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Raymond Flotat

Good song. I don't have much to offer in the way of feedback (which is rare for me). I like the style, production and ultimately the payoff of the song. Only thing I would say is that I don't love the chorus lyric "I can't get the hell out of me." The melody is fine, but something about the words just don't ring out special enough. Obviously the song/video is far past the point of being reworked in any way judging by this video, but that would be my only note for improvement.

Jeffrey Weber

Hi Ralf, Gotta tell you that I LOVE this song...! "I can't get the hell out of me" is a terrific line. All the ingredients are on the money. The playing is powerful and engaging. The lead vocal is committed and perfectly angry. Structurally the song is very sound, with the chorus being a very adept resolution to the verses. All in all, extremely well done. If I was to be picky, I would say that the song needs a remix and here's why: when you listen to the song at low levels, the lead vocal is not the loudest thing you hear. Therefore, in my world, the song fails. Also, the current mix seems to get rid of the natural dynamics of every member of the band in order to make the song louder, presumably for radio. This is tragic because the dynamics of the band seem lost and there is so much energy to the track that must be unleashed. Your vocal needs to be readjusted. The wonderful guitars must scream. The killer drums have to be massive. Right now, the mix is very polite, with the chorus rising a bit in terms of volume, but right now, in my humble opinion, the song has been handcuffed. If you used compression, get rid of it. Let the snarl of the song come through. Let the passion of your vocal rise. Now, we're talking!!! (Sorry, I get excited when I (finally) hear something great. The above is just my humble opinion...) A song of unlimited potential. Best, Jeff (jeffreyweber@me.com)

Pieter Winkelaar

Very good dancable track. Would play this in my DJ sets. This band has great potential!

Ralf Muller submitted media.

Detonate by 22HERTZ

Brian Hazard

Thanks for sharing this with me Ralf! NIN, particularly Pretty Hate Machine, was a turning point in my music-making as well, though my voice is too pretty to produce anything too aggressive.

The NIN inspiration is very clear to me, much more so than the rock influences you list, but you won't hear any complaints from me! I love the energy, the production, the build, and the drive into the chorus. In many ways, you've out-Trented Trent. ;)

Clearly you're not looking for mix or mastering advice, nor does it sound like you need any. I've got nothing for you in that department.

The build after the second chorus is just perfect. It's like watching a thriller when you know something is going to happen. I'm reflexively wanting to plug my ears in self-defense (in the best way possible).

The only potential obstacle I see is that others will criticize you as too derivative. I mean, it could totally be something off the Broken EP. On the plus side, you know your niche! Go get 'em!

I'd be delighted to share this with my following on Twitter. Thanks again for giving me the chance to hear it!

Brody Ramone

Love, love LOVE it! The track reminds me of current NIN- which is a HUGE compliment coming from me as I am a major fan of TR. The only thing that I would like to see improve on the track is the vocals on the hook. They are somewhat sloppy in my opinion and little too harsh against the synth/industrial background you have going on. Other than that, I am digging this track. I would love to feature this track on my show tomorrow night- could you send me an mp3? 


This is a great song it reminds me of Depeche Mode meets Nine Inch Nails with a little Stabbing Westward. I would love to play it on the station.  I will definitely be keeping an ear out for their other work.

Paulie Hips

It's like Marylin Manson Listening to NIN on a pub crawl. Not for me, but I know plenty of people who would dig this. Simple fact= well done. I'd throw in some 808s, but like I said, not my thing. Dig the goth vibe, and like that it's not so cheery, and that there are no toddlers singing the chorus. Good job.

Michael Hunter

Would it mean anything to you if I said I was reminded of '90s Australian band Boom Crash Opera?  Probably not!  It's a good sign, anyway.

One of the first things to strike me was the production - well defined, clear and definitely with a professional sound overall.  This is fortunate as the song really needs that clarity with its light-and-shade arrangement, to give the various mood changes the maximum effect they deserve, and get.

I'll admit that as the song started, I thought it was good but with a very familiar tempo and what seemed to be a standard kind of structure.  None the worse for that, but I thought if that was all there was, then it's just another well written, well played song without too much to distinguish it.  I guess you proved me wrong before too long!   The upsurge and - what's the opposite of that, downsurge? - of the guitar is effective and appropriate, the more reflective sections equally so.  The vocals are strong and fit the music as it progresses and changes.  The arrangement did keep this listener's interest all the way along, as it should.

The song does rock but it does more than that.  Definitely a good, strong track and a fine introduction to the work of 22HERTZ.