levels would do this track wonders i think.

Keta Myers

I'm new to Afro Hop-Blues, and thank you for the introduction.  This song is dope, it has a powerful message and it's different... 

Martin Bryant

Not my usual bag but it has a good vibe and is well produced. I really like the vocals, there's a really intimacy here, like we're being drawn into your world. It feels fresh but old-school too, and for some reason it makes me think of what the later hours of a Sesame Street after party might be like.

Moses biko submitted media.

Daniel Gorelick

Good song.  Important and powerful message.  Resolution of the uploaded video is poor.  Not sure if that is because of Fluence or some other factor.

Donal Scannell

This is great stuff but I was prejudiced negatively when I saw it was 7 years old. I guess we're all looking for something fresh. I would re-upload it to Youtube and hide all of your other videos. Everyone's looking for the new. I fear that the statistics in your video have gotten worse in 7 years - mayeb you could drop in new updated statistics instead of the old ones? Homelessness is a huge issue in SF and you can really tap into a growing sense of unease. 7 years is a long time in music. Hide all your old videos, update this one and build up the buzz. If you're going to comment on issues you need to feel up the date. Musically i really like the track.

Greg Gali

Thank you for your submission. Being from the Bay Area, I could really relate to this video and track, as well as the homeless problem in SF, Oakland, Richmond etc. I appreciate the fact that your music has a cause and or purpose, bigger than all of us, at the end of the day however, it's all about the music!  Regarding the song, I thought lyrically it was very good, music was good, not great in my opinion and overall a very good submission! My only critique was that the song as a whole did not feel current to me, although it was good, It did not have a futuristic edge to it, like most songs currently doing well in the rap and hip hop genre.
Based on your lyrical skill, i am confident you have what it takes to be successful in this industry, I just feel your music and songs need a bit of tweaking, updating. 
NOTE: My opinion is based on working with many labels and artists in this genre, however it is still just that , an opinion.

Much Success!
Greg Gali 

Ray Ricky Rivera

Great video/doc. Not much I can critique on this other than it's a message I support and an issue that definitely needs more attention from mainstream media/audiences. The song is great. Lyrics are well written and the verses are very vivid and clear. Emcee skills are there and delivery is nice. I really love the use of statistics as it drives home the point here. If I was trying to get more visibility for this, I'd look for potential partners who have a wider reach and resources for getting this out to more viewers. For ex., maybe team up with a non-profit who focuses on community outreach for homelessness, or find a social media partner who is interested in launching an online campaign to spread awareness.  

Johnny Ramirez

Great track and great lyrics! Very good message being sent out in this song! Homelessness is an epidemic and I am glad you shedding light on it for the Bay Area! Good positive message in this whole song and a true representation of Hip Hop! 

Maria Mouk

76 percent increase in homelessness??
Wow man. I know it. I used to live there.. but sad, indeed.
Great rhythm, great topic, nice vocals. Honorable cause. I hope this gets momentum. I'll share the word.

Kenn Richards

Great track, great rhymes, terrific message. My only thing is I wish the upload to YouTubes was better, ie HD, filled the player, better sound. The track deserves it.  Great work 

Maggie Murphy

I think you are tackling a very important issue. I think it's a powerful message and the rap is pointed.   I  think you need to credit your statistics to ground them (maybe a rolling credit at the end). But before you do that you need to consider how some of those stats conflict with each other: 12 percent of homeless have jobs, but unemployment is the primary cause, yet 45% of homeless have mental illness or substance abuse. So unemployment is the primary cause but mentally ill people or substance abusers have a hard time holding down a job.  So is the lack of job really the root cause? I think you have to carefully consider how the stats make a case...maybe reorder with a bit t follow more logic, some of which you have, but structure would be...who is homeless (black. white, domestic violence victis, mental ill, substance abusers-) how they become homeless (lack of housing, lack of jobs) how long they are homeless (years on streets; jail is biggest homeless shelter, etc)  you can end where you do--how homelessness can happen to anyone... but maybe a tag on what someone who has watched this should now do...

Greg Savage

It's always nice to hear non commercialized talent. Thank you so much for sharing this with me.

I think it's a great piece of work, nice lyrics, great flow. The production is on point. Very simple, but works perfectly for the artist as it doesn't distract from the message nor fight for room with the artist.

To often you hear music these days where the instrumental takes place of the artists and the artists might as well be non existent on the track.

I think the documentary styled shooting aids the song vary well.

There are a few things I suggest though.

//Video Quality//

Also shoot in HD my friend. It makes it a lot easier to spread over multiple social platforms and easier to push and use as promo.

If you can pick up a cheap T3i Nikon equivalent, they run about $500 these days if not cheaper. Pick up a 50mm lens and or 35mm lens and export 1080p you'll be in business.

//Alternate Versions//

I'd substitute the line Jesus please. Not that this is a bad line, but it could make or break a placement. It's used in such a signature way that it stands out (which is good). I'd toy around with more catch phrases and have them on hand this way the track is more versatile.


At times it feels as if the lyrical content doesn't match the title (that being the homeless). This could due to my misunderstanding of the track itself. I'm under the impression that it's for a documentary. Is this correct?


As stated above, I really like the track. Please let me know what kind of help you need in the promotion department.

- Greg Savage

Nice and Loud

Great video and powerful lyrics.  It's unfortunate that positive message Hip Hop records are a tough sell theses days. Artist's flow and tone is interesting though, visit and reach out when you drop underground records like that.  I am on Strictly Hip Hop (88.9 FM Baltimore) the longest running Hip Hop Radio show in the U.S.  (We play real Hip Hop)

Tyler Martin

- this is actually bad ass
- sounds like hip-hop from the prime time of hip-hop
- this is extremley entertaining
- your rhymes are on fire. 
- love how your rapping about something important; a cause. Rather then just being gangster. 
- Would love to hear more tracks, link me to your soundcloud! 
- continue to release tracks as hot as this and youll be set
- This is inspirational 
- I am really into this, you are very talented
- I think you have the talent to actually make it somewhere
- Sounds similiar to Nas
- video fits great

Arielle J.

Such a powerful video. In an era where hip hop becomes increasingly concerned with luxury, I appreciate that this brings it back to rap's roots in social justice. This is really nitpicky, but I would have a few people just copyedit the captions (i.e. "__ homeless have substance abuse" - or "____ homeless have mental illness") to clean up the grammar a little bit.  It didn't detract from the song for me but I do notice those kinds of things and I'm sure others do too. I wonder if maybe at the end of the video you can provide a link for people to either a) help or b) learn more about the issue? It's such a moving video, you may want to capitalize on the emotions that it instills in people and get them to act. Great job.

Martin Bryant

I'm not massively into hiphop and while I can appreciate the message here, the well-constructed beat and the solid vocal performance, but it just didn't do anything for me personally as an overall package. That said, any project that raises awareness of SF's homelessness problem is a good thing.

Moses biko submitted media.

THE S.T.R.U.G.G.L.E.(Demo) by AfriCali Genre

Jocelin Leige

That's pretty good,  I enjoyed listening to this song. It really had what one would call swag and I found myself swaying with the music. If this was available now I'd definitely by just so I can blast it for others to hear and vibe right along with me. Can this be a CD now? This was something new and really something I can get behind. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to review your song! 

Joel Sumerling

Good song. This is a cool fusion of sounds. World music vibes. Can see it being widely appreciated / supported.

Stacie Wyatt

i likws the beat..some words arw hard to understand. the words i did understand was powerful.

Nicholas Peltekakis

Whilst not my musical area of expertise I have to say I really enjoyed this track. The chilled vibe, vocals and melody easily carried me across the 5 minutes or so of music, all the elements blend seamlessly to create an accomplished piece of work, I can imagine hearing this in beach bars and cafes or on daytime radio.

Thanks for the submission, copy of feedback left on SC.



That was very well executed...reminds me of something i'd hear on 'Awesome tapes from Africa' should try forwarding it to them on soundcloud..i think they'd be interested in showcasing this. Otherwise i'm a fan and will be pushing the record on the Eclectia channel soon. Will share a link in due time. 

Olga Knapinska

The vintage feel and elements of psychedelic music are definitely what I love the most about this song! Hearing this tune's African roots, I can honestly say that it's definitely an unique approach to any kind of genre. Even though I probably wouldn't see myself listening to this kind of sound, I am really glad that I had a chance to hear this piece.  There are basically no weak elements there, and the vocals are spectacular. And I'm sure I would have tons of fun hearing this live at a festival!

Hugh McIntyre

This was pretty cool. Not sure if it's my favorite thing personally, but I can tell a good track when I hear it.

Andrea Young

I love what I would call a Paul Simon/Graceland percussive background style of this tune, and the message (would like the lyrics).  “A hearty cioppino” description is quite creative too.  Send a high quality mp3 to me at andrea@aspenbeat and I’ll include it in playlists and a new music radio show.  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music! 

Eric mcLellan

song could be good for someone like Wyclef.  Nice voice and song.   I like the message and instrumental arrangement.  

Lucy Tallant

Thanks so much for sending this through, brightened my Wednesday! Love the mix of blues chord progressions and Ethiopian / african beats, I didn't know what to expect, but it really works! As far as world music goes this is definitely up there and please do keep creating more of the same! Are you doing shows? If so, think about your live setup and how you can make it as visually interesting as possible to show off the blend of influences here as that's your key selling point.