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Dylan Myers

Dylan Myers

I am a man who's will is to change the world through music.
El Dorado KS

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One and only's by Dylan Myers

Heather Boyd

I'm really digging this track. I'm hoping you're sending this as a demo. The production quality is not up to par but on my own, I'd still listen to it. You have a great voice and this song is definitely catchy. I've always felt you're better off spending time developing your fan base and live show. The bigger the group becomes the easier it will be to get someone to consider the track and present it to the project's musical decision makers. That being said, get out there! You've got something good!

Lucy Tallant

The chord progression used here is really great. I think the main thing I'd say is to work on your recording technique as the vocals are a little lost and could do with being layered in separately to the guitar. Keen to hear a clearer recording!!

Cougar Microbes

Hi There, 

First of all some Fluence/soundcloud advice: 

There's almost a minute silence at the end of this song, since Fluence charges per time you should shorten the outro down to save a little money. 

Soundcloud wise, the accepted formatting is "[ARTIST NAME ] -[TRACK NAME]". Any other format will not embed properly in sites such as Hypem.com etc. 

On to the music: 

I found the track "one and only's" posesses a real charm, The chord progression is far from predictable with a chorus that well and truly soars. Strumming coming into the second chorus could benefit from being as close to the beat as possible ( I realise the track is intentionally recorded a little loose but this part may improve by offering a contrasting metronomed strumming). Having said that the return to the verse structure is my favourite part of the track dynamics wise. 

As there is only one track up on Soundcloud at present I'm curious to know what direction you will take his music next, do you intend to record this solo or as a full band? Both propositions intrigue me so I'll be keeping my ears open. 

Andrea Young

Keep working on it!  Not sure its quite ready yet and would suggest vocals and production could do well with further attention and refining.  Also, include the lyrics next time -- makes it easier to get the vibe of the song, especially for singer-songwriter like this.  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music!

D Grant Smith

Song has a good structure and foundation. Does need a much better recording, even if done at home. Sounds like it was recorded on a phone. Too much room noise, tinny sounding guitar and vocals needing some work. Songwriting has a Jason Mraz feel to it. However, so much of the new music coming out from young artists have this exact same feel. Broaden your scope and add some new dynamics to create a more intriguing sound. Vocal help from a vocal coach would benefit the artist, not because the vocals are bad, but more because they are the same style and format over and again.