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Honest About It (Andy Marshall & Rudi Simon Remix) by Rudi Simon feat. Porter Shields

Bruce Houghton

Fun track but too terribly original. I'd suggest bring the beat forward in the mix and do something much more dramatic or unexpected with the break. You almost lost me there. Same near the end.  Perhaps cut the tail all together.

Keep up the good work

Priya Shah

I appreciate the effort and really think that this sound could be molded into something really good. 

Why this doesn't work for me is because, according to me, when you mix deep house and vocals... you need to  have both balanced in such a way that one doesn't override the other. In fact, what makes vocal deep house different from other genres with vocals is the fact that sound is given more prominence than the vocals itself. 

That's why, when you hear a deep track, you will usually come across drifting vocals in the background.... perhaps just a chorus and nothing else from the original soundtrack. 

If I were a producer I would have picked bits and pieces of your vocals and made them swirl around a really deep, solid sound. I would have extracted your sound (which I think has a lot of potential) and stretched it in a way that the vocals don't dominate the sound. 

Maybe I speak for all of deep house, or maybe I just speak for me.  

I wish you best of luck for future endeavors! 

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