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Gonna Make It by Solution Felt Super

Derrick Lee

This track has some potential, although I do have a couple issues with it.

The recording starts with a clean audio take of a tenor vocal, and just as I was getting into the track, heading into the bridge, the second vocalist came in and kinda put a damper on it. The second vocalist has a more guttural, death metal sound ... and in the right context, I could appreciate it, but in contrast to the lead vocalist, and the clean, pop-leaning, instrumentals, it just seems totally out of place. Death Metal vocals on an indie/alt rock track just seems out of place. Just to play devil's advocate, I'm thinking it could be that the instrumental's during the second vocalists' part just isn't hard enough to match the vocals, but if you change the instrumentation/music of that part, it just wouldn't match the rest of the track. 

Not only did it seem like the second vocalist was out of place, but I had an extremely hard time understanding the lyrics he was singing. I'd want to blame the type of mic being used, or the vocal mix, but I can't do that because the lead vocals are extremely clean. 

I'll be frank ... I'm not a big fan of Death Metal. The closest I can get is some Pantera and I'm not saying that Phil Anselmo's vocals are on the top of my list ... but the second vocalist's style, in my humble opinion, just doesn't match with the music going on, and it seems to only take away from the quality of this recording. There's pop potential here (if that's what you're aiming for) but the second vocalist's stylings takes it out of that category.

Take my criticism with a grain of salt. I know you're hoping to use this track to help fund the next track, but I'm not completely sold that this track is all that it could be. To put it bluntly, personally, if I were in the studio, I would have recorded this track with only one (the first) vocalist and omitted the second vocalist entirely.

Liked it. Didn't love it. It could (could have) been better.

Kier Lehman

Good modern, heavy rock track. I appreciate the heavy rock sound matched with the uplifting lyrics. I can see this working in a action/adventure/sports type movie geared towards guys. The strength matched with the hopefulness would go along well with themes of overcoming adversity which is a very common and universal theme in films. The recording quality is good as well which is important when trying to place a song in film or TV.