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Andy Palmer

Andy Palmer

Andy Palmer - gritty roots rock
Andy Palmer is a former New York City public defender whose three years of living and working in Brooklyn’s trenches clearly provide fodder for the painful truths and ruggedness of his alternative roots-rock sound.
Palmer’s distinctively gritty vocals and hard luck tales have garnered him favorable comparisons to Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Nick Cave, Johnny Cash, and Leonard Cohen. Westword Magazine calls Palmer's music “timeless” and “epic” and listed his debut CD Sometime Around among one of Denver's best releases of 2011.  At the national level, Palmer was named by in the top 15 new independent artists of 2011 and 2012. says: “Voices like this have not come to the forefront of the music scene since the likes of Louis Armstrong and Tom Waits.” Jive Wired enthuses: “Andy Palmer is an amazing talent and his honest and raw vocals serve to superbly compliment his wonderful arrangements.” 
Palmer's music also has been featured in multiple independent films. Based in part on these notable successes, producer Warren Huart (Aerosmith, The Fray) hand-selected Palmer to work with and produced his second CD Hazard of the Die.  Released in the spring of 2013, popular Colorado music blog, The Troubadour's Road, called Hazard “simply one of the best albums of 2013."   

In mid-2014, Palmer showed versatility and self-released a live set of his duo work performed at The Boulder Theater, opening the evening for Trevor Hall.  Seeing momentum and promise, indie-label, Immersive Records, picked up Palmer soon thereafter.   The label released Palmer's single, Storm's Not Coming, accompanied by the beautifully raw, spiritual The Hill.  Storm received a 4.5 out of 5 star rating from one of the front-range's most respective reviewers -- Marquee Magazine.  Continuing to demonstrate his growth, Storm solidified Palmer as one of Denver's most unique musical artists.  "His sound is unlike anything I’ve ever heard, and it does a lot more than 'work' for him," explains Colorado Music Buzz.  However, for all of Palmer's mounting accolades, those who see him perform agree that it is his deeply compelling stage presence and commitment during live shows that make him one of Colorado’s most promising musicians.
indie rock, singer/songwriter, blues
Denver, CO

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Raymond Flotat

Thanks for the submission! First off, song immediately reminded me of MC 900 Ft Jesus (which is a very good thing). Solid groove, solid cadence and a background arrangement that never chokes off the focus on the lyrical flow. The instrumentation pays off well as it heads to the final verse/outro. Harmonica solos are always best when used sparingly like it is here. The only negative I can find is that the pre-chorus or chorus (not sure it's really meant to be one, but it serves as the divider between versus in the first 2 minutes) doesn't deliver the pay-off the rest of the song sets up. Almost seems too subdued when for the rolling patient tension the rest of the song grows, it should be more of a release. Even a set 10-second brief melody that feels like more a release would be better, and would really tie together the anticipation both for it and the successive versus.

Not sure this site is the best place to comment on a video itself. If so though, it's a super bizarre intro to the artist. I enjoyed it, and it's tone and imagery, but given that the video starts with the artist kind-of bug-eyed and acting strangely, it might turn people off right at the onset. Not that I think it's a bad video, just wanted make these visuals be the first anyone sees the artist.