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Parker Crystal

I saw Pino and had to listen/watch...
This has a very fluid feel and the mix is amazing as everything compliments and flows throughout nicely.  Simon, please consider sending me more of this in the future.  This is great!

Wiley Koepp

When I watch and listen to performances like Simon Wood Harris' Unidentified Flying Project, Steely Dan comes to mind immediately.  Immaculate performances.  Note-by-note perfection. A crystalline soundscape of effects pedals and gear fine-tuned to their optimum capabilities.  And the result, after "four years work, 7 different drummers, 8 different bass players, 5 guitarists, keyboard players by the truck load - and ONE completed track only!" is "There Is A Dream."

I cannot fully appreciate how completely engulfed in the songwriting and recording process a songwriter might become...but I've seen it.  After nearly 30 years as a drummer, I've seen entire albums scrapped, entire bands disbanded, and one man fret tirelessly over making 'the perfect album.'  And while I cannot personally understand what motivates such a quest, I do respect it.  Simon Wood Harris has a vision--one of such clarity that it takes a grand effort to see it come to fruition.

There is, however, a flipside to this.  At this rate, it would take the Unidentified Flying Project 40 years to complete a 10-track album.  I think there must, at some point, be a "compromise" of vision and musical reality, depending upon the purpose of a recording.  Is the end result intended to be sold to financially support one or more people?  Or, is the end result simply an artistic representation of one's vision?  Every artist has within them a unique vision and purpose...

What is clear is that Simon Wood Harris' vision *is* "There is a Dream."  The gentle repetition of the rhythm guitar, the quick saxophone burst, the pillow-soft hi-hat sizzle.  These sounds are a dream, and a well orchestrated one at that. Certainly, "There is a Dream," is a dream brought to life in the richest of technicolor soundscapes.

Andrea Young

This is MAJOR. 
Who are you guys?!  
Masterful, amazing, sit-up-and-take-notice performances, arrangement, production, songwriting, vocals, style, the works.  
A couple of hopefully helpful comments, since I’m not sure what you’re looking for:
•	I couldn’t tell for the first minute whether this was jazz or pop, instrumental or vocal, and I think that detracts from it.  While I love the entire piece, I might suggest shortening it by skipping the intro (first minute or so) especially for radio airplay purposes  --it’s a 7 minute piece as it stands and could take a bit of pruning?  It already starts out slow at the one minute mark, that’s enough of an intro for me.  Obviously my opinion.
•	Don’t know where to put you all as far as genre for radio airplay, would like to hear where you are trying to go with this, it is somewhat genre-bending but at the same time more than worthy of promotion, exposure, airplay.  
•	The video is excellent, draws me in, I loved watching all the players working so hard & seriously and so well! at their craft and art, inspirational in  many ways.
•	It would be helpful to have the lyrics posted, along with more information about the players, where are you all from, who else have you worked with, all of that helps to draw me in as well.
Send a high quality mp3 link or file to me at and I'll include it on a 'new music' radio show sometime shortly.
Thanks for your submission, it was a pleasure to listen and watch the video (over and over again).  I'm a fan!