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Christopher Gettens

Christopher Gettens

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Here to live in the future now. Alive to experience that which was thought impossible. Good friend, and an innovative thinker.
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Valleys - Part One by The Getten Brothers

Shamal Ranasinghe

I watched this twice and truly appreciate the artistry. I love the TV buried a bit in the desert in the beginning. But even before that you got me with the Joseph Campbell quote: "We must let go of the life that is planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us." This is a quirky, mysterious bizarre, and interesting story. But even after watching it twice I don't think I totally got it. Nothing wrong with that since you're not looking to be accessible necessarily. Is this a music video or a film or two different music videos? I love the third eye action. Trippy, but I'm a believer. I'm not that into the song because it's just not my style, but the art you have produced is interesting for you and what you're capable of making. The second song video was a bit polarizing and could be perceived as sexist. I had a tinge of repulsion with the lyric having to do with "not having a honey, and not having a maid." Clean your laundry, wipe your own ass for god sakes, and flush the damn toilet so there's no funk in the room. How hard can that be? You can clearly put in the time and effort for quality production and can certainly write more about that since it's inspiring vs. not wiping your own ass. I'm saying this all with full tongue in cheek. Nice work (except the sexist BS).  I'll be interested to follow you guys on the social networks and keep up to date on what you're producing. Thanks again for sending this to me. 

Edit: I had to go back and comment again after re-reading the description. Your description is fantastic and others should heed the message. I plan to share this far and wide. Keep up the good work. After a third time watching, I think I get the second video more. Really looking forward to more from you.

Nic LaRue

There is a great use of imagery and storytelling throughout this video.  I like the thin narrative that connects everything and the visuals are crisp and really add to the dynamic of the music as well.  Well shot overall and the sound is really well mixed too.  Having two music videos does make this seem a bit long and it's possible that making this two separate videos, but still kept in the series, might be more palatable for other audiences.  It would be a great addition as a short in a film and/or music festival though.

matt Tompkins

Wow. Where do I begin...

- Visually, I can tell that you had a small budget, and what you were able to do with limited resources was great
- I loved the overall theme of the first song, and some of the wordplay and rhyme schemes of the second song
- I love the overall vision and direction you have, and would love to see it scaled to another level

- Because of the technical limitations, there were times when I felt taken out of your vision (there was a scene with a girl in the shower, the way it was edited felt off tonally, like it didn't fit with the rest of the video). 
- The second song felt corny at parts, mostly when using dick euphemisms.
- There were times in the second song where I wasn't sure if the lack of rhyme scheme was out of art or laziness.

Ultimately, I liked this, and would love to hear more from you (aka send the next part when it drops!)

Danielle Langley

Wow. Beautiful cinematography in the video. Also enjoyed how the video split into two parts and provided a story. I like the sound and backdrop of the song, it provides a chill overall vibe.  I also enjoyed the vocals of the rapping but felt the first part of the song needs some instrumental breaks in-between verses so it allows the track some room to breathe. Overall, cool job!

Christopher Gettens submitted media.

Valleys- The Official Trailer by The Getten Brothers


Creepy, intriguing, well-produced // The clip is engaging enough to lure a new fan (like us) and hold their attention, without giving too much away. It has us wondering: what else do you have to say? Great work!

Travis Keller

I don't really understand what I just watched, but I dug its trippy vibe. Cuz it wasn't a music video was it? And it wasnt a short film, right? it was more of just a VIBE. And it was a good vibe. So good job.

Leena Pendharkar

Interesting trailer, seems like a cool movie

Nic LaRue

I can certainly see the music video style in the way this trailer was shot.  One thing that stands out to me immediately was that the audio needs to be evened out a little bit and the voiceover needs to be normalized and a bit more integrated into the footage instead of having that "layered on" feel (it's something I see happen in a lot of indie films in general, not just trailers, but can spell death for festival and awards submissions).  I can see this not being as important if this footage was being used as just part of a music video, as the music is supposed to take center stage at that point.

I can make out some semblance of a story in this trailer but I'm not really sure what it is that I'm actually watching, and I feel that many people would favor hearing bits of dialogue from your main character, or characters in general, rather than just the voiceover.  The cinematography overall isn't bad and the lighting gives a harsh, gritty feel to the overall piece.  Obviously I couldn't judge an entire film, short, or music video right from the trailer, but the key to all of that is storytelling and you have the visual ability, which is obvious.  I'm just worried that, at first glance, your audience may be a bit confused as to what this is actually about.

Also, being that this is a musical short, it would be nice for more of the actual music to permeate the trailer, unless that somber score is actually what we're in for.

stan stewart

Honestly, I'm curious about the whole idea of asking for feedback on a preview. I'll try to move that to the back of my mind and just give you my response to the media itself. As always, this is just my own response. I hope you are getting feedback from many diverse reviewers.
I appreciate the air of mystery you are trying to create with the voice and music and even the visual images. Initially, I thought the mood was effective.
Given that mood, the return to more mundane images like the hockey game seemed superfluous. Perhaps the full film will integrate the images, but in the preview this took away from the intrigue.
That being said, I'd enjoy reading about or seeing another video on your creative process. In particular, what's the artistic integrity that you're adhering to in this film?
Best wishes!

Jason Simpson

This looks like a really cool indie horror/SF film. The trailer is compelling - visually beautiful, while the speech is mysterious and alluring, leaving me wanting to know more. I really love the inclusion of the broken and battered TVs, as well as the interspersing of different video qualities, which makes it more tangible and memorable. Reminds me of this Lovecraftian indie horror from a couple of years ago, called The Sunderland Experiment, which I was quite passionate about, so happy to see more things coming out in that mood! I will definitely keep my eyes peeled for this! 

Shamal Ranasinghe

Wow. I really love this. It's feel so unique, distinct of the regular standard story hooks and lines. It's not predictable at all and seems fresh. I'm definitely intrigued and want to watch it again for all the right reasons -- find deeper understanding and meaning as opposed to watching it again to fire the joy ride synapses like other mega-dose trailers. Have you sent this to Nic Baisley? I would connect with him and ask him to refer you to other film curators on Fluence. I want to help you promote this, and personally I can't wait to see it myself. I'm also cc'ing a film making professor, Leena Pendharkar and a few other music curators who may be interested.