The JJ Evanoff Experience

The JJ Evanoff Experience

The JJ Evanoff Experience

The JJ Evanoff Experience
The JJ Evanoff Experience is a three-piece livetronica performance experience. The newly formed group hails from Boulder, Colorado and consists of producer/guitarist JJ Evanoff, bassist Parker Oberholzer, and drummer BK Kahn.
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electronica, experimental, experimental electronic
Boulder, CO

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Breathe Out [FREE DOWNLOAD] by The JJ Evanoff Experience

Martin Bryant

I like the samples, piano and overall structure. The ambient recordings at the start and end are good for adding interest, and remind me a little of some Boards of Canada tracks. However, I feel the track would feel a bit more 'current' if the drums and guitar were a little 'dirtier' and scuzzed up. As it is, it all feels a little overly 'clean', like an 80s production.

As a positive, I'm including a screenshot of the top of the review interface (not including this review text) in a review I'm writing of Fluence. It will be up on The Next Web ( either today or tomorrow.

Music You Need

Some white noise to open up the track makes you feel like you're in a crowded train station. Piano keys come in, flooding your senses. A marvelous piece is unfolding, as Alan Watts is quoted speaking of free will and breathing. Then a chorus appears with a light percussive beat, next bar a melodic electric guitar starts shredding, balancing out the sound of the track. "Breathe Out" but the JJ Evanoff Experience is also a free download, so make sure you go listen and grab it soon. Excellent work. 

Raziq Rauf

This is enjoyable. Slightly meandering and without a true focal point, but it's enjoyable nonetheless. I'd like to see it live, for sure. With some great visuals and a few narcotics, this could really hit the spot.

Danielle Look

The samples give this otherwise light and airy track some very nice texture, along with the driving percussion. Those elements, in my opinion, keep it from being a sleeper. Then the guitar comes in, and I could immediately see someone on stage playing it. Without that guitar line, I wouldn't imagine this being a project or track that would do well in a live scenario. It's quite beautiful from beginning to end.

It's interesting that you talk about the challenge of translating it from a live scenario to the studio, because when I started listening, my mind did the exact opposite and thought, "Wow, I bet this is great live, too!" So, in that regard, I think you achieved your goal. (I didn't read your description until after I wrote the paragraph above)

The JJ Evanoff Experience submitted media.

Rings Of Saturn by The JJ Evanoff Experience

Ciaran Steward

Love the electronic sounds that open the track as they sparkle on by and the drums and effects work really well with this. I'm not entirely convinced by the guitar tone, perhaps it needs to sit a little deeper in the mix or have the tone control lowered.
Unfortunately the track stops playing at 0.49 so I'm only able to give you my thoughts on what happened before that - sorry!

Aaron Frank

Really nice vibe on this song. I love the way the synth comes in at around :35 and slowly blends in with the guitar track. This is far and away one of the most interesting submissions I've ever received on here, but I'll try and keep this relatively brief. You clearly have a genuine interest in dance music, as well as psychedelic guitar rock, which happen to be two of my favorite genres. I've honestly never considered combining the two, however, something you happen to do incredibly well. 

This sounds like just a snippet of a song or a larger piece, but I'm really enjoying what I'm hearing so far, and I think you have a lot of promise. You're a great producer and a great guitar player, two things that are increasingly difficult to find these days. Pretty much everything is on point, but I would definitely recommend tweaking the volume and effects on the guitar track. It sounds a bit crackly and muffled, and I think a more pristine recording would make all the difference in blending the tracks together neatly for a more cohesive song. 

Hope that helps.


Valida Carroll

I really love this....I was actually a bit worried when I heard the percussion coming in at 0:25 because I thought it would turn into a trance happy you went rock disco with it! The melody is great....Maybe the only technical feedback I have is that the snare could be a tad bit brighter or somehow more present...How/when can I hear the whole song?!?