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Orphanage by Nozart

Jason Jones

Very interesting intro, for sure...  When turned up in volume, the high-pitched strings are a bit bright...  Perhaps a more subtle patch could be used there.

Then there's the intro vocals...  Love them.  They're perfect.  If it were me, I might add just a bit more ambient reverb, but that's just me.  They really are perfect.

When the main vocal comes in, I think it's too forward in the mix.  If I am really into the music during the intro, and decide to really crank up the volume...  The main vocal intro would blast out, and not in a good way.  If I were mixing it, I would have automated the beginning 10-15 seconds of that vocal intro to slowly come up to the volume it's at now (but probably not even that loud.)  The bed music is beautiful, and should be given a bit more presence through the vocals.

I love the story-telling approach, by the way.  Not too much music these days uses this format anymore, and I love it.  Interesting turn of events at 3:43.

...waiting for more elements to come in...  ahh yes... There they are.  Good.  Perhaps the additional percussion is a bit busy?  Not sure..  Maybe they're just too dry...

By 4:48, I'm convinced the main vocals are too loud.  Those bells behind the vocals are beautiful, but I can't really tell, because the vocals are completely covering them up.  Don't get me wrong, the vocals are wonderful.  Very textured and full...  But you should never compromise the balance of a mix due to the beauty of a single instrument.  Even at very loud volume levels, the vocals completely cover up those bells, and at that volume, the vocals are almost un-listenable.

Bottom line?  I loved it, dude.  I really did.  Get this mixed a little better, and perhaps mastered, and it would be *amazing*.

Thanks for posting!


Priya Shah

First of all... I must say that the quality of your production is top class. Your passion and effort are shining through this track. It's emotional and beautiful. However, on Getting Deeper, I post more deep and spacey sounds coming under electronic music. That's what I listen to and share during the most part of my day. 

Unfortunately, alternative rock or singer-songwriters are not what I listen to right now so I can't really give much of an opinion!

I hope you go far! Best of luck Noah. 

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