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Good Guys by Addi

Greg Gali

Thanks for your submission +E.  I enjoyed the guitar groove and riffs throughout the song, and the bass runs were great also, however i could barely hear the vocals, as they were buried in the mix to me. From what i could hear the lead vocal sounded pretty good, but i was hoping for a big huge layered chorus (Hook) to come in and deliver, and it never came. Overall i thought this is was a good rough demo and or live studio recording, and a very feel good song. I just feel a really good mix and some layered vocals would really help and maybe even write a bigger hook. I did think the musicians playing the tune were great!

Just my 2 cents but overall good, not great. I believe there is some talent in this submission it just needs further development in the areas of writing, production, vocals, recording and mixing. All of the things that come to be with a really good producer.
Musical regards
Greg Gali

A.j. Logan

This song took me to another place which is something in of itself. I felt this track is personally relateable and I want to feature this single on one of our podcasts ASAP! If interested, we'd love if we can get an MP3 copy with your bio to!

D Grant Smith

Good vibe. Little to no low end on the recording. Where is the bass guitar throughout the whole song? This could be a recording issue, but that element needs to be there. Bass is only present in half of the 2nd chorus to the end of the song.
Drums add great dynamic in the chorus and bridge with nice time signature breaks and nice accents.
Enjoyed the guitar solo and later bass work.
Track needs mastering to be radio-ready.

Nic LaRue

It has that laid back Cali feel to it.  I could certainly see this working in a soundtrack on an indie film or even a teen/young adult show on a network like the CW.  The beat is, overall, a little repetitive in the first 1:15 or so of the track, but I'm back in by the time the lyrics kick in.  Good job with the lyrics mix as well.  There is a good balance of the guitar riff and the singer where one doesn't play over the other, and instead compliments the beat and overall aesthetic of the song.  It's simple, has a catchy chorus, and could even work being stripped to just a score for film/tv use if they didn't want the singing with it.  4:20 seems a bit long for a tune like this overall.  I could see this play just as effectively trimmed to 2:30-3:00.

Andrea Young

I like this very much. Not sure where I'd fit it in traditional radio airplay but it definitely has earworm quality, I find myself playing it over and over again.  Love the vocals and guitar work especially, but really everything excellent, love how it fits so well together, and the well produced sound is awesome and part of its charm.  

Send high quality mp3s of the EP and I'll find a way to fit one of the tunes into one of my Aspenbeat radio shows sometime soon, and then 'splain yourselves!  Who are you all, where are you from, and please include lyrics.  thanks for your submission, good luck with your music.