Digital 21 + Stefan Olsdal

Digital 21 + Stefan Olsdal

Digital 21 + Stefan Olsdal

Digital 21 + Stefan Olsdal
Digital21 + Stefan Olsdal is the union of two musicians who equally share
their passion for electronic, rock and classical music.
They have been making music for the past 25 years, and both are multi
instrumentalists, composers and producers in their own right. They have now
united to create a hybrid of electronic music with a string quartet.
The live show, which they will take to the road in 2015, will be accompanied
by bespoke video art, and will take on different formats for different spaces,
from festivals to theatres or museums. They will be also performing with a
string quartet. The first release is due in March 2015.

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"WAR" by Digital21 + Stefan Olsdal

Amazing Artists

This is really beautiful... love the strings, a lovely emotive arrangement. Can't think of anything more melancholy yet uplifting enough for any dark dance floor... Dark, industrial, but still has gentleness in there from the strings. Feels like something Tiesto would have made if he was a Goth :)

Please let me know if you have any plans or openness to vocals being added to it? I know some amazing vocalists who I think could do it justice if you'd like to pursue this idea as an alternative future release. I think this would also expand this track's potential audience. Got a few great female vocalists in mind here in Los Angeles who could do a killer topline for you... 

Meanwhile, I'm happy to highlight it to our Amazing Radio team if you upload it to

FAQ's here:

Thanks again, and sorry it took a few days for me to get to this, it's crazy pre-SxSW busy. Oh and I think we met back in the 90's at Brian's house for his birthday party, I was with Steve Chandrasonic from ADF