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Woman of ARU by Crashing Hotels

Black CaesarX

This is nice was just looking around and am going to throw this on our Network ▶ #

Alan Poyer

Thanks for sending! Really dynamic use of elements here.

Notes while listening:

- Drummer is solid and on point from :36 + throughout.
- Psychedelic visuals match the vibe.
- Languid vocals accentuate it even more, and the sustained delay is perfect. 
- Dropping out the bass synth on the upbeats like 1:54 could give more impact to the impact to those heavier sections.
- Adding a scream / wail / growl / speaking layer on those sections could add a lot as well ( for example, the growling voice line during  :27-:34 really adds that trippy dimension which makes it so alluring)

Other notes:

I'd recommend including the social links and story in the description similar to the other vidoe you guys have on YouTube (great job with that by the way - the annotations are an especially nice touch):

Bandcamp: (this one is broken on the other YT video)
Biz Inquiries: lacklusterlifestyle [at] gmail [dot] com

About Crashing Hotels:
The brainchild and third musical incarnation of Ao Anderson (1865, Todd Durpin), Crashing Hotels blends driving guitar chords, melodic synth arrangements and thumping drum patterns to create a mystical music experience that carves out its own space. The natural emotional range of this electric rock duo goes from up-tempo dance grooves to dark symphonic ballads leave lasting impressions."
Thanks again for sending, and I'll certainly help share it out. Buying the record on Bandcamp now.


Shamal Ranasinghe

I really  dig this! I love the tune, song, production, and the video is trippy and interesting. It's a bit much sometimes with the strobe like effect for those with weak constitutions. But I like the video's eye shot and overall journey. I am going to refer you to San Francisco based curators and also others who I think would appreciate. 

Tony Bednar submitted media.

Kate Bush (Crashing Hotels cover) by Running up that Hill

Ciaran Steward

I'm a big fan of the original song so I was a little hesitant to give this a listen. However, I really like the downbeat vibe you've gone for. The running synth is a lovely starting point and the harmonies suit the general vibe perfectly. I'm not a massive fan of the video but, as you say, who cares? As long as you enjoyed making it! Definitely keep hold of that attitude, remember that you're making music for yourself and that's the most important thing. I'd recommend getting a few songs of your own in a similar style together, possibly as an EP, if you haven't done so yet and firing them off to local radio stations and any online blogs you can. Worth doing some more covers too as that can really help widen your audience. Good luck!

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