Roberto Cacciapaglia

Roberto Cacciapaglia

Roberto Cacciapaglia

Roberto Cacciapaglia was born in Milan. He graduated in composition from the “Giuseppe Verdi” Conservatory of his city under Bruno Bettinelli. He also studied conducting and electronic music. Over the years he worked at the studio of Phonology at Rai and collaborated with the CNR (National Research Council) in Pisa where he studied computer applications in the field of music.

As the protagonist of the most innovative Italian music scene, Roberto Cacciapaglia is referential, in Italy and abroad, for his musical research ranging between classicism and electronic experimentation. For many years he has been researching the powers of sound, in the direction of a music without borders, beyond any division. His music draws inspiration from these experiences and expresses itself through emotions rather than through rules and structures.

Many of his works are used in advertising campaigns for internationally renowned brands.

Roberto Cacciapaglia is also founder of the Educational Music Academy with the aim of giving a voice to young musical talents, composers and performers, pianists and musicians in order to give shape to their projects and to achieve professional mastery in their works.

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ALPHABET by Roberto Cacciapaglia

Greg Savage


This is the best song I've heard in a long time. Everything about this piece is perfect. It's fluid, rich, the textures are amazing. May I ask, “Which mics were used to capture such a great sound?”

Better yet... “What's in the recording chain”

It's clear you know what you're doing as a composer. 

I noticed in your description you're not looking for critique, but more so for help with promoting your material. 

I have no problem promoting and sending this (or anything else) off to people I know. Your work is quality! Please, contact me and let me know exactly what you'd like for me to do when promoting.

For example: If there's keywords or certain profiles you want me to link to while promoting etc

Thanks for the ear candy.

- Greg Savage