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Dø is the first note of the fixed-Do solfège scale. We are Dan & Olivia, currently working on our third album.
French/Finnish duo The Dø – aka Olivia Merilahti and Dan Levy. 

After the wonderfully accidental “A Mouthful” (2008) and the organically experimental “Both Ways Open Jaws” (2011), new album “Shake, Shook, Shaken” responds with a new requirement elevated as “dogma” in the opinion of those concerned: Dan and Olivia deliberately opted out of acoustic instruments to focus on synthetic dance sounds and percussion. “When we started writing these songs,” they said, “we used only a laptop and a keyboard. We quickly became obsessed with this set-up; this form of minimalism banning ‘real’ instruments to the point of creating a new work ethic: guitars, which had been almost over-used previously, have intentionally been set aside. Our aim with ‘Shake, Shook, Shaken’ was to take ownership of the sounds that had previously been undervalued, while going with a more pop aesthetic.”
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Stephen White

A strong hook-laden synth-pop track with a well defined textural and dynamic change from verse to chorus. With the multi elemental electronic production and full-on percussive flourishes the song certainly sticks and moves from section to section. 

A highly stylized single that meets the promise of earlier tracks from The Dø like 'Slippery Slope'. 

Emilie Lorre

I know your music for a long time and I appreciate it a lot. This new song is great and I'll share it with pleasure :)

Mike Mineo

Stylish video and track, for sure. “Despair, Hangover & Ecstasy” is an immediately engaging effort, with bouncy verses leading to an absolutely stunning chorus around the one-minute mark that blends together power-pop, rock, and dance for an energetic and hook-filled slab of brilliance. The incorporation of synths during the chorus' second half remind me very favorably of The Knife's more accessible efforts. The track's breathlessly energetic feel is conveyed wonderfully in the music video, as well. This is a GREAT track that should see a lot of radio airplay. I really think there is a ton of hit potential here. I imagine you already have representation, but if not I'd love to work with you. Look out for a post on Obscure Sound in the near future, and reach out to me at if interested in details regarding my PR servicing (rates, success stories). Thanks for the submission -- I absolutely love the track. -Mike

Birsen Birdir

I'm very pleased to share this super energetic, very catchy new The Do single with everyone! The Finnish/French indie pop duo is never disappoints me. With their fourth album "Shake Shook Shaken" they topped the French charts. I remember their Istanbul show, their live performance is a gem as well, would recommend to everyone even if you're not super into the genre. Some of you may remember them with their hit single "On My Shoulder", I remember playing that video at least 3 times a week in my show. With their new album/single Olivia keeps amazing us with her dreamy vocals and if you are looking for a song to listen early in the morning to shake you up, while you're trying to get ready for a run or a warm up for a night out, that's the perfect choice. It's a perfect combination of right amount of synth, catchy lyrics and sweet guitar melodies. It gives you that raw and organic feeling you've missed hearing.  I resent when the talented European bands are not getting the attention that they deserve in the USA even though they are pretty big in Europe. So, if you like indie, electro pop and folk, it's your new band. This song will keep playing in your head. Video is super fun as well, if you're reading this Olivia, I want that red jumpsuit! 

Jason Simpson

I like how this video tells a story, hinting at a narrative. Really pulls you into the action, and gives a context for the music. 
The visual design is stunning! My favorite aspect is the contrast of red & blue, makes it seem as if the lady is the hot/active component, while the guy is the cool/detached, which is mirrored by the shots in the jet engine turbine.
Music is fairly simple, but gets the job done. Beats are solid, keyboards are memorable, nice lead vocals. The mix could use a little bit of work, however, as the elements still seem somewhat detached from one another, floating away. A little bit of further mastering, even for next time, may help to give a cohesive sound. Some mastering reverb goes a long way to hold a mix together, like an audio soup. 
Looks like you guys are off to a great start. You seem dedicated, hard working, with a good fashion and design sense, and a good ear for a tune. All of those things, working together, can be a recipe for success! (Just look at the White Stripes.)

Ben Sodwee

Shared on's own social media channels.

Jump Into Limbo

I really like this - it has a retro feel to both the style of the music video and the music. The music video is extremely well produced and has enough to sustain visual interest. The lead singer Olivia has personality and this is something that is very important in building an image and brand around a band of just two people. Her voice also reminds me of Karen Oh/Gwen Stefani. The fact that this comes naturally and appears authentic and cool is excellent. I really like the song, particularly the arrangement of the chorus. I'd listen to this over and over again, and I have. 


this is amazing. really really liked this. also, where was this shot?!

Heather Frazier Behling

This track has a super catchy beat and I love the title and chorus.

Kristin Schloesser

What a great song & video! Clean, catchy, held my attention all the way through. It has a little 80's throwback pop / pop rock vibe which is hot. I can definitely hear this in a TV show… "Shameless" has had a lot of solid tracks in a similar vein recently! Keep it coming!

Lewis Lister

This isn't quite the sound we usually feature on our site, but we appreciated the Electric Guest meets Paloma Faith meets The Sounds vibe all the same.  Given that you're looking for promo advice rather than feedback, I would be looking at blogs like Dazed Mag, The 405, XLR8R and Dummy Mag for coverage [although I'm sure you already have].  Other than that, it's a really strong video and The Dø's social media and website look on point - I won't be surprised to find these two on our radar again in the near future.

Wynona Grant

Really strong, upbeat pop vibe to this. Seems to have the "coolness" of Haim but with more Pop!

Euphoric melody in the synth and effective drum additions.

A great track coming into Summer - feel-good atmosphere and contagious energy with striking vocals. Nice work!

Ari Herstand

Very solid production. Love the video and the performance of Olivia. I'm drawn in. 

Musically, it feels contrived. Nothing new here. Very Phoenix-esque. Would have liked to read along with the lyrics - please submit them. Would have liked to hear something a bit more innovative musically. A new element. Sure, electro-pop is in now, but what is The Do's "sound?" The vocals are fine, but don't stand out or memorable. The song is fine, but not memorable. Catchy, but not catchy enough for pop. The song is very smooth. No hard edges. My favorite part of the song is the rhythmic punctuations at the end of the chorus. I like that super-hero feel. 

This will do well in the hipster-indie circuit. But cutting edge, it is not. 

Going Solo

A great video for a great song! The choice and the clear distinction of the colors are very well chosen and I personally love the way it was filmed, almost at sunset. Song simply work: it's catchy, enough wild to be liked also by a "not pop audience" and addictive. 

I know you already have an audience and you got reviews from some important 'zines like CoS or TLOBF. But if you want to reach a wider audience, you should not limit yourself to scattershot. Let me explain this concept: first, find the blog/zines that fit with your work. Then write a direct email (not a random promo-sheet sending), presenting yourself as a band in few words. Add a link of your best music (not the whole record, just a single) and ask for a feature. Add also few comparisons, it always helps. Then, in the second part of the email, you can add all the promo informations and the album link. It's very important to be concise in the presentation, 'because as bloggers we receive tons of emails every day. We put music above stories: if what we're listening is good, we stay and read about the musician. Otherwise, we just skip to the next email. You're talented enough to be considered, so don't waste this thing.

I also recommend to set up a premiere of your next video/single with a trusted blog/webzine, maybe with Ja Ja Nordic (you're half-Finnish right?) or with a French one. Also a webzine like TLOBF could be a very good option. People trust blogs' judgement and listen to what is shared by them. The building up of a record release is quite important as the record itself. First create hype, then keep it alive. Sometimes go smaller could be more rewarding: if you get a premiere on a big, big website, think always you can be just a drop in the ocean. On the other hand, in a based blog, you can find a passionate writer who really dig into your work and who will write focused words. And readers who really care about.

If your budget allows, hiring a PR would not be a bad idea. He/she can help to reach a slot in some important summer festivals or get one of your songs broadcasted in a big radio through his/her personal contacts. 

I'll share this video through our website and socials. All the best.

Kevin Cogill

I struggle to appreciate most electronically crafted music, but this song is fun. The song structure is textbook pop, but the chorus is catchy and there are some good little vocal hooks. I clicked through to the 'Take Away Show' performance after watching this, and actually liked that version of 'Despair, Hangover & Ecstasy' more than this one. The backing music was more living and breathing, and there were more of those vocal hooks, and a few that felt a lot more vulnerable and soulful. I personally prefer this band more when their performance isn't so perfected. Overall, good stuff.

Tom Johnson

Just keep doing what you're doing, you're obviously doing the right things. Maybe try and set some interviews up with UK sites to tie in with the London show? Are you on Amazing Radio? Set up a profile there and upload your tracks - it's a really good source for new music but you need to upload your own songs initially. Will share this now, nice track!

Disco Naïveté

This is the kind of song I'd love to hear on a TV ad. It's quirky, takes you along instantly.

I personally find it really hard to give promotional advice for bands that have been around for quite some time already, in particular because music outlets will always look back at what you've already done and are therefore less eager to "jump on the train" because the train has passed by a few times already. 

I'd focus on your fans and help them spread the word - there's +140k of them on Facebook so better make them work ;) Promoted posts, give-aways in exchange for shares, things like that - fans spreading the word about your music are probably a better way to go at this point, the press will catch on if they see a crowd is forming around you and very pleased with your music.

Sean Adams

Fantastic video and an even better song. I'm really surprised to find we haven't covered you on Drowned in Sound since an album in 2008. Just dug your album out of my inbox of doom, as I missed it when it came in to give it a proper spin. Sadly I only got it 2 weeks before the release date, and we commission reviews 6 weeks in advance, and with Christmas we really would have needed it in early December - so you might want to consider re-releasing it in some shape or form.

Make sure you send all your future singles to who does our singles column. 

In terms of promotional advice, based on this track I know first hand that it isn't easy for this type of music, as I worked with Metric for years and this sort of music tends to be too commercial for the indie snobs and too indie for the electronic snobs, and not deemed commercially successful enough for mainstream radio. We found with Metric, sending people footage of big street parties they were doing in Toronto and showing them on US kids tv, helped shift people's perception of them being "another band" to "a big deal in Canada". People love the sniff of success. Playing up to being from Finland, when the only act most people can name from Finland is Lordi, is definitely something to consider making a big deal of. (The most obvious thing would be do something with Angry Birds, but that might be a bit tacky!)

There's definitely an audience out there for great songs that make you want to move (acts like The Raveonettes seem to reach some of them, but could/should be far bigger!), but it's tricky connecting with that audience through the existing media malaise. I'm sure you're contacting all the 'relevant' blogs and music websites, but I wonder whether there's a way of packaging yourself with some other Scandinavian acts, and partnering with things like Ja Ja Ja to bring a summer party to the UK or even working with a few other acts or a festival and arts funding, and looking to bring a few key people from the UK to a party with the midnight sun for a proper feature (especially as a lot of writers freelance for broadsheets and other music mags, so you could get a few pieces out of the same person), and I think there's a fascination for how location, especially in non-music publications. Magazines like Monocle have a great reach, and also are read by people from brands who can helpful.

Hope that helps.

Alan Cross

Ah! You're at the Top Gear track! 

Good melody and energy, but to my ears, the high end seems rolled off. There doesn't seem to be any mid-to-upper treble in parts of the mix. Adding that might give it a little more sparkle.  I know that's production advice, but it might help when it comes to the promotion of the song.

As for marketing, an independent plugger is the way to go.

Tell you what I'll do: I'll give it a feature on my website ( and see what kind of feedback it gets.

Lily Kuo

I LOVE this track, and LOVE this music video. I've actually already posted this music video on my blog here: <> a few months ago when I found it.

I think the production here is spot on, and the melody is perfectly dynamic. The music video is explosively colorful (in terms of the energy level and the entire scene). I'm a huge fan, and want to hear about all of The Do's new releases.

Danielle Langley

Great video, style, fun energy, and feel good music. Makes you want to dance. A friend of mine in Germany told me he saw The D0 perform at a festival in Europe a few years ago, and absolutely loved your live performance out of 20 other artists he saw that day. Would be happy to share a post about you on my site, Please feel free to be in touch.

Bree Noble

Love your sound. Familiar yet original. Would love to play this on the station and Podcast and feature your high impact video on our Vlog. 

Liane Chan

Interesting song and video, pretty distinct sound. It sounds like it might be good in some sort of action scene in a film or TV show. 

Paulie Hips

I love when artists figure out the "Perfect POP" equation. I rarely listen to this genre, simply because the song writing is usually sub par at best. I'm not quite sure how to type the band name, but the difference between them and %90 of the poppy dance music out there in the mainstream has a complete lack of SOUL. Not to mention, it takes a "team" of writers to jot down a song about teen girl angst. This group, is honest, and most importantly, I believe they are having a fucking blast. The chorus is a perfect pop gem. The singers voice has personality, and I would not be afraid to play this LOUD in front of all my dirty Rock N Roll friends. This is that "Pop Narcotic" sound I dig, the beat is next to perfect, and vocal melody is exactly what it's supposed to be.  It doesn't matter what it is, as long as I believe it, and it makes me want to dance. Well done guys.  It's like the baby of Terri Nunn (Berlin) and Prince, after a threesome with Madonna, (when she was good).

Leks Maltby

Lo-fi indie pop of the highest calibre. Love the synth bass lines and vocal harmonizing in the chorus. There's an inherent momentum within the song that propels it forward into increasingly more exciting sonic territory. Ultimately, the song climaxes with an all-out synthesizer onslaught of the senses. Very satisfying to say the least!

Indie Band Guru

Nice visuals and color styles.  Video definitely pops.  Our readers would like the background story of the idea for the video and how you got it done.  If you could provide a little article about it we could share it on our website 

Tom Matthew

It sounds like you guys really have a good product. You've made the decision to go all in with electro-pop, and I think it's good to commit to a style. The music has good movement, nice use of dynamics, and is interesting to listen to. You obviously have talent and vision, and that should take you forwards in this business. 

Since it seems you have a good product, you should focus on getting the word out. I imagine you're already hitting up independent radio stations and such. If you have any money to invest, I'd seek out paid promotion which will get you guaranteed spots on stations around the world. I'd submit for TV / movies too - this style would work well with that.

Another thing I would suggest is to collaborate with other similar musicians worldwide. Seek out people that will do remixes, or record a vocal for them and vice-versa. It's all about networking these days, so grow a team for yourself and increase your chances of hitting success. I've got a couple friends who are doing some of that in your genre, I could see if they're interested if you like. You can email me at

All in all, I enjoyed your song, I enjoyed your video, and I hope you guys continue moving forward and find the success you deserve!

Matt Gross


Parker Crystal

Definitely will share via channels and email!  What sorts of collaboration are you looking for (promotional, creative, etc)?  Maybe I can refer/introduce you to a few friends.

SD Hox

I really like this song and will definitely share/promote on my blog and on playlists. Look for the song to be a top featured track on the upcoming The Tasty Turntable for March playlist on Spotify. Thanks for sharing.


This is a great song.  It reminds me of late night electro pop.  I would love to play it on my station. 

Hugh McIntyre

This song was super fun! I felt it was a bit short...meaning I didn't want it to end so soon! 

Brian Hazard

Absolutely love everything about this! I'm proud to share it with my following on Twitter.

Just one small bit of marketing advice: At least here on Fluence, it would help if you provided a short description of the band or the song that curators could use when they share it. Or even just a "sounds like" or two. That way people aren't making undesirable comparisons or just tweeting a link with nothing to encourage a click.

Thanks for being so clear about what kind of feedback you are and aren't looking for! That helps a lot. Keep up the great work!

Valida Carroll

Wow.........Incredible...Simply incredible...Everything about this works...The music, the video...the choreography...her dance moves...the cinematography...I could watch this on repeat all day...
This is brilliant in every way.
Love it! And will definitely share it...