Jairo Munoz

Jairo Munoz

Jairo Munoz

Guitarist for Drowning at the Shore
I'm the guitarist and current singer for Drowning at the Shore, a South Florida based Progressive Rock act similar to The Mars Volta, The Fall of Troy, and Dance Gavin Dance.
Pembroke Pines, FL, USA

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Hypoluxo (Demo) by Drowning at the Shore

Bob Lugowe

I dug this track though it's not something I'd really listen to on a regular basis.  The track reminded me a lot of the Dillinger Escape Plan with some Between the Buried and Me and more modern metalcore influences strewn about.  It sounds like a demo and not a professional recording though I do like that it's not super polished and over produced as that often masks the fact that bands cannot play their instruments.  It could be a bit more bottom heavy though as a lot of parts sounded thin.  

You guys play your instruments well and I like that you're willing to explore some creative ideas with the progressive instrumental breaks and clean vocals that aren't just appearing in a big chorus.  The vocalist has a solid high scream that is discernible though it could use a bit more range as I found it a little grating at times.  

Overall, I think you guys are off to a good start.  The material is interesting, you have talent and you don't sound like a ripoff of every other young band on the scene these days.  I would suggest playing as many shows as you can with more established bands and just work on honing your craft.  This track is a huge step in a more original direction than your first EP which I checked out some songs from.  

Achal Dhillon

Really into this. The recording/tracking sounds pretty DIY, but of course you've qualified this as a demo. I love how you're blending hardcore with math-rock and those insane time signature changes - like Dillinger Escape Plan but mixed with stuff like Three Trapped Tigers and And So I Watch You From Afar. Also reminds me of early Thrice circa Identity Crisis era. Also, your singer has some serious pipes (screaming articulately isn't easy at all, believe me I've tried many times after a few too many beers) - tethering this in with a tight rhythm section must make for an insane live show (and I've just watched a few of your live clips). You should consider getting this over to a decent producer proficient in the genre before sending this out to labels, and I might have a few suggestions of people you could get in touch with; also with the live show you should connect with live agents and promoters who will be absolutely key in breaking this as the hardcore/rock genres are more or less totally dependent on touring as a marketing tool. Get in touch please!