Michael Gray

Michael Gray

Michael Gray

Michael Gray is an American singer/songwriter based out of Boise, ID.
Boise, ID

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Break You Down by Michael Gray

Cougar Microbes

- There are shades of Jeff Buckley on the guitar intro before the track well and truly kicks and in my opinion you took it in an interesting direction. 
- While I realise this is a demo recording I would recommend making sure the strummed guitar doesn't sound so thin, a lot of the song is built on this rhythmn track and stylistically I'm imagining this will work wonders on a full rrecording. 
- The silence around the 2:20 mark is well placed... nice!
- Chorus is a hark back to 90s alternative and a moment I trust would be very enjoyable live too.  
- The solo is a great payoff after the track
- Vocals are a little muffled but i suspect this is due to the recording more than performance so again I look forward to checking out the finished article. 

- I have checked out the other tracks on Soundcloud and, while they are not quite the same as "Break You Down" they show an interesting body of work and I'd be happy to hear these tracks once they are finished. 

Ciaran Steward

I love the ominous nature of the track at the beginning, the dissonant picked chords work really nice - as do the initial chords when they come in. My only worry is that the acoustic guitar sounds a little warm for something that has an air of mystery to it. Still, it does help provide a full sound and when everything kicks in fully there's a wonderful cacophony of sounds. Best of luck with your campaign - I'd recommend making sure all your tracks are up on Soundcloud and you're getting your stuff sent out (with as full of a press release) as you can to as many bloggers as possible. Worth trying to get some airtime on local radio stations or stations that have unsigned/independent sections, make sure that your sort of music is the sort of thing they cover first though - otherwise you'll just be wasting your time. Best of luck!