Bill Greenwood

Bill Greenwood

Bill Greenwood

Manager, The Paper Jets
Bill Greenwood joined Jaybird Communications in September 2011 as Public Relations Coordinator and is now an Account Executive. Prior to joining Jaybird, Bill spent several years in the journalism industry, where he got his start as a Staff Writer for The Cranbury Press and South Brunswick Post before becoming an Assistant Editor for information-technology B2B publications Information Today, Streaming Media, and Computers in Libraries. He also interned twice at Sony Music Entertainment and has done marketing work for independent bands Roosevelt Dime and The Paper Jets, which he currently manages. Bill received his BA in Journalism from Rider University in 2006 and his Master’s in Media Studies from The New School in 2011.
artist management, pr, social media, writing
New York, NY

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Bill Greenwood submitted media.

Of an Extrovert by The Paper Jets

Alan Cross

Pleasant stuff. I can see this working on commercial alt-rock radio. The treated vocal makes the song stand out in an Interpol-meets-AWOLNATION sort of way. I also like the keyboard breakdown in the middle. I wasn't expecting that. I like surprises.

I'd be happy to feature it on my weekly recommendation list.  From there, I'll spread it to some of my tastemaker friends in Canada.

Larry Lootsteen

Nice guitar intro.  Love the audio effects on the singing.  In the quieter section heading into the closing section of the song, I think it needs something, either less drum and a cleaner guitar or a different drum section, perhaps alone - just found too much cymbal there.  The song comes across as part punk, part rock which is great.  Love it!

Parth Barot


Thanks for getting in touch.

From the jump, the production had a great upbeat feel and I think you guys did an awesome job with the vocals too. I'm not sure why, but I can imagine this working really well in a documentary or a video blog. I'm really digging this one and I'm looking forward to what you have next in store.


Chelsea Schwartz

You had my attention from the very beginning on this track, great rhythm - great guitar. The vocal was a little too overproduced for me (effect-driven) but not a complete turn off. Track length was perfect (left me wanting more), and the "moon" artwork tripped me out (saw several images). Let's see what else Paper Jets has got!

Marcus Brooke-Smith

This was cool and definitely good for sync. Really nicely produced to get a specific feel and good integration of electronica and traditional rock band sounds which was great to hear.

For me the pace was to slow, needed a bit more urgency and to be a bit more frenetic which would give it a lot more energy. Either that or slow it down a lot more and give the riffs loads of space to swirl around and take on more of a bluesy edge. Would be great to hear this one live for sure. Let me know when you're in town!

Keep me posted, looking forward to hearing where this premieres,
Thanks fro reaching out,

Bill Greenwood submitted media.

Brand New Shoes by The Paper Jets

Shamal Ranasinghe

Thanks for sending this to me. As a guitar player, I really dig this track. It's a simple riff that works and then you kick into some nice shredding and soloing. More people who like the alternative or classic rock vibe and soul need to hear this. I'm going to refer you to people who can help promote. I would update the submission description text and specifically say that you're looking for Promotion. I would also paste the lyrics of the song at the bottom of the description field. 


Thanks for sending across the track, I love the energetic, punchy sound and the vocals fit perfectly with the catchy backing. Your influences are easily detectable in the track and I'm loving the guitar solo at the end. After listening a second time, in my opinion the outro I find is a little long which goes on for 10 seconds longer than it probably should do but other than that I loved everything else!

Kevin Hugger

For some reason I’m not hearing clean guitar lines like those on ‘Brand New Shoes’ much these days. And given that Brian E. has a vocal resemblance to Bobby Gillespie of Primal Scream this makes for a tune that you can really get your rocks out for. I mean headbang, really let your hair down and point that finger towards the sky in a less than mannered homage to the power of rock and roll. There will always be room for bands like the Paper Jets who seem intent on infusing an old musical template with enthusiasm and energy. Good on them and long may they thrive. 

Bill Greenwood submitted media.

Elizabeth Distressed by The Paper Jets

Jason Jones

Wow... Talk about heavy out of the gate!  That down-beat hit was explosive!

At around 0:40 seconds now, and that high-end is making me want to turn this down.   This track is mastered *very* hot...  too hot.  Those mid-highs are grating...  It's almost making this unlistenable.  I can hear distinct clipping going on all the time.

If this were me, I'd get this re-mastered.  It's way too hot.  (and by the way, I'm listening in a tuned control room with Adam A7X monitors with a Sub, so I don't think it's my system)

Now, about the song...  I'm not entirely sure, but I think it's a very good song!  My uncertainty comes because I couldn't get into it, due to it being so loud, and those mid-highs being so harsh.  This is too bad, because this genre is something I usually dig quite a bit.

So, yeah..  Fix that glaring problem, and then I'd be super excited to listen to this again, and be able to enjoy the music properly mixed and mastered.  Apart from that, this review would most likely be pretty positive.

Thanks for posting!

Max Schneider

Great tune guys! This an expertly crafted punky powerpop song in the vein of Ted Leo, Frank Turner and Dave Hause but, although Elizabeth Distressed is instantly familiar and reminiscent of many more established artists, it is distinclty The Paper Jets. I think every part of this track is very well done. The songwriting is not groundbreaking or pushing the envelope musically or lyrically, but it is confident and unapologetic, not trying to be something it's not. It's a catchy, perfectly executed, straight up rock and roll tune; something that is rapidly becoming harder to come across but never fails to bring a smile to my face. And this song brought a huge smile to my face. I am going to go and listen to anything and everything you guys have up online as soon as I am done writing this. 

Guys please keep me updated on what you are doing and send me new music whenever it's out. I can honestly say this is the best track that has been submitted to me on here so far, definitely a pleasant surprise to find waiting for me. Anyway, keep up the good work and keep on rockin' in the free world!

Mike Mineo

Always nice to hear great music from my home state. "Elizabeth Distressed" is a fun blast through and through, projecting a crunchy vein of alt-rock and power-pop that reminds me of GBV and some of the more energetic tracks from fellow NJ natives Yo La Tengo. The chorus - "I wanna love you but you just don't care" - is wonderfully infectious. At just 02:30, this a concise blast of fun energy that is without any noticeable flaws. No criticisms on my end at all -- just a stellar track and fantastic sound. I imagine the sound is great live, too. Look for a post on Obscure Sound in the near future, and reach out to me at if interested in details regarding my PR servicing. Have a good one! -Mike