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Rock With It by Geoff Antonio

Brownie Marie

Love this! I see this being a summertime or anytime party anthem that would also be great for pre-gaming. Great voice and production on this and would love to see a music video. 

Andrea Young

Complex rock rhythms and beat, this is radio airplay worthy.  Dance vibe keeps it going.  Please send a high quality mp3 for inclusion in a future Aspenbeat radio show.  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music.


This is a great song.  I really like it. I would love to play it on the station.  I love the beat and everything. 

Brian Hazard

Really interesting promotional approach Geoff! I'm curious how it's working for you. Nice job snagging that URL! It's as if you're giving away a free ebook to get mailing list signups. And why not? It's a proven approach, just not one I see too often with music downloads. But hey, the page is clear, concise, and direct. You either enter your info to get the song, or close the page. Not too much room for confusion there!

Great voice, great sound, and the influences you cited seem close enough to me. Well, maybe I'm not hearing Prince so much. Maybe that one's more about the attitude.

Love the song! It's hooky and lyrically universal. A great showcase and introduction to your music.

I'm not sure if you're looking for production advice, but I'm a mastering engineer, so I can't help but comment on the mix/master (even though SoundCloud's encoding makes it a challenge). I'm hearing too much sub bass, and flabby indistinct bass in general, plus far too much sibilance in the vocal, which is far too loud in the chorus. A few minor mix tweaks and a little less 200 Hz in the master, and it would be all the way there.

I'm happy to share this with my followers on Twitter. Thanks for sharing it with me!