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People Like You
PEOPLE LIKE YOU, a local Greater Boston and New England regional touring band, are musical wizards at mixing it up with a multi genre array of Americana, Bluegrass, Country, Jazz, Funk, Rock, and Psychedelic Pop. With superb instrumentation and mesmerizing stage presence, PEOPLE LIKE YOU effortlessly segues from danceable, energetic grooves to introspective, melodic ballads. Spinning highly imaginative tall tales, intertwining fantasy with reality, PEOPLE LIKE YOU always exceeds expectations, leaving their fans thrilled and craving more of their eclectic repertoire of fresh, spirited songs and infinite musical diversity. 

With a large fan base in the Greater Boston and New England area, PEOPLE LIKE YOU draws 50+ people to shows, performing 4+ hours of original and covers. PEOPLE LIKE YOU is regularly booked at clubs, lounges, pubs, and open mics, colleges and festivals and live-performance music venues.  Our most recent dates have been at TT The Bears Place, Johnny D’s, PA Lounge, O’Brien’s, Midway Café, The Stone Church, The Press Room and many others.

Ranking of #1 on Reverbnation.com in region.
People Like You  - First place winner of the annual 2014 Stone Church Battle of the Bands.
Songs aired on radio 92.5 The River Boston’s #1 Independent radio station. 

Our band set up is 2 vocals, 2 guitars, 2 keyboards, bass and drums. We can play 4 + hours of originals and covers.

Andrew Polakow - Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Jaw Harp
 Eli Elkus –Vocals, Guitar, Kazoo, Slide Whistle, Ukelele
Justin Sheriff – Keyboards, Harmonica, Accordian / Berklee College of Music Production and Engineering
Rob Littlefield - Bass
Max Elkus – Drums and Percussion
mix engineer, recording engineer, music production / mastering
indie rock, indie pop, electronic, folk, psychedelic rock, alternative folk
New Hampshire

Recent Submissions

Justin Sheriff submitted media.

Oh, The Places We Will Go by People Like You

Bob Lugowe

I really dig the music / jam sections of this tune and imagine it translates very well in the live atmosphere. The vocals I wasn't too crazy about but again, I imagine it's something that fits the energy of the live performance quite well. You guys have a unique and enjoyable sound so you should continue to play out as much as possible, getting on shows with bigger bands in your world when they play the region and then hopefully touring across the US. You should def get on Bandcamp as well though I see that there is another band from Boston with the same name as you already on that site (https://peoplelikeyoumusic.bandcamp.com/). Additionally, consider making a music video, hiring a publicist for your next release and work on condensing your bio as it's a bit too long and fragmented (starts with award info including accolades from 3 years ago then moves onto origins of band). Best of luck. 

Justin Sheriff submitted media.

8 Bit Fantasy (Prod. Justin Sheriff) by Zoey Joy (Prod. Justin Sheriff)

Andrea Young

Catchy pop tune!  I’m a little ‘bit’ familiar with 8-bit ;) so I was intrigued to hear the production values, which are very good and take good advantage of the instrumentation (8bit sometimes sounds too toy-ish to me).  I’d like to suggest further work on your vocal skills, they’re very good but need to be GREAT (tiny tiny bit pitchy).  But all in all, this has many important elements of a good pop/EDM tune, I think you all have done a good job with a very good composition.  Hope to hear more from you all.  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music.

Justin Sheriff submitted media.

Paulie Hips

I absolutely love the little intro. Great voice and clever lyrics. I'm also a sucker for a great vocal melody. The guitar work is really spaced out and groovy. Really talented band here. At first verse, my first thought was The Pixies, there is tons more going on here.. I listened to this track again with the headphones on, even more killer. Twangy, psychedelic , the lyrics come full circle. So much more then the lame pop/singer-"songwriter" garbage that stalks us today. Well done, this would easily make a set on my radio show

Andrea Young

First of all, great production, arrangement, composition, performance, and most importantly, great original SOUND.  I hear lots of Beatles influence.  And I love the sense of not taking yourselves so seriously in this tune, the world needs more songs like this, it’s got great energy.  Will add it to Aspenbeat’s New Music and Constant Repeats playlist.  Please send high quality mp3 and the lyrics, need to know what I’m singing along to.  Thanks for your submission and good luck with your music.

Justin Sheriff submitted media.

Don't Be Down by People Like You

Michael Canter

I love the breezy beat and the vocals feel genuine. I wonder if there is a matching music video by any chance? We'd certainly be open to playing it on Jivewired Radio and pushing Don't Be Down to other platforms.

Lucy Tallant

The instrumentation and offbeat reggae feel to this track is perfect for summer! I found the vocals a little too loud in the mix, so perhaps be careful that the cool rawness to your voice doesn't overpower the instrumentation. All in all this is a cool sound the further the track went on the more I got into it! Keep uploading tracks and growing your fanbase online for sure!

Brody Ramone

What a great track with a summer time feel! Not something I would feature on my shows but I could see this being played at a summer gathering! There are times the harmony are a little off but not too noticeable. Keep up the good work.

Justin Sheriff submitted media.

Trying by People Like You

Andrea Young

I like this second submission as well.  Both have hit and radio airplay potential, but I’d prob vote for Brainless Bodies to start.  Might want to optimize your website, it didn’t come up somehow in a search for you all (Bandcamp did), and also fyi, I think the twitter account referenced on fluence isn’t quite right.  Thanks again for your submissions, and good luck with your music!

Bill Werde

I loved the joy of this track--the build, the instrumental chops and the repetition of chorus were all very Phish for me, which i have to assume is a major influence. 
These sorts of songs struggle to develop a huge base online; i'm thinking you really want to focus your efforts on building your touring base. Without seeing your live show, its hard for me to say, but this type of music just lends it self so purely to the live arena, and suffers in the pop-singles-driven YouTube culture. This is why Phish videos have thousands or tens of thousands of YouTube views compared to pop stars with tens of millions, even though Phish can sell exponentially more tickets. 
The live band really has to get creative in marketing themselves. Take the 50 people that come to your shows and find a way to offer 2-for-1 ticket nights. Make sure you're giving people the chance to provide you with email address and cell numbers so you can let them know when you're playin dates. And REALLY focus on the live show. Not just your chops but your creativity and your engagement with the audience. 
A bit more feedback for the track itself: i love the guitar lick in the 1:10 to 1:30 range, and the vocal tempo that emerges from that, and the guitar solo that is basically the bridge. For the life of me, i cant understand what you're singing in the chorus, right before the "can you hear it ringing in your ear" part. Is it "It got out here"? This is somewhat frustrating, as it's a refrain repeated throughout the entire song. 
All in all, good stuff. I'd love to hear more. 

Michal M

Really nice music and really loved the chorus.

Jason Jones

Wow... First thing I notice out of the gate is the incredible low freq boost that kick has.  It might be a bit much, but maybe not.  Not sure yet.

About a minute into it, and I'm smiling.  This seems like a very fun song.  Guitar solo at 1:10 needs to come up in the mix.  It's buried a bit too much.

Vocals sound thin, but I think I like it that way.   Yeah, the more I listen to it, I'm not sure I would change the vocals.  They sound good.

Okay, that organ is amazing.  I love it.  If it was removed, the heart of the song would disappear.

Hmm... The solo at 2:35 is... almost completely buried.  I didn't even know there was one until later in the solo, when it started playing higher.  The guitar solo definitely needs to come up.  Both of them.

The song just ended, and I smiled pretty much through the whole thing.  The high-pitched ring at the end can almost certainly be deleted, unless it's supposed to make people think they have tinnitus.  Perhaps some nice guitar feedback instead?

Highlights: Fun upbeat feel, and the organ.
Needs work: Guitar solo is buried!

Thanks for posting!  It was a fun listen.