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Fourth and Folsom Debut Album 'Lucid Eyes'
DIY band from London with our self recorded/produced debut album 'Lucid Eyes' out later this year. We are using Fluence to gain feedback on our tracks as we work throughout the mixing process, as well as gaining any promotion that presents itself to us. The album is currently scheduled to be released under our own record label 'Milk Moments' and we are working closely with Playground PR (Ben Howard/A-Trak) for any online press and radio plugging. 

First album release - April 13th 

Single : Golden Dunes
B-Side : Iowa
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indie rock, indie, americana, shoegaze

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Iowa by Fourth and Folsom

Tom Johnson

The mix sounds good, so nice work there. The track is cool...think I need to hear a whole album as it's quite a subtle track so doesn't immediately. Think you could do well with this though...find out some sites that cover this kind of music and reach out to them personally rather than generic PR. Try speaking to radio as well, can see this doing really well on there. Good luck! 

Scott Cohen

Great music, great playing, great vox.  Cool quirky indie pop track.  I love it but it can be a challenge to find an audience because there is a lot of noise in this space and traditional media focuses on other genres.  I don't think PR is the answer.  I would suggest putting a budget towards a well targeted social media campaign as well as going after key influencers.

Fourth and Folsom submitted media.

Golden Dunes by Fourth and Folsom

Tim Medcraft

Hey guys,

Just had a few listens and loaded it into Logic

It's cool.  Can see the Fleet Foxes and Grizzly Bear etc influences


The arrangement is wrong.  You need to work on the transitions.

You have 4 bar intro, then an instrumental 4 bars. 

Then vocal 4, instrumental 4 (same as the 4 bars before so no separation at all), then vocal 4, then instrumental 4.
Then chorus 8, then same again (vox 4, inst 4, vox 4, inst 4) into 8 chorus
BUT when you go to breakdown you have instrumental 8 and then straight into another chorus after which it ends
So you need another 8 and a double chorus at least at the end

So you need to change the first musical instrumental section so it isn't the same as the instrumental section that is in the verse.

I think you can look at changing it so your verse is basically instrumental for first half, vocal for second half (so the breakdown works)

You need to another 8 at the end of the breakdown (reuse lyrics or new lyrics - up to you - i reused lyrics)

I think the 2 x vocal 8s into the chorus works nicely (esp with the one where you drop the drums out pre the chorus)

I can see what you are doing with the instrumental to vox sections so that can work BUT you need to differentiate the sections as mentioned and also need to do pick ups in the drums every 4 bars and drop the drums out in all the sections before the choruses

Not sure why you do it for one vocal and not the other

And yes fix the breakdown and the ending needs a double chorus it's too abrupt and it will also reinforce the hook

I do have a rough version (it's very rough and not quite in time!) but it gives an idea of what i mean

There are some good ideas in there don't get me wrong - and your version may well work better for the verses but the breakdown and last chorus do need to be sorted.

Here's a link to what i put together:

As I said...VERY (excrutiatingly in places!) rough

But you'll get an idea of what i am getting at at least (in case the above isn't clear)

I had a quick listen to the other tracks on soundcloud too - just remember that you need to make the ideas you have fit into standard arrangements (yes you can do what you like but no you won't fit in for radio and therefore you are hindering your chances of breaking through and getting used on syncs too)

Get all this right though...could do well.  Very well.  It's a very USA sound (which also means you have to make sure you're up to their level on production quality too)

Hope that helps / let me know if you want to chat further

Joe Ballard

"Golden Dunes" is downright lovely. Straight from the opening guitar lines, I was hooked, and the atmospheric vocals match the music nicely. I think this song will be a big hit among your fans while bringing in some new ones as well. 

I would love to set up some coverage with you guys to coincide with the single's release on March 30. If you're interested, send me a message on here and we'll discuss it in more detail.

Thanks for submitting your music and all the best,


Robal Johnson

I really dig the riff and the vocals are very strong. The lyrics are are warm and inviting. It reminds me of old Guster, which is a compliment. The guitar solo is super fun and the chorus gets things cooking. My only suggestion is to change up the choral orchestration a bit, so it does not seem like just a fuller version of the original riff. It needs to stand out more from the rest of the song. I have listened three times and I have enjoyed every spin. It just needs a bit more work in the chorus. Change it up, make it subtly explode, and I think this could be a great song. As it stands, it is a really good song. 

Tom Johnson

I think the vocals may need tightening up a bit, they feel quite demo-y compared to the instrumentation - unless that's what you're going for! It's a nice track, an interesting first taster, will keep an eye on what you do next. In terms of promo; get the track up on amazing radio and try and speak to a few blogs/writers that do single/track reviews etc and who you think might be in to introducing the music. Good luck.

Chelsea Schwartz

With a mellow jam band meets indie rock vibe, a popular trend, this track is great for what it is. Just not quite my cup of tea. Let me know if you have any tracks a little more upbeat.